The city of Treviso.

Little paradise, who grew up literally from the waters of the Gulf of Venice, is a town of Treviso.Italy country colorful, bright, here even the tiny province can be full of attractions and landmarks.Nothing resembles this description?Naturally, this town is a prototype, you might say, a miniature Venice, which, incidentally, is located in the neighborhood of Treviso.Italy in all its glory, its features and the history depicted here, because we are starting a virtual tour of the area.

How to get to heaven on the water

course of our country's tourists are flying to Italy by plane.This international public flights that land in major cities in Europe.There are also charter flights, which as time often take passengers exactly in Treviso (Italy).The airport, which is located three kilometers from the province, as well as twenty kilometers from Venice, named in honor of the great sculptor Antonio Canova.There are mostly private land ships on the route of our country.If you fly from other European cities (

London, Berlin, Paris), you can find a ticket of one of the budget airlines that sent planes to the airport is Treviso.

Italy - a country unique Mediterranean cuisine

Just note that the restaurants and cafes of the city of Treviso - a very cozy and secluded places.There's no fuss, the large flow of tourists, noise.Many of them hidden, and to find them, you must communicate with the locals.So, mostly on the tables of Treviso is always wine.Among them are such well-known varieties like Creata de la Conca d'Oro, Amarone della Valpolicella, Soave Classico and many others.They are often tasting, but any visitor can order such a masterpiece for dinner.Mediterranean cuisine, which here in the course, presented in the form of fish dishes.The variety of marine life, which then held in high esteem, is very large, but the trump card of the city is just river fish.The local waters are caught eels, trout and crayfish and shrimp.

architectural beauty of the city

As with kitchenette understood, now consider the attractions of Treviso.Italy - a country that was built mainly in the Middle Ages.Because the central Plaza del Signori we find luxurious palaces in the Gothic style.The brightest of them - Platstso Dei Trecento, which was built in the 13th century.Nearby is the town hall, made in the same architectural style, and next to it the cathedral of San Nicolo.The most picturesque corner of the city is Vicolo-Molinetto.Here Mill was built, and from the hill offers superb views of the nearby island of Pescheria.Also in this area is often called to the fish market where you can buy this kind of products at low prices in order to prepare them at home.The old part of the city is still guarded by defensive walls with guard towers that have been preserved in a great way.Also located in the old quarter of San Francesco Cathedral, the burial place of Petrarch's daughter and son Dante.

Events and Festivals

One of the most vivid and colorful, despite its size, the cities in the country is Treviso.Italy is famous for its carnivals and various cultural events, and here they carried out at the same high level as in any other major city.The main festival is considered sparkling Prosecco.The bottom line is that all tourists and locals issue cards on which are marked bars.They are party to drink a glass of wine.It is noteworthy that come to the finish line only the most persistent.Glory in the city and festivals of guitar music.They are open to all musicians, even the street.Entrance to the event is free, so you can enjoy any number of live guitar sound and listen to the beautiful voices of our planet.