Czech visa: the subtleties of design

Czech state formed as a result of separation of Czechoslovakia.Now the Czech Republic is included in the list of countries that signed the Schengen agreement.Consequently, the Czech visa gives you the right to visit a further 24 countries of the zone.

Tourists love and revere this country for the comfort and beauty of a particular toy.Czech Republic - it is the splendor of natural landscapes, architectural monuments, and of course, the famous local beer.

Czech visa: the subtleties of design

to visit the country in order to travel, you must obtain a visa from the validity period of 90 days.The documents submitted for registration in the Czech Visa Center or the Consulate General of the country.Multiple-entry visas, entitling them to visit the country several times within a certain period of time, issued only at the Consulate General.

Obtaining Czech visa will cost you a standard amount - 35 euros.If permission to visit the country urgently needs to have to pay twice as much - 70 euros.

Types of visas for travel

planning a trip to the Czech Republic, you can get a short-term, long-term or transit visa.The sight of her determined stay in the country and the purpose of the trip.

Short-term Czech visa is issued to those traveling to the country as a tourist or to visit a friend or relative.The period of validity of such permission does not exceed three months.Double entry and multiple-entry visas are issued in those cases, if you plan to visit the country several times.

long-term visa is issued to those who go to the Czech Republic to work or study.Transit is required if you plan to transfer to another flight to a third country through the airport of the Czech Republic.If you are not going to leave the airport, or transplantation is carried out during the day, then a transit visa is not necessary.

Czech visa: documents

Getting a visa to travel to the Czech Republic requires the following documents:

  1. questionnaires filled out in Latin letters.
  2. passport with a validity period of at least 90 days.
  3. Photocopies of the applicant's data pages.
  4. Copies of internal passport.
  5. color photos.
  6. Copies of tickets to both sides.
  7. health insurance for the entire trip.
  8. confirm the presence of the booked rooms at the hotel.

To obtain a business visa is additionally required call issued on the official corporate letterhead.It should contain information about the inviting person and the purpose of the trip and its duration.

If you visit in the Czech Republic with relatives or friends, you will need an invitation to a special form of financial support and confirmation of the inviting party.

If you plan to travel with children under the age of majority, you will need to submit a copy of their birth certificate.When the child goes to the Czech Republic with only one parent or with an accompanying person, you need permission from the absence of the second parent or parents.It must be certified by a notary and be valid in all Schengen countries.

Czech visa is issued for 5-30 days.Get it can both the applicant and the accredited travel agency.