Apartments in Europe.

Currently, tourism is developing at a faster pace, and various trends and often surprising.For example, in Europe the last few years actively popularized accommodation in apartments, instead of the usual hotel.And Europeans are quite right, the benefits are obvious!This type of accommodation is suitable for almost all travelers, whether a family with children or a large group of friends or a couple who wish to hide from prying eyes and disappear in a strange city.

gained great popularity in European apartment resort coast of Greece, Spain and Italy, where prices for hotels reach fabulous money.But gradually and tourist town in the central part of Europe adopted the experience, and now in cities such as Rome, Vienna, Paris, Prague, you can easily find a nice apartment for the price, in a nearby hotel, but get a number of advantages and comfort!Now, first things first.

But what these same apartment?They are the apartments (at least - small houses, villas, family homes, some of which is occupied by th

e owner, and another part offered to tourists (with a separate entrance). Apart rented to tourists from different countries for a long and not very much time. In this case,it is important to understand that the apartments and apart-hotels - a somewhat different type of accommodation. The latter, as a rule, are located in hotels or operate on their own, but in type and range of services similar to hotels. The essential difference Aparthotel from normal: the number ofrooms in the room and the presence of food.

Condition apartments very similar to the "home": they have everything you need for living, kitchen, appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, "microwave", air conditioning, TV, Internet).Moreover, in tropical countries in the apartment can often be found swimming pools, parking, balconies and terraces.

Why planning your vacation, it is necessary to give preference to the apartment?Pros apartments

  1. As a rule, they shall be a private person, the landlord or the person who is responsible for the property.It places detailed information about an object on various websites to deliver the apartments.Recently, the apartment appears very large number, and every owner wants to stand out, turning your home into a haven for tourists original.For example, "home library" fully book-lined apartment for fans to read over a cup of tea, etc.Of course, before you book you can ask questions to the owner, and only then make your choice.
  2. second major difference from standard suites rooms at the hotel - it is the size and availability of accessories for comfort.Again, apartments - is usually 2 or 3 bedroom apartment area from 40 m2, with a few beds, a sofa and other furniture.And most importantly - the kitchen!Yes, fitted kitchen with large fridge, oven, dishwasher, microwave, etc.Terms closer to home.What could be better for families with young kids?
  3. Catering.Perhaps not everyone will choose to vacation to tinker in the kitchen and think about what to cook.But if you look at it from the other side, it's a great way to get acquainted with the culture of the country, go on special stock markets and shops, chat with local tourists.In the morning to prepare a quality breakfast and freshly brewed coffee, not to choke with hospitality monotonous breakfast.Well, day or night there is a perfect occasion to become better acquainted with the national cuisine of the country to enjoy the evenings in local restaurants, bars and pubs.Also, the organization of their own food suitable for young mothers or people with diabetes.
  4. And, of course, the advantages of the apartments will appreciate the pet lovers, namely those who can not imagine their journey without their pets.Hotels are very reluctant to allow the placement of animals, but the owners of apartments - absolutely do not mind.

Selection and apartment rental

Perhaps the most time-consuming and it takes time to do.Book a room in a normal hotel much easier and familiar, besides the number and range of far more than the apartments.So if you want to pick up and comfortable apartment, for example, in the Old Town of Prague, it is worth to take care of the problem in advance.But this hospitable owners of apartments provided!

Many companies are engaged in it seriously, offering all the efforts to shift to them.Ieyou are asked to leave the selection of the apartments according to your requirements: the date of stay, size of the apartment, number of rooms and beds, the presence of a balcony or terrace, pedestrian access to the attractions of the city, etc.During the day, you get some of the best options to choose from.You may ask: "What about the visa?"Here everything has been decided.Letting apartments equates to hotel services, so the owner of the apartment, of course, if it conducts its business legally and paying taxes, can issue a booking confirmation for the embassy.For a tourist visa will be sufficient.

On your arrival, meeting and handing over the keys.Very often, as a bonus for booking of apartments, the landlord will offer a shuttle service from the airport or station at the lowest price, and perhaps he will meet you for free.Then he tells all and settled in an apartment.

Thus, accommodation in apartments - cozy and at the same time a private vacation.A charming apartment owner or the company they try to surrender to ensure that your holiday was as you wish.Europeans have benefited from rest in the apartment, and you?