The most interesting and unusual places in Moscow.

planning a visit to the capital, you probably wondered what the most unusual places in Moscow to watch.In the heart of Russia many attractions.And if you have already passed the traditional tourist route, visiting the Kremlin, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Spassky Tower, you will be interested to know what interesting places in Moscow attracted the most attention of travelers.

green corner

This place is considered one of the most unusual in the capital.Not dull garden in Moscow gets its name from the estate Neskuchne, which owned the Prince Troubetzkoy.The founder of this place is considered to Procopius Demidov.He was a big industrialist.He has yet to Orlov belonged scenic territory.Demidov began to ennoble Boring garden in Moscow exotic plants and set out to give his possessions form of an amphitheater.On the implementation of unusual ideas labored seven hundred workers.Two years later, the object was ready.

One of the pavilions of the garden is familiar to anyone who loves to spend the evening

at the TV screens.The Garden Lodges Neskuchnyi fifteen years experts meet regularly in order to once again be smart in the game "What?Where?When? »

visitors always have something to do in this green corner.Not dull garden in Moscow is known for its sports facilities for large and small tennis, chess club, ropes course, a football field and a fitness center offering its services throughout the year.In addition, the territory of this recreational area open cozy cafes where you can have a meal well.

A part of Paris

copy of the main symbol of the French capital is in Russia.The Eiffel Tower in Moscow was built not far from the station.m. "Aviamotornaja."The unusual building is located on the territory of the industrial enterprise "Moskabelmet."The workers said the factory and engaged in the construction of an exact copy of the world-famous landmarks.The Eiffel Tower in Moscow reaches a height of five-story building.However, to enjoy this structure is not so simple, because it is located on the territory of sensitive sites.To get to the plant required to have a pass.The issuance of the document deals with the local administration, but receive it only employees of the company.So really the Eiffel Tower in Moscow is not available before the eyes of tourists?How to enjoy it without breaking the law?All necessary information you can get in the travel companies that organize tours of the capital.Tips experienced traveler: you can call one of the shops on the premises and advance to book a pass.

memory of the legendary musician

Tsoi Wall - an unplanned project.This monument is often compared to a tragic cry.It has many inscriptions, the most famous of which - "Cinema" and "Choi alive."In addition, the sealed wall fragments of songs of the musician and declarations of love for him.In the first forty days after the death of Choi had a kind of monument to his fans on duty round the clock.Subsequently, people became less and less.

In 2006 Tsoi Wall was secretly painted over unknown.However, after a short time it regained fans.Admirers of the singer, according to tradition, is left at the Wall just prikurennuyu cigarette, broken in half.The plan was set near a monument to the singer.Choi had to sit on his favorite motorcycle barefoot.The idea could not be realized because of the protests of local residents and the disagreement of many fans of the singer.

noteworthy that Tsoi Wall is not only the capital but also in other Russian cities, as well as in Minsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Energodar.

popular shops

Tea House on Butcher appeared in the late nineteenth century.Three centuries ago, Alex Perlov began to inculcate the culture of tea residents of the capital.He was one of the first to sell an unusual drink at the time in Moscow.Then Perlov and could not imagine that after fifty years, the tea will be an integral part of most people's lives.

In 1785 Sergey Perlov - a representative of merchant dynasty - bought a plot for the construction of the store.The project involved the development of a well-known metropolitan architect Roman Klein.He is the author of such famous buildings as the Borodino Bridge, Central Department Store (formerly the store wearing a different name - "Muir and Merliz").Thanks to his efforts, and there are some other unusual places in Moscow.

the ruins of old buildings Klein began to build a three-story house, keeping the style of the late Renaissance.In 1895, Alexei wanted to diversify Perlov facade.So he wanted to indicate to establish contact with the Chinese tea merchants.In addition, soon the capital was supposed to arrive influential dignitary Qing Li Hongzhang.Responsible order got Karl Gippius - one of the most popular masters of art of the time.As a result, Tea House on Butcher has undergone fundamental changes.All new parts - and ornament, and snake, and the Chinese dragon - just screaming about the East.Newly decorated decorate not only the facade, but the interior of the store.Listing the interesting places in Moscow, the capital's residents for a long time in the first place to recall an exotic structure - the Tea House.

