Irene Palace Hotel 4 *, Rhodes - photos, prices and reviews

Holidays in Rhodes, Greece owned, with each year becomes more and more popular among domestic tourists.This is not surprising, because this heavenly place has long been famous for its magnificent beaches, development of the hotel base that offers both accommodation of economy and luxury, as well as plenty of entertainment for every taste and presence of secluded and quiet small towns for a relaxing pastime.So, if you are considering a vacation to the island of Rhodes and was looking for a hotel 4 *, Irene Palace (Kolimbia) would be an excellent option.Further suggests to get acquainted with the hotel complex, as well as determine its pros and cons, based on a review of our compatriots who have already stayed here.

Where is the hotel "Irene Palace 4 *"?

This hotel complex located in the small resort village of the Greek island of Rhodes - Kolymbia.From the nearest beach, the luxurious, award honorary Blue Flag for environmental cleanliness, it is removed only a hundred meters away.The main town of t

he island - Rhodes - and its seaport is 25 kilometers away.The International Air port is located 30 kilometers from Irene Palace hotel 4 *.Therefore, the road from the airport to the hotel will take you no more than an hour.It is very convenient, especially if you go on holiday with small children.Just six kilometers from the hotel complex is located village Afantou, as well as an international golf center, where fans of the game can have fun.As for the nearest bus stop, it is removed from the hotel for a couple of hundred meters.

Rhodes: Irene Palace hotel 4 *: Description

This magnificent hotel was built in 1987.However, thanks to regular renovation work it looks quite modern.It consists of one four-storey hotel housing equipped with a lift and accommodates 247 comfortable rooms and a family-type standard.The hotel guests there are restaurants and bars, adult and children's pools, a mini-zoo, as well as a varied entertainment and sports infrastructure.The area also own territory Irene Palace 4 * is 30 thousand square meters.This hotel is perfectly suitable for a comfortable and relaxing family holiday and for entertainment of youth.

Rules of lodging

Like most hotels worldwide, checking guests in 4 * Irene Palace begins after 14:00.However, if the campers arrive to the hotel before this time, the administration is trying to do its best to place them immediately on arrival.Unfortunately, at the height of the tourist season when the hotel is filled to 100%, this is not always possible, since it is necessary to wait until the previous guests to vacate the rooms and maids properly prepare it.In such cases, offer travelers to leave things in the luggage room and go to lunch, stroll through the beautiful grounds of the hotel, take a dip in the pool or go straight to the beach.As for the day of departure, then your room should be free till noon.At the same time, and you must make a payment.You can pay off both cash and credit card systems, "Visa", "Mastercard", "Diners Club" and "American Express".If you have already pre-paid the full cost of your tour operator minute, then at the exit you will only have to pay for additional services, if you use those.

Greece Hotel Irene Palace 4 *: placement of children and pets

Since the four star hotel complex "Irene Palace" (Rhodes) is positioning itself including as a family institution is allowed accommodation of touristswith children of all ages.In this room there is a possibility of an extra or cot.On the need to provide this service, you should notify the hotel in advance.Please note that in some cases this service is only possible at an additional cost.

As you know, the tourists can not imagine a trip to rest without their four-footed favorite.If you are among them, the following information is important to you.So, the hotel Irene Palace 4 * places on its territory guests with pets weighing less than five kilograms.Please note that the accommodation of your four-footed pet will need to pay.


As already mentioned, in the four-star hotel "Irene Palace", located in the picturesque village of Kolymbia (Rhodes), has 247 rooms.All are comfortable and equipped with everything necessary for living.There is the possibility of combining rooms.Each room has a private bathroom with shower / tub and hairdryer, air conditioning (use in the period from June 1 to September 15 for free, and at other times - for a fee), mini-bar, safe (fee), satellite TV,telephone and radio.The floor is carpeted.For a fee you can take advantage of wireless Internet access.Each room has its own furnished balcony with wonderful views of the sea or garden.Maids cleaned the room daily and three times a week carried a change of bed linen and towels.Also guests Irene Palace hotel 4 * clock is possible to order room service.


Power in a four-hotel complex "Irene Palace" is carried out on the popular "all inclusive".The main restaurant three times a day, you can taste excellent dishes, snacks and desserts, both Greek and international cuisine prepared by skilled chefs using fresh local produce.There is also a large selection of fruit.In addition, be sure to sample the local wines.

The hotel Irene Palace 4 * are bars in the lobby, the pool and snack bar.In the first two you can relax with soft and alcoholic drinks.Snack bar offers hotel guests eat a variety of snacks in between meals.

