Ayu-Dag: legend.

southern coast of the Crimea is famous not only beautiful scenery, but also the magic of legends.Since ancient times the fertile land attracted settlers.Each ethnic group brought their customs and beliefs.Time passed.Various stories intertwine and complement each other.Covered with natural objects these stories become even more attractive for tourists.This article is dedicated to one of the attractions of the coastline of the southern coast of Crimea - Mount Ayu-Dag.This is one of the most recognizable silhouettes coast.

Different names

Bear Mountain, and it is literally translated as the name Ayu-Dag Turkic language, not always called.For example, the ancient Greeks, it somehow resembled a ram's forehead.And they called her, respectively - Kriumetopon.But navigators in the Middle Ages saw the outlines of mountains camel hump in their maps labeled it the name Camel.

By the way, some scientists are inclined to transfer to an alternative name Ayu-Dag.In order that the word "dag" means "mountain", n

o one disputes.But in regard to the first part of the name of the historian A. Dombrowski allows translation of "holy" (in Greek "Agios").Home

beautiful legend

Long ago, the area where today stands the Mountain Ayu-Dag, was chosen for a group of wild bears.They were strong and intelligent animals.They hunted raids on nearby human settlements.And when all the enemies are gone inland, bears began to go on long hikes and absent for several days.

the Leader was the strongest, the old and wise bear.None of the people would not allow it to walk on his own land.Old Bear was convinced that the people - the most dangerous and insidious opponents, and no one in the neighborhood with them, can not feel safe.

But once again returned from the campaign, saw the animals on the shore of ship wrecks, broken by storm and beached.Among the piles of trash one of them found the bundle with a human child.The find was brought to court leader.Seeing an innocent child, she took pity on the old bear baby and decided to leave it in the pack.

Day after day, time was running out, and the little girl slowly turned into a beautiful young girl.She lived happily among the bears, who took care of her since childhood.Not seeing other people pupil bears all my love gave surrounded her animals.They, in turn, perceived it as a full member of the pack.

unexpected meeting

One girl was walking along the beach and saw a strange piece of wood, bringing surf.She came closer, and inside (and it was not just a piece of wood and a small boat) has found a man unconscious.

the first time she had seen someone so like her.He was a young man with handsome features.Realizing that the meeting bears his promises certain death, she decided to save the boy and buried him in the cave.

Day after day, she stealthily brought him food and processed wounds.A young man told her about their native lands and customs lyudey.Spust I have some time, young people have understood that love each other.Realizing that bears them just will not let go, they began to plan an escape.


The young man was able to attach a small sail to the boat in which he was once ashore, and set the time the lovers escape.Having waited until the bears go to the next raid, they pulled the boat and swam away from the shore.But suddenly the beasts are back.

Seeing the boat swam in the sea with his favorite, the old leader roared and rushed to the shore.But he quickly realized that the ship will not catch up with him.Then a wise beast lay on the shore, he fell down the muzzle to the sea and began to draw mouth water.So did the rest of the animals.The resulting

was captivating for the boat back to shore faster and faster.And then she stood up and began to sing their most beautiful song.Heard, the beast rose from the water, and for once weakened.So lovers managed to escape.

only old leader resisted the enchanting voice.Blinded by rage, he remained lying on the bank of the water.The huge beast petrified and turned into a forested hill.That is so, according to legend, appeared and Bear Mountain in the Crimea.A story often told the tourists.

But this mountain of Crimea photo which so resembles the silhouette of a bear lying, there are other legends.

history originating in ancient Greece

Everyone knows about the epic of the Trojan War.But few people remember that going into this campaign, Agamemnon sacrificed to the gods of his own daughter Iphigenia.According to ancient Greek myths, this act marked the beginning of a chain of events which resulted in there and Bear Mountain in the Crimea.

history as presented by the ancient Greeks is full of drama and striking the characters.Is no exception and the story of Mount Ayu-Dag.Legend of it appears quite capable serve as a motive for the best Hollywood movies.

spoofing victim

goddess Artemis took pity on the innocent girl he laid on the altar of his father, and at the last minute replaced the sacrifice of forest deer.Iphigenia as she brought it into the temple, to serve there the girl priestess.

majestic temple of Artemis stood on the seashore, where today is located the mountain Ayu-Dag.Crimea as the ancient Greeks called Tauridia.This land in those days was harsh and unapproachable.Dense forests cover it.And in these forests inhabited by ferocious wild boars and bears.None of the traveler could not with impunity violate the boundaries of their possessions.

Under a thicket of forest dwellers were living on the coast people.These children are harsh inhospitable land knew neither mercy nor mercy.Rules tavriytsami Zarnak eyed king.He ordered his subjects to kill all the foreign sailors whose ships could make to the coast of Tauris.

These accidents were intended victim patron Tauris - Artemis.And so every morning, Iphigenia was forced to kill the sailors on the altar of the goddess.I do not like the girl has this duty, but change nothing she could.

Gift Artemis

nothing to do had the young princess, educated among the Greeks refined from crude tavriytsami.Seeing how it tormented solitude, Artemis had taught her the language of animals.

Now Iphigenia became part of walking in the woods and communicate with its inhabitants.Wild animals do not hurt the delicate girl, and she found in their company much-needed solace.

particularly close friendship bound Iphigenia with a huge bear - the owner of the forest.Once she pulled out an arrow hunter.Since then, the giant beast was ready to fulfill any wish of his savior.Often you can see this odd couple, have chosen to rest some clearing.

girl hugging bear and talked softly to him, and he with pleasure becomes like a meek pet.

Unexpected meeting

tavriytsy Once captured brother Orestes Iphigenia.In its role as a priestess, she had at dawn and killed it on the altar.

to save his brother, Iphigenia personally went to the governor Zarnaku and told him that the prisoner desecrated.Before the sacrifice should be clear in the waters of the sea.Unsuspecting Zarnak soldiers gave the order to take to the sea Orestes.There Iphigenia sent guard, insisted that I should personally carry out the rite of purification.

As soon as the guards fled for the nearest ledge, brother and sister rushed into the water and swam to the ship hid nearby.By the time tavriytsy felt something was wrong and rushed to chase the fugitives were already far away.

long yearned for his girlfriend a huge bear.All day long he lay on the beach, staring into the distance.Unable to bear the separation, giant petrified and turned into a mountain of Ayu-Dag.