Tinted car windows athermal film

course, thanks to tinted glass can achieve great things - to emphasize the appearance of the car, making it more personal and also protect the interior from excessive attention to intruders.However, today we are not talking about the classic film, which we are used to remember and an athermal.What it is especially and what are its advantages?


The main feature of this film is that it carries more and thermal insulation function.With such a tint your car will not only be protected from ultraviolet radiation, but will not be heated up to plus 50 degrees Celsius inside.

What is most interesting, the material at its 80-percent haze can prevent heating of the passenger compartment to the limit values.So if the windows will be installed ordinary film, after a long break in the open sun inner part of the car warms up to 50-58 degrees Celsius.With athermal film temperature in the cabin does not exceed the mark of 38 degrees.The difference is significant, and most importantly - the transparency

it can be installed even on the windshield.However, no representatives of the traffic police fines will not be discharged.

Thus, the interior of the vehicle with transparent glass is heating up, with the driver provided excellent visibility.By the way, the objects on the road are clearly visible not only during the day but also at night.


worth noting that the tinted car windows athermal film not only eliminates the heat in the cabin, but also increases the level of sound insulation.According to recent research the material reduces noisy environment by 3-5 dB.This tinting film athermal is absolutely secure, because its properties makes the window stronger.As we know, the windshields on cars made of laminated glass, the side - from stalinite.So - athermal tinting film gives laminated glass side windows properties (in both cases, there is a thin layer of polyethylene).When you hit all the glass particles are retained on the film and does not penetrate into the interior.Thus, when this material you will make your car safer.

also athermal tinting film prevents the penetration of radioactive sun's ultraviolet rays inside the machine.At the same time, this material does not interfere with electronic devices, such as mobile phone, GPS-navigator, radio and others.After toning, you will not lose your mobile phone, radio, wireless Internet, and not to get lost in a strange city because of the high signal from the GPS.

And one more thing: 3m tinting film athermal - ideal for those who do not want to make adjustments to the appearance of the car, because, in fact, the windows remain as transparent as the first.


There is such material is relatively inexpensive.On average, toned to all the side windows in the car, you will have to pay about 4-4.5 thousand rubles (one thousand per glass).Film for the windshield is worth about 3 thousand.