Famous sights of Bashkortostan

Attractions Bashkortostan attracts people from different countries.Although presently available for travel and foreign places.Often tourists it attracts this republic and its beauty.


Bashkortostan (another name - Bashkortostan) - a republic of the Russian Federation, located in the Urals and in the southern Urals.From the city of Yekaterinburg area separated long ten to twelve hours of travel by car.The republic is part of Russia, but in this region has its own traditions, celebrities and monuments.

Attractions in Bashkortostan - is not only a concert hall named after Chaliapin in Ufa, but Kapova cave, and all Reserve Shulgan-Tash.The capital region is one of the most beautiful cities of over a million of our country, Ufa.It is a city with ancient monuments, cultural traditions, evolving in step with modern trends.It is where to relax, take a walk and do some shopping.

Often tourists choose precisely the Bashkir region to useful and enjoyable vacation.But what is worth seeing in Uf

a and its surroundings?In this paper, a detailed look at the sights of Bashkiria.

Since I was mentioned Reserve Shulgan-Tash, tell about it.On the territory of the natural security of the complex it was found some of the oldest cave paintings that can be found only in the world.They are made with ocher, dazzling the audience for its artistic and naturalistic.This masterpiece about eighteen thousand years.In addition, rare images were found coal.

Amazing Caves, which are worth visiting

very interesting objects in the region are the caves of Bashkiria.The reserve is Kapova cave and found that these ancient images.

figures in the monument traditional science relates to the Paleolithic era, since the object images are mammoths, rhinoceroses.It is also interesting that some of the drawings recalls the geometric image: stairs, huts, oblique lines and anthropomorphic figures.The cave itself is more than three kilometers of passages and galleries inside the river Shul'gan.

If we consider the attractions of Bashkortostan on the map, you'll find that the total area of ​​the reserve Shulgan-Tash exceed twenty-two thousand hectares.This is where the famous breed of linden honey and bees produce delicious Bashkir honey.This is not only a treat, but a useful medicine for diseases of catarrhal nature.Bashkir honey is sold in all regions of Russia and in great demand.As you know, honey - a kind of symbol of the region.

Park named after VILenin

Attractions Bashkiria very diverse.If you do not like to visit nature reserves, even in the capital, in the city of Ufa, there is something you can see.

For example, a park named after VILenin.This is a great place to walk at any time of the year!The space between the Resurrection Church and the governor's house back in the middle of the XIX century was a pasture for animals, and then it became a park.There are two fountains, which often swim in the summer the students after the exams.Thus, it is not only a place to walk, but a kind of cult space.

Theatre Ufa

If you like a cultural holiday, you can visit the city of Ufa in the Russian Drama Theatre.

squat building, built in 1894, the theater is a temple of science, in which the company has an experienced, consisting of folk and honored artists of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Monuments Bashkiria

Among the unusual monuments in Ufa can be called a monument to the janitor and homeless animals.The first of these is relatively new, is set to 2007.About Bronze janitor like to be photographed, and the couple just young people, in addition, the monument shows the value of this seemingly minor importance of the profession.

Attractions Bashkiria (photos of some of them you can see in this article) is not only diverse, but also available to visit, as many of them can be found very easily and for a small fee.If you are in the country, then you should definitely see such buildings as the train station, Telecenter, Congress Hall, House of Trade Unions.These buildings are very beautiful.

Thus, almost all of Bashkiria - a museum under the open sky.This region is located in the continental climate, summer is always warm.Ufa - the city, which stretches over a length of 70 km, and to pass along this metropolis, it takes a long time.But during this trip you can see a lot of ancient and modern buildings, monuments and parks.In addition, Bashkiria attractions include many religious buildings like churches and mosques.

small conclusion

But, traditionally, the most interesting place for tourists in the Bashkir region is the cave in the reserve Shulgan-Tash.This storehouse of ancient knowledge since ancient times attracts tourists of all countries of the world, as it is considered one of the most ancient monuments of human knowledge.

Come to Bashkortostan!Visit this republic stands, there is a lot of interesting places to see every person, regardless of age and social status.You will certainly enjoy this exciting journey!