Sinai (Mount).

In the northern part of Egypt is one of the holy places for Jews and Christians - Sinai (Mount Moses).This top of the most revered world religious faiths.It is mentioned in the biblical story, according to which that is where God gave Moses the 10 Commandments, talking to him from the burning bush (burning bush).

The history of the shrine

Jewish Culture has no knowledge of the exact position of the mountain.Biblical Sinai was associated with Mount Har-Karkh, located in the Negev desert.There were found the remains of ancient temples.Location relics lost during the reign of Kings.This fact is the reason that the veneration of holy places among Muslims and Christians has nothing to do with the tradition of the Jews.

Christian hermits were traveling in the southern part of the peninsula since the beginning of the second century.They were trying to find a place mentioned in the Bible, the events of the Exodus.Including the point where the holy mountain of Sinai.According to history, the first of th

ese places visited by the Byzantine empress Helena.She wanted to find the hive, which, according to legend, when Moses broke out.In its order there was erected a chapel which, when Emperor Justinian was transformed into a monastery, named in honor of the Christian martyr St. Catherine.This monastery is one of the oldest in the world.

On top of the mountain stretch of 3750 levels, which the ancient monks were cut down in the rocks.Making the climb to the top, a man carries a belief in miracles and hope for the remission of sins."Camel Trail" - a way for weakened and elderly who can climb to the top on horseback.It has long been believers from around the world went on a pilgrimage to Sinai.Mount Moses and now remains one of the most important sites for pilgrims and tourists.

Description excursions

From the monastery you can climb to the top of the two paths differ in length.These paths are merged into one almost at the top.A short trail is steeper and therefore more difficult to lift.It is usually chosen pilgrims and monks.The path length of about 3100 degrees.To overcome this way is possible only during the day and only on foot.Long Trail flatter, it is possible to drive it on a camel.Tourist groups often raised just for her.All along the way there are tents in which there are places for recreation.They also can buy hot drinks and traditional sweets.Chapels and churches, are available on the mountain, inaccessible to the public.It requires special permits and accompanying persons from the monastery.The highest point is at 2285 meters.

most favorable season for climbing is considered winter.But reasonable ascent schedule for the spring or fall.But in any case it is necessary to take into account the cold night and take warm clothes.In the mountains there can be snow.Heavy clothing and cold make the climb more difficult.Mount Sinai on the map closest to the resorts of Taba, Dahab and Sharm el-Sheikh.

Tour from Sharm el-Sheikh

time the tour - 21:30, right after dinner.To the base of the mountain tourist driven buses.At the site held a detailed briefing.Covers plan excursions, places of possible stops.Each tourist is given a flashlight.Experienced pilgrims take a spare in case of failure of the first.Flashlight - a very necessary thing to lift, the trail has no light in the darkness of movement will be more complex.

Around midnight, begins the ascent to Sinai.Mountain - ordeal through each kilometer made short stops to rest.Tourist groups are moving from one another.If you are lagging behind their group to join another.Prior to the Dawn group rises to the top.Upstairs greeted the sunrise, symbolizing the emergence of God.Tourists distribute the stone tablets inscribed with the commandments, there is forgiveness of sins.After a brief rest Group extends back.Do not think that the descent from the mountain easier.Go long and hard.At the bottom there is the opportunity to sit in a cafe for breakfast.But it is better to bring a packed lunch from the hotel.

Visiting the monastery of St. Catherine

After descending from the mountain, and those who could not climb, organized excursion to the Monastery of St. Catherine.Before him, a group driven by bus.In the monastery you will see ancient icons, the relics of St. Catherine.The atmosphere of the place allows you to experience peace and tranquility.The monastery is located at an altitude of 1570 meters.It is surrounded by mountain Safsafa, Mount Moses (Sinai), Mount Catherine.Then you will be shown the Burning Bush.In his first flame, God appeared to Moses.The next item in the inspection program of the monastery - the Well of Moses.The Bible mentions the event, according to which the prophet Moses met seven girls, the daughters of the Midianite priest Reuel, poivshih water the sheep.The well continues to this day to supply the monastery with water.

last point of the program will visit the city of Dahab.This free time.You can visit the temple, buy souvenirs, take a walk around the city.Around noon, the tour ends and buses carry tourists on hotels.

average cost of excursions from Sharm el-Sheikh is $ 35 for adults and $ 20 for children.

Proper preparation for the ascent to Sinai (Mount Moses)

What things need to be in possession of:

- Clothes and shoes should be comfortable and warm.It pays particular attention should approach the selection of shoes, as the road is quite rocky and slippery.

- temple must have the appropriate attire.Men and women must have clothes that cover the arms and legs.

- If you choose to climb the winter, the hat, gloves and scarf will come in handy.

- Breakfast and supply of drinking water, take the hotel.

- Be sure to bring a camera.What is your main souvenir present Mount Sinai - photo.

- Keep a small amount of money you can spend on tea, coffee, buying souvenirs.Also, the money will be needed for tickets to museums and tips for the guide.

- If you plan to take a lift on a camel, it is better to carry a few tens of dollars.

tour from Taba

distinguished in the tour program there.You may also be delivered to the foot of the mountain by bus.The only difference is the travel time.Transfer from Taba to Mount Sinai will last longer than three hours.Tour price does not differ from Sharm el-Sheikh.

excursion from Hurghada

Because of the high cost of transportation to the place of excursion is not offered.You can make an individual journey, agreeing with the representative of the excursion company.

Some subtleties, which is worth remembering

is important to understand that the tour is not entertaining.This is one of the most complex programs.However, the specifics of the tour is that the shrine to try to get the ones who need to be healed.This is usually the elderly, infirm, sick people, young children.To facilitate the way local Bedouins offer them rent a camel (cost about $ 15).

At the monastery there is the opportunity to light a candle.You can also make donations.In the shop you can buy the church rings and medallions with the symbols of the monastery, souvenirs.It is not recommended to buy jewelry made of precious metals.There is a great risk that you will be deceived and sell fake.

Those who went along such a route as Mount Sinai (Egypt), if desired, can buy the guide on the video memory.A recording will bring you to the hotel.

Spend your holiday in Egypt, plan to visit this tourist attraction is Mount Sinai.Photos taken during the sunrise at the top for a long time will give you pleasure.