Attractions Belarus: by car you can see all the

Belarus - a country that is located in the eastern part of Europe.Here is the famous Bialowieza Forest, here come from the glorious "Pesnyary" and only then you can buy the products made in accordance with GOST the USSR.This power is known for beautiful scenery, magnificent castles and unsurpassed architectural objects.The best way to see the sights of Belarus by car, because the only way to enjoy their splendor to the fullest.All tours begin in the state with its capital - Minsk.Hero City, like the Phoenix, reborn after the almost complete devastation, overtaken him during World War II.Today, here is what to look for and where to go.

Dubro zaprashaem or Welcome

Inspection of Minsk begins with its airport or train station.It all depends on how you traveled here.If you are going to go round the sights of Belarus by car, you will still lift off from here.

National Airport "Minsk 2" is located 42 kilometers from the city.On its territory is located open-air museum, which presents the planes of the f

ormer Soviet Union.Here exhibited models of aircraft such as the Tu-134A, Yak-40 and An-2.

main cultural and architectural sites of Minsk considered the railway station and the "Minsk Gate" located at Station Square.Building w / train station is extremely functional and beautiful.Where you can exchange money, buy medicines and souvenirs, snacks.

«Minsk Gate" - the two towers, each of eleven meters.They are built in the style of Stalinist classicism.Towers on the list of the most recognizable sights of the city and is considered the hallmark of the capital of Belarus.The object was built during the 1947-1953 period.The left tower is decorated clock with a diameter up to four meters, and the right - the coat of arms of the Byelorussian SSR.

subdue Belarus

Come on sightseeing Belarus by car.The memorial complex "Khatyn", located in the eponymous village, causing both sorrow and delight.The village was burned to the ground, along with all its inhabitants in March 1943.Could survive only three people from the village - an old man and two boys.

Soviet authorities considered it their duty to perpetuate the memory of the victims of the terrible events, and similar horrors of the war period.Therefore, in 1969 they opened the memorial complex "Khatyn".It includes a sculpture of an old man escaped from the village, who is on the hands of a dying child.Sculpting sends a huge emotional power.The prototype of the artifact became Joseph Kaminski, blacksmith, tracked under a pile of corpses of his dying son.Every thirty seconds of "Katyn" is heard bells ringing, reinforcing the effect of what he saw.

Country locks

Attractions Belarus, whose photos are shown in this review, it's a huge number of palaces.Each of them won special praise and descriptions.For example, Golshanskiy Castle is a monument of defensive architecture of XVI-XVII centuries.It is located in the village of Halšany and was built by Paul Stefan Sapieha in 1610.Once it was a majestic building rectangular area 89 meters * 69 meters.And now it has turned into ruins, which are overgrown with shrubs.Dungeons, where in the old days going on the country's history, covered with earth and are not of particular interest.The east wing and a pair of towers, boasts a slightly better state.

Attractions Belarus, especially castles, causing great interest among tourists.Another strength of the state can be proud of.It Borisov castle.It was built for a long time: from the end of XII century until the beginning of the XIV century.Object win back a significant strategic role, because under his control was a navigable waterway, which took place from the Baltic to the Black Sea.To modern little survived, but Belarus can truly admire this "hero".


It is a city in Belarus.It is 160 kilometers from the capital.You can also explore some of the sights of Belarus.By car, it is best to move.Settlement is located on the river of Lydia and was founded in 1323.At one time it was the largest center in the country.True, it was a long time ago, but still ... In the XIV century Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas laid near Lydia Castle.Around him, and began to form a settlement, which soon became a large and powerful city.Owners Lida repeatedly changed, leaving its mark on the culture, architecture and history.

What's to see

Lida (Belarus), where attractions - a monument of Adam Mickiewicz, Barrow of Immortality, and other facilities, is an old town, but because there are a lot of interesting things.For example, Lida Gediminas Castle, which is built of gravel and sand on the island of unit shipments.Or the Church of the Immaculate Conception, created at the turn of the century.And you can visit the monument of Francis Skaryna, sundials and other delicious items.


admire the beauty of the country and is already leaving her pay a little more attention to the museum of folk crafts «Dudutki" road map which will show the sights of Belarus.Previously, it was the type of farming economy.And now it has turned into a huge tourist complex, in whose territory the blacksmith shop, a bakery, a zoo and a mill.