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Probably hard to find a modern man who would have never encountered such a thing as a "water tower".We know that this structure plays an important role in the lives of a great city, and a modest village.But what are the water towers?Do they have any special features?Let's try to understand.

Water towers.General description

This structure is intended for regulating the pressure supply and for controlling the level of water flow in each network.In addition, it creates reserves, as well as with the utmost precision aligned timetable of all the local pumping stations.

Plain water tower includes a cylindrical shaped tank designed, of course, water, and a support structure - the so-called trunk.

Why such a construction?Imagine our usual day.When we need the most water?That's right, in the morning and in the evening after returning from work, rest of the time we just do not happen at home.So, in the afternoon excess water accumulates inside the tower, then to be supplied without interruption in our

home.Typically, the height, i.e.the distance from the bottom of the tank to the ground, rarely exceeds 20-25 meters, in very rare cases 30. The capacity of the tank can be very different, ranging from a few tens of meters and ending several thousand.It all depends on where it will be in this design - in the countryside, in the city or in an industrial plant.There is nothing surprising in the fact that the barrel, as, indeed, himself a tank, has to be very strong, so it is performed mostly of concrete or steel, and only in rare cases of highly durable bricks.

In addition, the tower is attached special pipes needed for water supply or drainage.The design is also equipped with special devices that should prevent the overflow tank, and a system designed to measure the water level and, where necessary, transmit the information to special control towers.

typical water towers.What are they like?

most characteristic design is considered to be a water tower Rozhnovsky.It is designed to regulate day and night as the flow rate and pressure.In addition, to create the necessary supply of water pumping stations schedule aligned.

Like all such, this facility consists of a water tank and support.Cover with a special hatch that performed in it is intended for internal inspection.A characteristic feature is the fact that the inner walls are welded special bracket two types: for ldouderzhatelya and those that are needed to staff could without any further problems to come down for the required set of measures.

There is also an outer staircase, which is equipped with a safety guard.Depending on the demands made, the volume of the tower may be from 10 to nearly 150 cubic meters.

impossible not to mention the fact that in order to protect the supply of water from pollution or, for example, freezing tank tower surrounded by advance special protection.Water is supplied by means of pumps inside.

most unusual water towers of the world . Can I live there?

turns out that this is quite possible, and a house in the water tower - this is not a new idea of ​​modern architects.

For example, in this unusual dwelling is already living an ordinary family in north-west England.The core of the house is an old, 130-year-old tower, which was upgraded famous British architectural studio.

Harris' bought it about 13 years ago, hoping to save the historic building, settled in it and the concurrent full range of necessary work on the upgrade.

Now the structure resembles a symbiosis of history and modernism.In the center of the design is the tower, and around it, forming a semicircle, built a new two-storey building.