Attractions Abrau-Durso ( Krasnodar region ) : guided tours , photo .What to see in Abrau -Durso ?

Abrau-Durso (Krasnodar region) was formerly a small town.Currently, this rural district.The latter includes three villages - Big Farms, Abrau Durso and.

famous lake

Attractions Abrau-Durso include not only the creation of man, but of nature.The largest in the Krasnodar Territory freshwater reservoir - Lake Abrau - has an area of ​​0.6 width is 630 m, length - 3.1 km.In some places the depth of the lake reaches ten meters.It flows into the river of the same name.At the bottom of Abrau hit the keys, and although there is no runoff from the lake, the water disappears somewhere.

Another mystery of the reservoir is a recurring on the surface of light bar.It stands out most clearly at night.In the cold season this strip freezes last.This feature is explained in different ways: some are of the opinion that a similar effect is observed because of the special interaction of wind and water, while others believe it's all about hitting the bottom of the keys.

Lake Abrau-Durso has an amazing beauty

.The water in it has a nice emerald green color.In the warmer months it is heated to 28 degrees Celsius.The lake is inhabited by freshwater fish, including carp, bream, roach, grass carp, trout, silver and gold carp, carp, rudd and abrauskie tyuliki.

Since 1979, the reservoir has a status of natural monument.For this reason, the motor boats on the lake walk is prohibited.The fish can be caught only the bait.

In the vicinity of the reservoir is described by the eponymous village of Abrau.Together with other small towns - Durso - they make up a single recreational area called Abrau Durso.Lakeside equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable beach holiday.Tourists will particularly appreciate the opportunity to retreat to a nearby wooded area to escape from the city or go to the "quiet hunting" for mushrooms and berries.

Church of St. Xenia of Petersburg

Some attractions Abrau-Durso attracts pilgrims from all over the country.Among such places temple rises majestically above the lake surface.It was founded in 1996. Four years later the construction of the temple complex intensified.It was blessed by Metropolitan Ekaterinodar and Kuban Isidore.Church solemnly consecrated by the end of 2010, Bishop Tikhon of Maikop and Adygea.

2011 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of the church of St. Xenia of Petersburg.By the solemn date it was prepared video about the process of the construction of the Orthodox holy place.

sparkling beverage

«Abrau-Durso" - Winery, built in the nineteenth century.Then, on the orders of Alexander II at Lake Abrau estate was built for the accommodation of the imperial family.Two years after the construction of the personal agronomist Emperor went to Germany.From abroad, he brought twenty thousand breeding Rhine Riesling vines.In order to produce red wine near Vienna he acquired Portugieser vine.In the same period of Livadia and the Crimea brought the best specimens Sauvignon, Aligote, Cabernet and Pinot Blanc.The first vineyards were divided into estates Pylenko and Alexander II.Later, both of them were examples of the development of viticulture in those places.

At the Yalta exhibition held in 1884, the wine factory in Abrau-Durso were met better than the Crimea, an indisputable leader in the domestic wine.

Sweet Limanchik

This lake is located on the Black Sea.Several kilometers separate it from Novorossiysk and Abrau-Durso.Excursions from this reservoir are held regularly.Numerous tourists involve secrets of the lake, which no one has not yet been able to uncover.

Sweet Limanchik separated from the Black Sea a thin strip of rock.It is assumed that the body of water is the result of the earthquake, which resulted in fall from mountain boulders formed a spit.The height of the latter now stands at thirty-five meters.

And now a little about the secrets of the above: the water in the lake is fresh and surprisingly clean, but is very close to the sea.Scientists are still trying to unravel the mystery of nature.

to sweet Limanchik leads asphalt road.The difficulties with the passage to the pond lies in the fact that it is located near the recreation RSU.In warmer months, tourists organized tent settlement on the picturesque banks of the lake.At the same time open and recreation.Travellers are prohibited to wash clothes and wash the dishes in the clear waters of Sweet Limanchik.Although this rule is strictly observed, water, unfortunately, continues to deteriorate.

On the shores of Lesser Lyman grow sword-grass, oriental hornbeam, sumac and derzhiderevo - representatives of the unique flora.

Beautiful river

Enumerating attractions Abrau-Durso, not to mention the waterway.Its source is located in the south-western slope of the mountain Gudzak.Durso joins the waters of the Black Sea near BW "Sputnik".Its valley is the village of the same name.Since 1871 he is a member of Abrau-Durso.

in 1970 in the valley Durso archaeologists have discovered a medieval burial ground.This ancient monument remained only partially, he remained after the alien settlers.An interesting fact is that this cemetery has no analogues in the Caucasus, but similar burials have been found in the Crimea.According to the version of the scientists, the last left Crimean Goths.

river Durso different small length - only seventeen kilometers.Nevertheless, travelers flock to it to enjoy the spectacular views of the valley, planted vineyards.

main tour program

What to see in Abrau-Durso?This question will help answer local guides.The tour lasting five o'clock starts from Anapa.There tourists sit in the bus and follow up agro "Abrau-Durso".

1 hour 15 minutes allocated for a walk through the tunnel and French wine tasting.You can listen to a lecture in the historic room and see the cellar.Tourists have a unique opportunity to learn all the features of the production of sparkling wine and aging.For the tasting are six brands of champagne sixty milliliters.

can stroll through Alexander's tasting room.The program of the tour includes thematic lectures and a visit to the shops champagne.Then the proposed phase-out preview technology exposure and, of course, tasting the most popular brands of sparkling beverage.Travelers are advised to carry warm clothes as the temperature in the cellar is maintained at fourteen degrees.


then leave the famous plant explorers to explore other attractions Abrau-Durso (photos are allowed to make their own, fee is not charged).Sightseeing tour continues on the shore of Lake Abrau.Tourists will learn many interesting things about this pond.Some time is given to an independent walk (about an hour).Swimming in the lake is not provided.

Tourists who have not attained the age of eighteen, the tour is not allowed.Travelers with kids leave their children under the supervision of teachers.For kids organized a special room.The service is paid.


natural and manmade attractions Abrau-Durso attract travelers from all over the world for more than a year.This famous for its wines, champagnes rural district can achieve unity with nature, to relax from the bustle of big cities and learn a lot.