Tahiti - which country?

very many people know of the existence of the island of Tahiti.What country owns it, he knows far fewer.And so on, to which the archipelago, a part of some group of islands and to which the community is an island, very few are aware.

special relationship the inhabitants of the CIS countries with the island of Tahiti

so happened that long to change the state system in the countries included in the USSR long before the tourist boom that has engulfed within these areas, and not being able to see the island with their own eyes onIt knew, thanks to the popular animated film, everything.And very few articles devoted to the island, do not contain sacramental phrase Parrot Kesha: "You have not been to Tahiti?" And the expression "Tahiti!Tahiti!We were well fed, and here "went to the people and has become a popular proverb.In the minds of many viewers paradise on earth in touch with the island of Tahiti.What country they had, few were interested.The island is shrouded in legends fairy tale

expedition for bread tree

From school history was known, and that James Cook visited it, found breadfruit.This message, he excited the minds of planters so that the seedlings were kitted out for a special ship "Bounty".Translated it means "generosity".The idea was good, but the crew mutinied.Western viewers Tahiti again to the tourist boom that has swept the world in recent decades, was more a sign of the many adaptations of this particular story.The famous "Mutiny on the" Bounty "with Marlon Brando in the lead role helped to popularize the" island of love ".Question: "Which country belongs to Tahiti?" - Then, in the XVIII century, when it was actually a rebellion does not arise.The main thing is that he had no relation to the UK, to which the three-masted ship and his rebellious crew.That was in 1788.

«Love Island»

Why topic related to Tahiti, so beloved by Western filmmakers?Because the native women from the islands of Oceania, white people thought the gods, who can do anything.Topped only flowers, they floated to meet the ships far out at sea and surrounded, accompanied by sushe.Dalneyshie events developed fairly rapidly.Some sailors from the expedition ship "Bounty" left to live on the island, and many of them were then executed by returning members of the British Themis led by Captain Bligh.Before the arrival of Europeans, the island was densely populated, aboriginal tribes fought among themselves for power.

Dynasty, ruling century

After the death seize quite powerful leader, his son Pomare established his authority over all of Tahiti, and on a few neighboring islands.Pomare II received Christianity.And in those days, when the country was ruled by Queen Pomare IV, the entire territory of his dominion, it became a French protectorate, although this influence of England was very high.This happened in 1842.The question "which country is Tahiti" was removed from the agenda.British missionaries were expelled from these territories in 1830.Although the first who visited the blessed island were Spaniards arrived there in 1606.But they were looking for gold, and the local beauty and beauty is not detained them for long.And the ships sailed away Semyuella British Wallis, who visited here in 1767, and the legendary James Cook - in 1774-m.According to historians, they have left the islands flags of their countries.And after their departure is not a question, "Now what country belongs to Tahiti?" Only the children with lighter skin and the European dangerous disease, which greatly reduced the population of the islands.It is now not reached the numbers - 200,000 people.Frenchman destroyed not only the local customs and traditions, but also agriculture.Of course, the natives rebelled, but the revolt was brutally suppressed greatly.In 1880, when Pomare V, Island Communities transformed into a French colony, which became the center of the island of Tahiti.In which country was he then?He was a member of the French Oceania, which was later renamed to Polynesia.

current status of the island

«component of the country" - a clear interpretation of what it is not.Obviously, it is education that has all the trappings of power, the right to make independent decisions in their world order, but another part of the state.French Polynesia is the French component of the country and the overseas community, which consists of about 130 beautiful islands belonging to the 5 archipelagos.Total occupied area - square 4167.km.The most important of all this splendor is the coral atoll of Tahiti.What country owns it now, if in 1998 from French Polynesia has its legitimately elected president and legislature?Despite this, all citizens of the island are French nationals.The relative freedom with the community has internal autonomy in 1977.His rights has expanded considerably in 1984. After obtaining independence of the island begins to develop rapidly and is today one of the best and most beautiful resorts in the world's values.

