Belpoint Beach Hotel.

Kemer - one of the popular resort towns of the Republic of Turkey, it is characterized by beautiful scenery, clean sea and the presence of many modern hotels.Hotels in Kemer differ in the level of prices in its territory and the number of services offered.Belpoint Beach Hotel 3 * (Beldibi) refers to budget hotels, but offers a full range of services necessary for a good rest.

Rest in Beldibi, Kemer Kemer

stretches along the Mediterranean coast for several kilometers.The area is divided into the following towns:

  • Beldibi;
  • Goynuk;
  • Kirish;
  • Chamyuva;
  • Tekirova.

Beldibi - this is the first order of a resort village on the road from Antalya.It is considered a very nice Turkish district because is next to the mighty Taurus Mountains, surrounded by pine forests grow.In any place you can enjoy the splendor of the natural environment and breathe the fresh sea air.

Almost the entire coastline pebbly entrance to the sea, but some hotels fall asleep its sand beaches or the descent into the sea equipped

with special ladders and pontoons.


in the village of Beldibi, 15 km from the center of Kemer and 23 km from the city of Antalya, in 1995 was built hotel which was originally called Poseidon, and was later renamed Belpoint Beach Hotel 3 *.In 2012 it was renovated and restored, replaced furniture and appliances.Over the years the hotel has acquired its loyal customers and a good reputation due to optimal value for money.

from Antalya International Airport to the hotel is a distance of about 40 km.The road here, even with small children not too tiring.From the airport to the hotel by taxi.And you can use the transfer - group or individual, ordered when buying a round.

The hotel rest mostly tourists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.In addition, guests are among the Germans, the British and locals.This is mainly couples or families with children.

concept hotel

Family, relaxing or active holiday is the best suited to Turkey.Hotels Belpoint Beach Hotel, Venus Hotel, Tal Hotel, Marinem Diana and many others are in the first part of the village of Beldibi and different affordable price.

Total area "Belpoint Beach" is 7,000 square meters.m. It is a Belpoint Beach Hotel 4-storey buildings (three buildings), which are separate.On the territory of palm trees, flower gardens, as well as orange, lemon and pomegranate trees.

Located on the second line.It is separated from the sea roadway and the pedestrian road.Do not worry about the difficulties and dangers of the daily trek to the sea.On the beach area is a safe underground passage.Distance to the coast is 150 meters to the shops - 50 meters, is located close to a disco.

For the rest the hotel is open from April until the end of November.It offers guests a system of "all inclusive".

to check into a hotel for tourists are required to present a voucher, passport and fill out the registration card.If necessary, at the reception you can make currency exchange, safe hire, a taxi or rent a sports equipment.


Hotel Belpoint Beach Hotel 3 * (Kemer) for many years the system has changed several times their work, add and remove additional services.

The hotel has a main restaurant, a lobby bar, poolside bar.The pool has a mini-water park, which consists of two slides.For vacationers a gym, Turkish bath and sauna, internet cafe.Before the hotel there is parking.

There is a doctor, but do not forget that the health insurance assumes the tourist service of specific medical institutions, so the services of hotel doctor may apply.

The concept of the hotel there are a number of paid and free services.Rooms are booklets with information about them.In addition, representatives of travel agencies and staff at the reception are ready to help in resolving difficult situations.


area and the maximum capacity of the following numbers:

  1. Standard room consisting of one bedroom and bathroom (23 square meters, 3 people).
  2. Family room two bedrooms and one bathroom (25 square meters, 4 people).
  3. adjoining rooms consisting of two bedrooms and one bathroom (23 square meters, 3 people).

Each beautiful interior, balcony, air conditioning, satellite TV, telephone, empty fridge.

Bathrooms in Belpoint Beach Hotel 3 * can have a bath or shower, they are equipped with hairdryer and sockets for connecting the shaver.There are towels for hands, feet and body.As well as toiletries.

Towels are changed when cleaning rooms, bed linen - once in four days.Room service is paid.

power supply system

"Half", "full board", "all-inclusive", "ultra all inclusive" or "breakfast only" - is the most common types of food in hotels in the region Kemer.Belpoint Beach Hotel operates on an "all inclusive".She especially loved by visitors from Russia, because after paying travel office travel agency any other expenditure on food during the rest will be gone.

service in bars and restaurants made from 7 am to 9 pm.The main restaurant offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.The menu features traditional Turkish and international cuisine.The wide assortment of salads, vegetables, there are soups, meat dishes, desserts and fruit.Guests choose their own meal and put on his plate.Waiters clean tables and serving drinks.For children, the restaurants have highchairs.The bars offer a drink of Turkish origin.Because alcohol can be selected beer, wine, local vodka raki and gin.


hotel staff kindly greets the day of arrival at the reception desk.Peddlers help deliver the luggage to the rooms.Maids cleaned the rooms, take out the garbage and change the towels.According to the Turkish tradition of service to tip.Sometimes it affects the quality of service.And the maid left on the bed of a drawing or figure towels.

hotel staff speaks in Russian, so communication problems with the guests should not be.Any breakages, failures can and wishes to inform the reception Belpoint Beach Hotel.They can order a taxi to exchange dollars for local currency, to learn about the popular places nearby.