For lovers of warm up

Sanduny in Moscow are 1808 years.Currently, they have the status of an architectural monument.Sanduny is colloquially referred to their citizens, are on the corner of the alley and street Sandunovskiye.Neglinnoy.Stoves, heating considered providing baths, built using a unique technology which is the secret to this day, unfortunately, not reached.Sanduny impresses thanks to chic interior decoration and strict adherence to classical canons of traditional bath treatment.New building was built in 1895. Since 1990 it regularly redecorated.

mysterious building on Ostozhenka, 21

Marguerite House in Moscow - one of the most beautiful architectural structures of the city.According to the mysterious legend, this is where the notorious character of Bulgakov's novel went to the witches coven.External similarity mansion with its medieval castle is due to the presence of a small peaked tower.The property is due to its unique architectural value moldings adorning the façade.The role of the main axis of the building plays a staircase.Near it grouped all the rooms.Of particular interest are preserved to the present day elements of the interior decoration of the developer Leo Kekushev.Some unusual places in Moscow are quite earthly goals.So, now in the wall of the house margaritas are the Bureau of the Egyptian military attache.


Monument Monument stripper in Moscow is located opposite the men's club "Polar Bear", in the heart of the capital.Elegant sculpture graceful girls dancing at the pole is a symbol of vibrant nightlife.

Olive Beach

Continuing listing interesting places in Moscow, we describe a symbol of reconstruction of Gorky Park.Olive Beach is brought down from the wooden floorboards.It posted beds, next to the tubs are olive trees.Anyone can hire umbrellas.On the territory of a kind beach is equipped with showers, a bar, wireless Internet access.Its location - Pushkinskaya Embankment.

lovers frosty freshness dedicated

to explore some unusual places in Moscow, you need courage.It can be said of a bar called "Ice".This institution everything is made of frozen blocks.But drinks are invited to try not soft.Awesome bar is located on the ground floor deli "Globus Gourmet" (TC "CUM").

children - victims of adult vices

sculptural composition with such an unusual name was inaugurated in 2001 during the celebration of the city.It includes fifteen figures.Among them - two kids blindfolded playing blind man's buff.They are surrounded by a host of huge monsters, representing human figures with the heads of fish and animals.As explained by the creator of the project - sculptor Shemyakin - in this way to portray the vices.The composition, which is to them to play the role of allegory fight evil on earth.

House under glass

This building is a prime example of the victory of the people over their own destructive tendencies.According to urban legend, a merchant Filatov, because of addiction to drink, lost half of the state.A miracle happened: one man woke up and realized that his life was falling apart.The merchant pulled himself together and gave up alcohol.On the savings he bought an apartment house of great beauty.As a symbol of reminders own "heroism" he told the hoist to the roof of an inverted glass.The unusual structure is located near the metro station "Kropotkin" Volkhonka Street, 18.

Stalin's Bunker Taganka

some unusual places in Moscow not long ago were top-secret facility.One of the most famous sites of this kind - Stalin's bunker at the Taganka.It is located in the heart of the capital, but safely tucked away from prying eyes: the underground facility is located at a depth of sixty-five meters underground.Its total area is 7,000 square meters.m. Research and development in the bunker began in the fifties of the last century, during the Cold War, when the threat of use of nuclear weapons has ceased to seem unreal.Today on the territory of the museum complex functions "Bunker-42".It is equipped with a lift.It tourists descend to -18 floor.All the complex is constantly maintained a temperature of twenty degrees Celsius.In the storage room, located in front of the "Bunker-42", you can leave your personal belongings.The complex functions not only a museum.There are equipped rooms for business meetings and banquets.Noteworthy is the fact that the hopper is open around the clock, but the tours after seven in the evening need to agree in advance.

fascinating quest

If you are still wondering about what is worth seeing in Moscow, go to Chistye Prudy.There you can try to pass a very interesting quest.At first, you find yourself in a locked room.To win, you need to solve tricky puzzles.In order to leave the room and go to meet adventures, are not required to possess special physical strength or outstanding intellectual abilities.All that is needed - attention to detail and the ability to make inferences.

Travel Through the Looking Glass

This unusual place is in the OCE.Wander through the mirror maze and love to children and adults.The intricate corridors are staggering their infinity, ensuring receipt of vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions.The labyrinth area of ​​sixty square meters consists of tracks total length of almost half a kilometer.The attraction has been operating since November 2012.In the two weeks since the opening of the maze was attended by over a thousand people.Although the organizers are targeted primarily at children, adults of his visit to get no less pleasure.

petting zoo

In this unusual place of the animals do not sit in cages.They enjoy the freedom and delight visitors with its society.On the territory of the petting zoo "Forest Embassy" organized educational site, where a variety of live fauna.Visitors can watch the animals, feed them, learn their habits.Visit the zoo can absolutely any child, if he is, of course, educated, cultured and kind.

Conclusion We have described what kind of unusual places in the capital city worthy of your attention.Open to Moscow again, not limited to the standard route for tourist groups!