A very important detail in the "Ford Focus 2" - cabin filter.

process of replacing the cabin filter, it can be said, has acquired incredible rumors.The procedure is very time-consuming and it is necessary to understand clearly all over to get to the filter.Oxygen flows through the heating and air conditioning system into the system of air purification.A very important detail in the "Ford Focus 2" - cabin filter.Replacement is done regularly every 20,000 thousand kilometers.Regardless of the path should be replaced by a deformed or damaged filter.Note that the details of the cover is located in the passenger compartment, directly below the instrument panel.The process of replacing parts is simplified if you put the filter in the original car - reviews of the owners of the car indicate specifically on this point.The fact that the original filter curls easily, it is flexible, making it easy to bend.This greatly simplifies installation.And most importantly - the fact that after release, he immediately takes initial shape.This all allows the owner does not remove the

gas pedal.If, however, the pedal was removed, then it is best to change the staff crimped nuts.

Reports replace the filter inside the "Ford"

order for the air inside the car became better and cleaner, you need to regularly replace the cabin filter.It is also possible to insert the next replacement time of the carbon filter.How to change to "Ford Focus 2" cabin filter?Replacement is as follows.Initially, unscrew three screws and remove the gas pedal.Thanks to this simple procedure, raise it up and try to push for a steering shaft sneaker.The filter is here and hides.What follows is an absolutely simple procedure.Unscrew screws, dragged down the far side of the cover in the direction of fixing the pedals and remove it.We take out the old, the failed filter element and install a brand new air purification.Now put the filter cover.Because of the inconvenient location of the upper screw it will be difficult to tie.At this point in the installation will have to spend a little effort and nerves.

How to ease the process of installing the filter cover?

can resort to improvisation.Try do not tighten the top screw.Limit only two lower.Then gently put the gas pedal to its rightful place.How long will the replacement needs to "Ford Focus 2" cabin filter?Replacement of this part takes about forty minutes.It can be said that the cost - on a dime, but the air in the cabin became much fresher and better.Repair "Ford Focus 2" - it is time-consuming, but the result is excellent, as the freshness in the cabin is always pleasant and the driver and passengers.

How to replace the filter and not to remove the gas pedal?

How to upgrade to "Ford Focus 2" cabin filter?Replacement is performed without removing the gas pedal.To do this, "arm" key 7/10 (CAP plan), bedding, and a flashlight.The gas pedal is mounted on the three nuts.With a little effort, you can get to the nuts on the filter cover.In such a situation it would be difficult to turn the key, but "art" requires sacrifice.To facilitate the task, you must unscrew the screws.Then remove the cover and take out the cabin filter is easy to "Ford Focus 2".The new filter is put in place is not so easy.Most importantly, try to squeeze it harder and shove in the intended place.After that, a new cabin filter for "Ford Focus 2" is ready.Cabin filter, as the name implies, cleans the air entering from the air conditioning and ventilation.If you compare with other cars, the repair "Ford Focus 2" - rather complicated, time-consuming and not quite a simple process.However, the car has its advantages, namely the fact that the cabin filter to "Ford Focus 2" is not expensive and is a practical and versatile piece.It is easy to find in any car supermarket.

Removing and replacing the bulbs in the front of the car PDD

repair this vehicle as "Ford Focus 2" - quite a serious matter.What if you need to replace only the lamp PTF?To do this, you will need Phillips screwdriver.Open the hood and front headlight unscrew a bolt, squeeze the latches.After this procedure, you can remove and clean the headlight wiring to the side.This will provide access to the spotlight.Turning the luminous element in the direction of the wing, it can be removed.Click on the terminal and easily remove the lamp.We produce it and replace all going back.This procedure takes about twenty minutes.

procedure for removing and replacing the anti-fog lights

To replace the fog light you need a flat-blade screwdriver and wrench T25 Torkham.Firstly, it should be a screwdriver to pry the cover of the headlight.Further, they must be removed and unscrew the two screws, resorting to the help of the key.Leave the old fog lights and disconnect the terminal from the bulb.We manufacture replacement and all set into place.