Where to rest at sea in December: the best resorts for winter recreation

Pre atmosphere and crisp snow can create a good mood in the cold, but replace them with a warm sea and soft sand is still much nicer.If the holiday falls in the summer months and the winter, it is worth thinking about how to organize the rest in December at sea.The main rule - you need to go for a sufficiently long period, otherwise the body can not adapt.You can impair their health.If the opportunity is there, feel free to choose a warm sea in December.And where it is - you decide.

Arab countries

One of the most popular countries in which to rest at sea in December, the budget and at the same time comfortable, is Egypt.Sometimes it can go up the cool wind, so the season can not be called a beach, but the temperature still remains suitable for bathing.The air here is still much warmer than that which at this moment is typical for European countries situated in the south of the continent.So taking with him a thin but warm clothing for windy days, it can not be afraid of the holiday.A place where to

rest at sea in December is not exactly for the sake of the sea - Dubai.A month before the New Year is considered to be pretty cool, so that you do not soak up the beach, but the number of sales with an incredibly great deals so great that it is likely to be based on the water just do not want to.

Latin America

for hot dances and warm sea, clean beaches and clear water is sent to the Caribbean.Cuba is one of those places where the rest of the sea in December, really nice.On the Caribbean coast and the Dominican Republic is no less popular among tourists.In the winter in these countries it is very warm, so forget the frosts are easy.And the memory of this "escape" from the drifts remain very long.And instead of gifts or Christmas gifts can bring excellent Cuban rum and cigars.Gaining popularity among travelers and Mexico.In December, the country's storms subside, nature flourishes particularly bright, and the sea becomes warm and calm.So what can be called Mexico a place where to rest at sea in December, it is worth it.


In the cold season you can try to go to India.Mysterious country with modern facilities perfect for the December holidays.Located next door Thailand, too, does not disappoint.Tourists of these countries will offer exotic fruit, lots of beautiful islands and beaches, hot sun and kindness of local residents.The rainy season ends in November, so the weather is only contribute to a great vacation.

Finally, a real exotic - a winter holiday on the warm islands.Seychelles or the Maldives are very popular in December.The mild climate, calm and relaxed atmosphere and excellent service will ensure a wonderful vacation that want to remember for a long time.Do not be worse and a trip to Sri Lanka.Ocean waves subside, the season and becomes the most comfortable for the rest.These tourists go to visit the south and west coast of the island.