Aslykul (lake).

Aslykul name of the lake, the first largest in Bashkiria, is familiar to the people of Russia.It lies a 5 km wide, with a length of 8 km.Aslykul - lake, which is one of the largest lakes in Europe, and it is really great!At night the gentle expanse of water reflects the dark sky, studded with stars, waves at sunrise and sunset are painted scarlet tent, and in the daytime over the surface stretches aroma of steppe grasses.

Most tourists the feeling that they were at sea, but not on the lake, where the amazing beauty of the surrounding landscapes in people leaves a lasting impression.This impression appears especially in windy weather - at this time of huge waves beating on the shore of the reservoir, thereby clearly audible sound of the surf.Since Aslykul Lake on the map of Bashkortostan is the largest, that feeling only intensified.


Aslykul from the Bashkir means "bitter" or "evil" lake.Its water is actually a bitter taste.According to the legend, not chemists, tells the story of mineral

salts in the lake, it has become such a rage because of the Black Riders, owned body of water in ancient times.

He earned his living breeding Tolparov - magical horses.But he stole this horse-Olo Telyak, Batyr.He did not plan to commit a crime, just the Black Horseman did not have time to ask for permission.Olo-Telyak on Tolparov could liberate his country from enemies, marry a written beauty Ayhylu.Only in the evening he felt guilty because he had a horse and could not return.Batyr came to the Black Riders to repent.He relented, saying that Olo-Telyak forgives because he stole the horse is not for personal gain.

Batyr delighted and returned home, but the black rider on his grudge and sent down to sickness and famine.Ayhylu too ill.After that, the children Olo-Telyak went to the Black Riders ask Tolparov out, but he did not give the horses, and sons locked in the waters of the lake.Then Olo-Telyak he went to the Black Riders.Wizard admitted that Batyr hates, and his whole family for the fact that the young man dared to steal a horse, thus causing the mighty magician feel humiliated.

Batyr so angry magician amazed that he turned into stone.But on the ground the evil win.Soldiers came to cure his wife, was released from the lake children revived Olo-Telyak and won the great magician.

modern history

Aslykul (Lake), as well as the territory adjacent to it have had since 1993 a National Park, and also in the federal jurisdiction.However, further launched a campaign to bring regional and federal legislation in order.Only then, and it turned out that Aslykul - the lake, which can not be a national park.

Since 2004, it refers to its territory as a cluster of land, then it was decided to turn it into an independent entity having the status of a natural park.His Aslykul lake, a photo of which is presented in this article, received in 2011, in other words, the object is moved completely to the Ministry of Nature Management and Ecology of Bashkortostan.

While held preparatory work, many vacationers began to complain about the lack of comfortable conditions for rest and paid entry.Charges after prosecutors acknowledged the illegal inspections, after which they stopped.But I do not consider the time that these funds were taken out of here tons of garbage.Who monitors the purity of the territory of the park administration.It is unknown what innovations await travelers as innovation has started to work only at the end of this season.


fascinating history of the emergence of the pond.This site was previously karst collapse.Many hundreds of years it was filled with sediments and groundwater, and now anyone can enjoy their stay here.Since Aslykul - Lake, which belongs to the inland water bodies of Russia, there are going to useful human minerals, and water thus has, as mentioned above, salty flavor.

vegetation of this area is diverse and rich.There is growing number of rare plants that are listed as endangered.Before my eyes there is a terrific picture of nature: 7 mountain peaks Ulutau, Tabulak, Nuratau and other towering on the horizon, while in front of them you can see the sea steppes, flowering in summer and spring, and mixed forests.

world of animals, birds and insects is also famous for the variety of species living here.Here, there is also usual red-breasted goose, common Apollo, peregrine falcon, black-throated diver and steppe Dybok.Graceful swans, pelicans and serious noisy geese made lake Aslykul (map it is presented in this article) as their place of residence, with the birds chirping in the woods.


very picturesque and unusual north-west coast of Lake Aslykul there Nuratau mountain breaks sharply to the mirror surface of the water with their dark cliffs.Near the village of Yangi-Turmush Alga is a spring with calcium sulfate, mineral water.Spring is considered a natural monument.And only 4 km from the lake from a height of 20 m falls waterfall Sharlama.

