Berdyansk - this is the place where to relax

In the Zaporozhye region is a wonderful town called Berdyansk - a small resort with a population of 150 thousand, which is located on the shore of the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov.This wonderful and beautiful city is visited annually by thousands of people.There is a sanatorium, so come here even in winter, to relax and regain their health.

Winter in Berdyansk very soft, and the summer is quite hot and dry.The swimming season begins in May and ends in September.If you are still tormented by the question: "Where to go?", The answer is obvious - it is the city of Berdyansk.Especially since he has long received the status of All-Ukrainian resorts.This is because in the resort town there are lots of lakes and lagoons that became famous for its healing mineral waters and silt mud.

With the onset of the long-awaited vacation for many the question arises, where to relax.The question, of course, very serious, especially if you have to go on vacation with the kids.Many Ukrainians do not even think about where better to re

lax with children, choosing the city of Berdyansk.And no wonder!After the summer, you can relax under the bright sun and plenty nakupatsya in the warm sea.

question of living - is not a problem.The main thing, from a variety of options to choose the one that suits you.The choice is huge: a private home, a sanatorium, boarding house, a cottage or a tourist base.Rates are based on any customer, regardless of the financial situation.Before coming to Berdyansk hotel or room can be booked in advance via phone or Internet.In addition, upon arrival at the station you can find the desk, which offers a huge choice of accommodation.There are also special people - breeders - to help pick up and find you a house, but their services will cost much more.

resorts, motels and cottages operate and serve tourists throughout the year.If you're a fan of home comforts and are wondering where to go for a vacation and where to stay in Berdyansk, you can choose a house, located in the private sector with a clean and well-kept streets.

With power in Berdyansk is also no problem.You can freely order food from home, it is often delivered directly to your room.There are many cafes, restaurants and canteens.In the market you can buy organic vegetables and fruit grown with their own hands, at affordable prices.Very famous in the city of Colon and local cherry tomatoes.

For the young and energetic people offers various entertainment - trampolines, inflatable slides, jet skis.For fans of extreme sports - hang-gliding.
There is also a unique opportunity to visit the voyage.Besides the lakes are rich in fish, so it's a great place for fishing.Azov Beaches are considered the most beautiful.If you have a desire to continue their night's rest, it features a nightlife city.You will be met bright lights and lively music of various nightclubs.

Berdyansk water park, it is - a place where to relax with children.Water slides, waterfalls and a large swimming pool will not leave you indifferent and your family.In the square near the sea there is a lot of fun, and fun rides.Where you can ride a pony, recreational vehicles or trains.
elderly people enjoy walking on the shady promenade, which hosts a variety of concerts.For those who need to improve their health, are ideal for mud-bath treatments.

in the resort town of Berdyansk possible holiday for people of all ages and different views.And where better to rest up to you.