Museum-estate "Boat of Peter 1" (Pereslavl)

This glorious Russian city is recognized as the cradle of the great Russian Navy, founded by Tsar Peter I.

History of

One day in 1688 a young Peter I in one of the outbuildings of the royal estates found an old boat, "Saint Nicholas."Today, he is on the honor deposited in the Naval Museum in our northern capital.Most history buffs are asking: "What do you call small boat Peter 1?" So, it is a vessel later became known as the "grandfather of the Russian fleet."

This boots the young king began to master the subtleties of the ship on the river Yauza.When in the early XVII century came the navy of the country and have won their first victory, the King of All Russia commanded to carry the small boat to St. Petersburg and on this occasion issued a decree.

on the Neva and the Gulf overshoe solemnly met, including foreign ambassadors.At the helm was a very great king-reformer, the oars were admirals of the fleet."Grandfather of the Russian Fleet" met firing of guns drumming.By decree of Peter ought alw

ays to keep the ship on which he began to learn seamanship.

Poteshnaya flotilla

In 1688 Peter I came to Pereslavl and was fascinated by the size and beauty of Lake Pleshcheeva.Sixteen king planned to build a fleet of comic.

To study the case of the ship have been discharged from the Netherlands the best craftsmen.The most active part in the construction of ships and he took the young king.

the spring of 1689 the water was launched the first ship, and in summer 1692 the shipyard has stood a lot of ships.They were equipped with artillery.They mock sovereign trained troops conducting military operations and navigation.

Death Amusing Navy

by heavy fire in 1783 burned all the ships of the flotilla.Survived a boat "Fortuna," which, according to legend, built himself Peter I. During the fire, he was kept in a room on the mountain Gremyach, not far from the royal palace, and not standing on the lake with other vessels.

In 1803, IM Dolgorukov, Vladimir governor, ordered the construction of the building in which it would be possible to store the boat "Fortuna".Since then it began its history Museum "Boat of Peter 1," which is preserved for posterity and history of the ship built by Peter I.

What to see in the estate

Today the museum "Boat of Peter 1" (Pereslavl) offers a viewing area attractions:

  • obelisk Emperor Peter I;
  • Botnia house;
  • monument to Peter I;
  • lodge;
  • rotunda;
  • Triumphal Arch;
  • White Palace.

Today this magnificent monument of history, architecture, culture is at its historic location.Museum-estate "Boat of Peter 1," which is a branch of the Museum-Reserve in Pereslavl, located in a beautiful park, near Lake Pleshcheeva (p. Veskovo).Opening of the monument

In early August 1850 the Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich and Nikolai Nikolaevich, driving Pereslavl and examining the remains of the fleet, laid the foundation stone of the granite monument to Peter I.

Two years later built a triumphal arch, which was consecrated in 1852year.On top of the arch is decorated naval fittings.

In the same year the architect PS Campioni was erected a magnificent monument to Peter I. The opening ceremony was attended by residents of the obelisk of Pereslavl and surrounding villages.In addition, guests arrived from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir and many other cities.

The ceremony was attended by the 4th Battalion Chasseur Regiment Uglich and the 2nd Battery of the 16th Brigade.Navy Department was represented by Grand Duke Mikhail Golitsyn.

On the rise to the museum is a "young" a monument to Peter I, founded in 1992 by Alexander D. Kazachka.The sculpture depicts a young king.

White Palace Museum "Boat of Peter 1" presents its guests with a beautiful palace.It was founded in 1853 and was designed for dinner parties, receptions and balls.The White Palace was built on donations from the townspeople.To the house is not empty, the nobles and merchants are organized Pereslavl "Pereslavl Assembly."In the summer, going to the Palace fans dancing and card games.

After the revolution (1917) in the White Palace opened the MSU geographic station.In the thirties, worked here well-known Soviet writer Prishvin.In the late twenties at the Palace visited Kukryniksy.

In the late thirties in a building opened a holiday home for employees of local businesses.During World War II at the White Palace was transferred to two orphanages of the besieged Leningrad.

Museum today

In May 2012, the Museum "Boat of Peter 1" was opened after a long reconstruction.The visitors had the exposition "At the beginning of the glorious deeds", which covers a long period, since the creation of amusing flotilla before coming to this place of Emperor Nicholas II (1913).

exposition was very interesting, especially her first room, where there is a replica of one of the ships of the flotilla amusing, with authentic cannons.In addition, it presents the objects of the XVII century, which are directly related to the construction of ships.In this room you can see interesting details wooden palace of Peter the Great's times - the door, the clock face, mica windows, and so on. D.

second hall of the Museum "Boat of Peter 1" represents the reconstruction of a single room of the palace of Peter the Great.Here you can see pieces of furniture and utensils of the time of Peter, portraits of the royal dynasty.

third hall of the museum is dedicated to all those who took part in the reconstruction and renovation of the manor in the XIX century.

Reconstruction Boat of Peter I

must be said that many modern masters seek to create a vessel from the fleet of Peter I, using old drawings.Boat of Peter 1 was manufactured in Petrozavodsk.Construction was timed to the 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy.Creating the ship was the original thesis work of ten young and talented artists, graduates of the school when MIKTS.

replica of the historic small boat, which was created in Petrozavodsk - an indispensable party city holidays.


The museum ensemble of special interest and admiration of visitors is the rotunda.It is up to the last detail recreates the interior of the Petrine era.Today in this building held a fascinating theatrical programs and various exhibitions.The exposition includes part of the first Russian navy ships - a bronze eagle, boiler tar, rigging elements, part of the movement.

Museum "Boat of Peter 1" for a long time restored.The hall "Rotunda" was in ruins.This building was built for receptions.It was created in memory of the great Russian rulers - Peter I. The funds for its construction gathered nobles Vladimir province.

Today, in a renovated building with restored interiors time of Peter, is reputedly visitors decorates the Museum "Boat of Peter 1," held a permanent exhibition.She is represented by various works of art, in which the well-known masters immortalized vivid image of the king-reformer.Peter I appears in different images - from king to carpenter "Roman Emperor", whose head is crowned with a laurel wreath.

Boat "Fortune»

unique exhibit, which is rightly proud of the Museum "Boat of Peter 1" in Pereslavl, a boat "Fortune" - the last ship escaped during the fire.According to the chronicles, the boat is made of the young arms of Peter I. The used materials - pine, oak.Its length - 7.34 m. The width of the ship - 2.38 meters. This single mast boat desyativeselnaya Dutch type.In the manufacture of small boat was carefully caulked, coated with resin, and then painted.Management carried out half the wheel, had an iron tiller.

How to get to the museum

From the capital to get into the museum-estate is quite simple.It is necessary to catch the shuttle bus to Pereslavl (Pereslavl route - Highlands).The museum awaits visitors every day from 10.00 am to 17.00 pm (except Mondays).