at the Ocean Center

Despite millions of tourists and the apparent prosperity of the island, in the autumn of 2006 in Papeete, capital of Tahiti, broke out armed rebellion triggered by high prices and low quality of life of the indigenous population, although it is thanks to tourism, significantly higher than any part of Oceania.Distant France owns a beautiful Pacific island of Tahiti.Which country is located in close proximity to this paradise?And how far away is Russia?From Moscow to Papeete 15723 km.Near the community of the islands there is nothing but ocean.However, few countries possess large islands in the neighborhood, too, are part of Polynesia.Prior to these same states to fly and fly.The closest is the coast of Australia - 5390 km, to Tokyo - 9485 km, from California - 6520 km.7952 km to Santiago de Chile.The question arises: "Tahiti, where is it?" The exact answer is - in the central Pacific Ocean, south of the equator, the coordinates - 149,5 ° west longitude and 17,66 ° south latitude.

largest and most beautiful

Fairy Island is the main and the largest in the archipelago under the name "Society Islands", which in addition includes such global diamond industry as a resort of Bora Bora and Moorea, Raiatea, Tahaa and Huahine.The remaining 4 archipelago that make up French Polynesia, Tuamotu and Austral Islands are called, the Marquesas Islands and the Gambier Islands.Each of them has its own flag, while the flag of French Polynesia is exactly the same one of the symbols of the power of V Republic.Therefore, there is many people who came to rest, the question "Which country belongs to Tahiti, the flag because he has his own."And the coat of arms and national anthem, and, as noted above, the President and the government.Language, however, the French, and Tahitian too.At a time when Catalonia, Scotland, New Russia and Transnistria also have their own flags, it's about saying something.Perhaps the fact that France is very far - from Paris to Papeete has come to lie a distance of 15,716 km, and quickly overcome it only by plane, because that way there are the Pyrenees.

little geography

themselves Society Islands administratively divided into the Leeward and Windward.The composition of the latter and includes Tahiti.In addition, the island itself is geographically divided into Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti, respectively, the Large and Small Tahiti.Because the area of ​​the island resembles a figure eight, and the two parts are connected by a small isthmus between.Both of them are extinct volcanoes.In Tahiti is home to 70% of the population of this country.The capital of the island, which is located on the northwest coast, is the main city of the whole of French Polynesia.

advertising beautiful country, there is everything: the mountains and the sea, and tropical forests.And all this is tinged with nature in an unnaturally bright colors.Beaches there with white and black fine sand, the most beautiful of them - Venus Beach.

Unique features

popular local resorts is very high, the majority of them belong to the most prestigious in the world.Tahiti is one of ten most beautiful islands in the world, along with Fiji, Hawaii, Philippine Islands and other world pearls, each of which has its own flavor.In Tahiti several.One of them is the unique black pearls, which is produced only here.The sights of the capital are Black Pearl Museum.Yes, and the island is called just that - Black Pearl.And no article on this island is complete without mentioning the name of the French artist Paul Gauguin, glorified her as Levitan Russia.Cloths French postimpressionist create a special world, and in this regard to the question "Which country belongs to Tahiti," you can safely answer - the country of Paul Gauguin.Two of these names are inextricably linked.No one has done so much for Tahiti as Gauguin.And for the artist, the island became everything.He died in 1903, the local natives, sincerely mourn.And this celebrated all over the world, thanks to the Tahitian cycle, the genius has its own museum in Tahiti, located on the former site of his hut, which was all painted with the brush of his genius, but burned.

Island quiz

really fabulous island conceals many mysteries.You can ask many questions, the answers to which will be very interesting and informative.For example, why black pearl grows only here?Why not Gauguin left Tahiti, even if seriously ill?But the question "In which country is Tahiti" wrongly put.The preposition "in" implies some space in the country.Tahiti is not in France.This autonomy is a very big powers who are thousands of kilometers away.