Rest in the Caucasus.

Rest in the Caucasus - a great time, which gives a good mood for the whole year.In addition, at local resorts can restore health.Areas along the Black Sea coast, characterized by the development of the recreational network.On their territory there is a large number of resort towns and cities.The Black Sea coast of the Caucasus can be divided into four zones of rest.They formed around Gelendzhik, Anapa, Sochi and Tuapse.All these cities of the Caucasus is a major tourist centers.

resort zone Anapa

along the Black Sea coast on the plain stretching eighty kilometers of the plateau and rocky, pebble beaches and sand dunes, mud hill and juniper forest relic.All this Anapa resort.

Caucasus Resorts are located in this area, not only in the city but also in the surrounding villages - Vityazevo, Blagoveshchensk, Succo, Bimlyuk, Big Utrish and Dzhemete.

Rest in the Caucasus in Anapa prefer married couples with children.It is the sunniest place in the Black Sea (280 days per year).The average annual temper

ature of water in the coastal marine area is 15.5 degrees, and the air - 11.9 above zero.Anapa can swim starting in May and ending October.
this resort are mineral springs, which are used not only for dining, but also for therapeutic drink, as well as procedures for balneological type.Practice in Anapa and a very unusual kind of getting rid of many ailments.It Ampelotherapy or botryotherapy.In sea town plantations grown oysters, mussels and rapanov used for dietary travelers.

Caucasus Numerous sanatoria, rest homes, boarding houses, hostels, youth and children's health centers are located in the resort area.Total said on the Black Sea area is two hundred and thirty health centers, designed for the simultaneous accommodation of forty-five thousand people.


Anapa Guests can visit the water park was built here, which is called "Golden Beach".In the nearby village of Sukkah is located amusement park extreme.On its territory erected a picturesque castle "Lion's Head", which in its architecture is similar to the medieval fortifications.It may take both 1200 visitors who have the opportunity to see the colorful show program chivalric tournament, shooting at a shooting range with a crossbow and become parties to some of the other rituals in the spirit of the time.

In the resort city of Anapa there are numerous tour operators, entertainment and cultural institutions, tourist companies.There is a train and bus station, the seaport and the airport.


Rest in the Caucasus in the resort of Anapa - a great opportunity to improve your health.Among the one hundred and seventy-six spa facilities of the province of the fourth - year-round.Another important curative factor of the resort are the sand, air and sun baths and swimming in the sea.

getting rid of various pathologies facilitates the use of iodine-bromine water and mud.The main profile of the resort area of ​​Anapa are diseases of the heart and blood vessels, nervous system, digestive system and respiratory system.In health resorts resort nutritional therapy used Semigorsky water mineral springs.A dirt deposits from Anapa can quite compete with even the most famous cosmetic and mud that exist on our planet.

resort area of ​​Gelendzhik

It stretches along the Black Sea for a hundred kilometers.Caucasus Resorts, situated in its territory, are very popular with holidaymakers.

Gelendzhik is located on the shore of the beautiful bay of the same name.From storms and storms, it protects bordering the scenic Caucasus Mountains.

Gelendzhik Bay - is not only an ideal harbor.Calm, warmed by the sun and clear water is perfect for swimming.

resort town situated on the seafront in the form of an amphitheater.At the same time it is surrounded by picturesque green slopes Markotkhsky ridge, from which originated the main Caucasian ridge.Sand and pebble beaches stretch for tens of kilometers at the foot of the mountains.

Climatic conditions

Rest in the Caucasus area of ​​Gelendzhik will be unforgettable for everyone.This contributes to the unique nature of the region.Climatic conditions in Gelendzhik correspond to the Mediterranean type.This early spring, dry and cool summers (average temperature is plus twenty four degrees), and the beautiful sea.This is attractive for holidaymakers evergreen vegetation region and the freshness of the rivers descending from the mountains, the absence of large flows of transport and industrial enterprises.

Priority directions in the treatment of

Rest in the Caucasus by the sea in the resort area of ​​Gelendzhik prefer people with lung disease.Elimination of these diseases contributes to air saturated with air ions.These are useful for the human body elements of a positive effect on all organs.

Excursions and Entertainment

Gelendzhik is famous not only for its unique nature, has healing powers.The city has a fascinating history.In the vicinity of Gelendzhik are monuments of ancient civilization.Guests of this amazing region can get acquainted with their peers Egyptian pyramids - the dolmens.This structure, made of stone slabs.It is believed that they were built in the period from the third to the second century BC.In the vicinity of the resort town are the ruins of ancient castles and medieval burial mounds.In the Gelendzhik water park and adventure park.

Tuapse resort area

Where to go in the summer?In that case, if the place where you're going on holiday - the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, it is necessary to pay attention to the territory of the Tuapse district.She arranged Villages such as Lermontov and Dzhubga, Ol'ginka and Novomikhailovsky, Agha and others.

handed Tuapse district along the main Caucasus mountain range.Its territory is long and eighty kilometers and a maximum width - forty-three.In the center of the resort area are situated sandy beaches, and in the suburbs - pebble and stone.Along the coast region are broad valleys, which grow citrus plantations, orchards and vineyards.

Climatologists believe Tuapse district is very favorable for the treatment, rehabilitation and recreation.This is facilitated by forests, which come close to the water.

If you come to the Caucasus, recreation or camping, "star" hotel or health resort will take you to the highest level and give an unforgettable day.Tuapse resort area - a great place for children and families.There is health center "Eaglet".It is a large children's center, which annually takes up to fifteen thousand teenagers from all over Russia.The district is located two hundred and sixty health institutions, which can simultaneously rest more than 32 000 people.

All resorts Tuapse resort area built along the Black Sea coast.Holiday-makers are given the opportunity to have a great time on the beaches.Not far from Tuapse (15 km from the town) built the largest water park in Russia - "Dolphin".Lovers of antiques can visit the tour and get acquainted with ancient monuments - dolmens.Here is a mound Psynako-1.This mysterious megalithic complex dedicated to the pagan god of the sun and the Caucasus is an analogue of the English Stonehenge.

resort area of ​​Sochi

along the Black Sea coast stretches a large area, which is very popular among tourists.This famous resort, the uniqueness of which is in a huge variety of natural healing factors.Its center is the city of Sochi.It is located in the North Caucasus and differs only in its kind climatic conditions.There subtropics coexist with eternal ice.The air in the resort refreshing breeze that blows from the sea in the afternoon, and at night - from the mountains.Due to this heat in Sochi does not happen.

to treat holidaymakers resort offers a variety of mineral waters, and to live - two hundred and fifty objects.Among them, sixty-seven health resorts, boarding houses and twenty-seven, seven fitness centers, etc.A health resort of Sochi at a time can take six hundred thousand people.

North Caucasus presents an unforgettable vacation.And you can improve your health, and explore the numerous attractions of the region, and be a spectator at a variety of cultural activities, and a ride on the ski resort.

Equally popular with holidaymakers Matsesta.This resort area, located in the suburb of Sochi.On its territory there are sources of mineral waters, which have been used since time immemorial for getting rid of various ailments.