Room service is available on request.You can enjoy a drink or a meal, but this is a paid service.At eviction from hotel should ask for the bill and pay it.There accept cash and credit cards.

Beach, sea and swimming pool

amazing purity and beauty of the sea with pebble beach in Kemer.Gentle waves and warm sunshine will give the most unforgettable emotions travelers in the area.Belpoint Beach Hotel has a private beach with free sun loungers and parasols.The beach is 150 meters away.To him an underground tunnel.The beach hotel is clean, there is a daily cleaning service.Occupy beds in the morning is not required.The number corresponds to the number of tourists, and the hotel staff quickly helps to find a free space.The beach has a shower with fresh water.Own a bar on the shore at the hotel there.On the sea every day, you can enjoy water rides.This is a paid service.

Towels are issued free of charge and changed.There is a special stand, where at certain times they trade on the net.At the same time, guests receive plastic cards for towels, and on the day of departure from the hotel, they returned to the reception.For loss towels will be charged.


on the territory Belpoint Beach Hotel has a swimming pool with slides, which hosts water games and water aerobics.There is a swimming area for kids, as well as a children's mini-club.

For men there is a gym, which can be visited only in athletic shoes.

Guests can make use of the basketball and volleyball courts, play table tennis or darts.These services are free entertainment.Billiards is available for an additional fee.

Daily opened a Turkish bath at the hotel.It includes a sauna, steam bath and hammam, which are provided free of charge.Come, sit and bask may each camper.Massage, peeling or any other procedure in the value of the Turkish bath is not included.

daily in the hotel lobby representatives of travel agencies organize the sale of excursion tickets.You can choose a trip to historical sites in the ancient city.You can go on a sea cruise on a yacht to Antalya and look at a waterfall falling into the sea.You can experience the adrenaline downhill on a mountain river kayaking or go on a dance concert "Fire of Anatolia".

Even for the youngest campers there are special excursions, including horseback riding, visiting the zoo or a dolphin show.

youth in the evening can reach the most famous discotheques in Kemer - "Aura" and "Inferno."Every week there are the famous Russian singers, singers and show-Men.

For shopping is better to go to Antalya, there are plenty of shopping centers, parks and entertainment venues.Traditionally, Turkey decided to buy jewelry, leather jackets, fur coats, sheepskin coats and textiles.Make purchases better in the velvet season, when stores are set maximum discounts.

Family Holidays

Almost all resorts in Turkey are suitable for a holiday with the kids, not the exception, and Kemer.Belpoint Beach Hotel family orientated.The restaurants have high chairs for babies in the rooms for an additional fee you can put a cot.The menu at the restaurant features a variety of dishes.So do not be difficult to find the right food for your baby.

Older children may remain in the children's club without parental care.At this time, moms and dads can attend the procedure of massage or simply relax without children.The pool has a shallow area especially for young guests.

addition, he sea air and a pleasant climate helps restore health and strengthen the immune system of the child.But when buying a round you must choose the right dates for the trip.In mid-summer may be too hot, so before the trip should consult a doctor.

Traveler Reviews

For those who want to save money on hotel and spend the money on shopping or sightseeing, suitable Belpoint Beach Hotel.Reviews of him are both positive and negative.

hotel staff is very friendly, especially praised workers hammam.Tourists recommend the hotel for those who want to spend time on trips and at sea, stay in the room at a minimum.The guests noted that in high season, when the hotel is full, the restaurant is going to a lot of people, it is difficult to find a free table.

rooms are small and cozy, but the furniture and bathroom - the most simple.Replacement of towels on a regular basis, but housekeeping at the hotel leaves much to be desired.

Area, the number of services, prices and other factors affect the travelers when they are choosing a hotel.Kemer, 3-star hotel, a similar "Belpoint Beach" to attract tourists who are on holiday in Turkey for the first time, or those who prefer an economy options.

Prices for holidays

price of hotel accommodation depends on the season, demand and hotel occupancy.At the beginning of the season, when people are a little more, the price is set is the lowest.But the May holidays, when many tourists from Russia in a hurry to go to Turkey bask in the sun, prices are rising.Thus, the cost of a standard room for two at the beginning of the season can be about 24 230 rubles.But in the days of May it increased to 29 120 rubles.While in August or July, the permit can already cost 36,400 rubles, but the burning round the hotel you can relax together for 24 750 rubles.

People visited Belpoint Beach Hotel, are advised to bring or purchase on-site rubber slippers to go to sea.Do not count on a strong and steady signal Wi-Fi, work better to solve all questions before or after the holiday.In general, from this hotel you should not expect anything extraordinary.This is a good but basic hotel for the budget traveler.