Lake Aslykul: vacation

It is positioned as an exclusively family-run.You can stay at the camp sites (a lot of them, a different price category, with a season best to book a place for 2 weeks before arrival), also has a place for the "savages."But places for tents less, in addition, they have to get in his car, as there do not take hitchhikers, all the cars are loaded to the eyeballs themselves ...

It should be borne in mind in the coming Aslykul (Lake) - the weather here in the summer onlyideal for relaxation and for recreation.Winds bring cool hot afternoon, as well as provide fun windsurfers, hang-gliders and para.

tightly surrounded by low mountains picturesque lake Aslykul.Rest here makes it possible to book a tour or climb on them independently.So, for a couple of hours you have time from the spring of healing water Gulbekey dial and hear tales of epic Bashkortostan and from the top of Ulutau appreciate the amazing views of the bugulma-belebey upland.

Recreation on Lake Aslykul

All major tourist centers have their own private beaches with fine, clean sand, brand new sun loungers, changing rooms, umbrellas and other amenities.You can spend your entire vacation, stretched out on the lake, but there are opportunities for active pastime.For example, go rowing, sailing or motor boating, and scuba diving: at the large bases are rental of necessary equipment, with experienced instructors help beginners to join this popular entertainment.It is worth noting that the lake diving is ideal because it excellent visibility.

main share of tourist centers located near the village of Kupoyarovo, away from the walkers have the opportunity to reach on.Mokhov.This small lake is overgrown with legends and mysteries, that retell happy locals.They will tell you where is the old apple orchard and waterfall Sharlama.


Tour Aslykul recommend booking with transfer included.Davlekanovo, the nearest town, is located thirty kilometers, while public transport from here to the lake can not walk.Car owners run to the village, then guided by signs.There is no main road, each camper chooses its own route.

Kupoyarovo The village is a very popular place.At this point, there is parking and camp sites.Another way - through Burangulovo, the more that four kilometers away is the waterfall Sharlama.If you do not want to ruin the machine off-road, you can drive to Alexandrovka, then along a dirt road to get to the Alga - a village which is near the lake.Nearby, about Yangi-tormush, there is a mineral source of calcium sulfate Alga.

But tourists hitchhiking horseless or learn, or hire a taxi or Davlekanovo "Gazelle".It is interesting that local drivers adapt himself to leave the rest in the open field, away from the lake, so it is better to clearly voice the wish: to disembark near the camp site or parking.


hotel in the traditional sense is not on the lake Aslykul, rest it involves a stop at the hostel or in the tent.But most of those bases is a huge number: cost of accommodation is 300-1500 rubles per day per person.Non advisable to book 2 weeks before entry.And be sure to ask about the food: unfortunately, not all bases have their own cafes, therefore, the products, you may have to buy on the spot or to carry with them.

tourists on a note

On Aslykule wood there, because all the dead trees have already started up in the fires of visitors here before.In addition, the status of natural monument does not allow the felling of trees in this place.Firewood can be purchased from locals in kiosks (about 150 rubles. Fagot) or bring their own.

Local specialties

We can not say that the holiday on Lake Aslykul also suggests and fishing, and it is - is another story.At this point in the 1990s it was caught large pike, bream, burbot.After stocking appeared as perch.Whether this predator has broken the ecosystem, whether pollution from the permanent campers impact on the environment, but today fishermen with fishing rods basically out of luck.So, if the purpose of your trip - fishing, the summer is better to hire a boat and go to the middle of the lake.It is also worth considering that the hunt for fish to travel on weekdays, when the tourists are not so much.On Aslykule exciting winter fun ice fishing.