Beach and

Although the four-star hotel "Irene Palace" (Rhodes, Greece), located on the first line, private beach, it does not.The distance to the nearest municipal beach is only a hundred meters away.Beach sand and pebble here, very clean and well maintained, with a gentle and comfortable calling in the sea.In addition, he was awarded an honorary Blue Flag is awarded only environmentally friendly beaches in Europe.Log in here is free, but for the use of sunbeds and umbrellas have to pay.Near the beach there are plenty of cafes and bars.It also has all the necessary entertainment and sports on the water.

Pool Irene Palace Hotel Complex 4 * (Rhodes) has on its territory a large freshwater pool that is cleaned daily.Beside him is a sun terrace with plenty of sun loungers and parasols.There is also a bar, and where you can always be treated with a variety of drinks.Not deprived of attention and very little tourists.So, for them at the children's pool.


Hotel Irene Palace (Rhodes) is pleased to offer its guests a variety of entertainment.So, throughout the day and late into the night in the hotel complex work perky animators who will do everything possible to make your stay interesting and fun.They offer you to play a variety of games, aerobics and in the evening will suit a bright show with a mass of fun competitions.

If you prefer an active vacation, then your service on site "Irene Palace" has basketball and volleyball courts, soccer field, tennis courts, a mini golf course.In addition, you can play a game of chess, darts or billiards, gym or aerobics classes.The beach has everything you need for water sports.

If you want to relax, visit the sauna or a massage.


Hotel Irene Palace 4 * cares about its youngest guests.So, during the day is a kids' club, designed for children of different age groups.In the evenings on the hotel runs a mini-disco where malyshnya gladly danced a merry song.In addition, there is a children's playground, a mini-zoo.


Hotel Complex 4 * Irene Palace (Rhodes) has all the necessary for a comfortable stay of tourists infrastructure.Thus, the front desk is open 24 hours a day.Therefore, the later time of settlement or the occurrence of urgent matters, you always have the opportunity to contact an administrator at the reception, which will settle.

In addition, you can use the hotel's laundry and dry cleaning, babysitting, order room service.On site there is also a shop where you can buy souvenirs, and things needed on vacation.Addressing the reception, you can order a taxi, book a tour you are interested in.In addition, the hotel "Irene Palace" provides a shuttle service to / from the airport.This service is provided for an additional fee.If you need a transfer, you inform the hotel in advance.

cost of accommodation in a four star hotel "Irene Palace" (Rhodes, Greece)

Prices in this hotel quite match the level of its star.So, accommodation in a double room in high season (July - August) will cost you between $ 130 euros per night.In other months the price of living is much lower.

Hotel "Irene Palace" (Rhodes) reviews

Since the majority of our compatriots when choosing a place to relax is very important to know the opinion of travelers have visited here, we offer generalized comments of people who stayed in the recent timeIrene Palace 4 * (Greece).Immediately it should be noted that the vast majority of feedback - positive.But to understand all offer more detail.

As for numbers, the tourists say that the furniture and appliances in them is far from being new.However, everything is very neat, clean and working, which is important.The only disadvantage of our people felt very good audibility in the rooms.However, this problem is very common in most hotels, not only in Greece.As for cleaning, the hotel maid carried it regularly.Also, there were no problems with the timely change of bed linen and towels.

Without exception, all the tourists were delighted with the hotel, "Irene Palace" and paths to the beach.So, almost all our compatriots celebrated a beautiful fountain, huge eucalyptus trees that provide cooling shade and picturesque banana grove.As for the beach, it really is very clean.Small pebbles on the shore here, and when entering the water.It is impossible to get hurt.Those who come to vacation with children, were very happy with that, you can safely let their children swim.

Usually nutrition in many hotels in different countries become highly controversial.Perhaps, "Irene Palace" is an exception to this rule, as the vast majority of our countrymen were quite pleased with the food.They noted that the dishes quite tasty and varied.In addition, many, especially those who have previously had a rest in Turkey, were very pleased by the fact that local chefs do not abuse hot spices.Therefore, even children can safely eat at the adult table.

With regard to personnel, there are no complaints from the tourists also have been reported.Perhaps the only slight inconvenience was that the hotel staff, with rare exceptions (the girl in the children's club), do not speak in Russian.This is due to the fact that the rest are mostly Europeans, our compatriots a little.However, if you still remember the school curriculum in English or German, to explain to the staff for you it will not be difficult.In general, the hotel staff is always welcoming, friendly and willing to help.

Thus, we can conclude that the stay at "Irene Palace 4 *" (Rhodes, Greece) left by tourists mostly positive experience.Many of our compatriots do not rule out the likelihood that they will return here again.Also, many tourists would recommend this property to their relatives and friends.