British Columbia.

fantastic combination of rocky ocean coast, flowering vine valleys, centuries-old forests, clear lakes and rivers, the mighty mountains and roaring waterfalls ... This is Canada's western outskirts, reserved area of ​​untouched, pristine world - British Columbia.


Indigenous people in the district lived long before the colonization of North America, more than 11 500 years ago.

study of these lands by Europeans began with the expedition of James Cook in 1778, and in 1792 was continued by his successor George Vancouver, in whose honor was named the largest island of the county and the largest metropolis of the Dominion.From this period in these areas, called Novokaledoniey, it was established a British protectorate, who had any formal organization.Administrative functions performed by Hudson's Bay Company department, exclusively traded in the region fur.

Over time, the land was divided: to the United States, several states have joined the southern edge of the Columbia Basin, the British as

part of the territory under the same name assigned to the district of the Queen Victoria, in 1871 became part of the Canadian Confederation.Dominion experienced a real boom during the "gold rush", the construction of the transnational railway and the subsequent mass migration to these lands during the wars and revolutions of Asian and European populations.Since then, the region is steadily growing and developing.In terms of population it is the third largest in the country.

City British Columbia

largest city of the province, and the second on the west coast - Vancouver.It is a conglomerate of 20 suburbs and has a total of 2.3 million people.The rapid growth began with the construction of the center of the country to Vancouver transnational railway and port development.Repeatedly metropolis became "The best city in the world."Built in the estuary.Fraser on the opposite shores of the Gulf Barrard.Therefore, the set of bridges connect the city together.Mountain ranges surround it on all sides.In 2010, it took place in Vancouver Winter Olympics, so as ski resorts in the city, you can be sure.Unlike the colonial capital of British Columbia - Victoria, in a multiethnic and multicultural Vancouver, where in addition to people from England, the big Chinese and Japanese diaspora.In addition, it is a major center of scientific and research work.There is Simon Fraser University, which is considered the leading university in Canada, and the University of British Columbia - one of the thirty best in the world.

Capital District - Victoria is located in the southern part of Vancouver Island and is the second largest metropolis of the province.The town itself is small - 80 000 people, but includes another 12 municipalities in the neighborhood, and in general, the population it is 345 thousand inhabitants.It is believed the spirit of "the most British" in Canada, as most of its inhabitants - British pensioners.British Traditions are everywhere: in the double-decker bus, typical of London's shops, pubs and cafes with a mandatory five-hour tea.

In these two cities, home to about 60% of the county's population, more than a hundred thousand people - urban and Sekina also Abbotsford.

University of British Columbia in Vancouver

It has about 57,000 students from both Canada and 149 countries around the world.It has one of the best scientific, laboratory and research bases.In addition, the university has its own Museum of Anthropology, instructional clinics, arts center and concert hall.Special pride - the library, the foundation of which is the second in Canada.The university employs more than 9,000 teachers have even Nobel laureates.He is considered one of the fastest growing universities in the world with excellent efficiency of scientific work.

Edge set of vertices

The largest mountain system (Rocky Mountains) District of British Columbia is in the center of the whole region and stretches along the north-south.Much of the mountain is occupied by national forests and parks.Hiking, snowboarding, skiing, fishing and hunting, and of course, hiking - all this thanks to fans of fresh air and extreme sports Rockies seem a paradise.

highest peak (4671 m above sea level) in the province is located in the northwestern part of the region - St. Elias Mountains, and it is called Mount Fairweather.This coastal apex stands 20 km from the Pacific Ocean and well visible from the sea clear day.For which he was named by James Cook in 1778. Fairweather Mountain - Mount of good weather.

Coast and the Pacific Coast Ranges are separated from the mainland.Also, crucially, they partake of the nature of these regions.Many mountain ranges smaller scale, highlands and plateaus sheltering the entire territory of British Columbia, creating in its gorges and valleys of a network of full-flowing mountain rivers and lakes.

vital source

31 lake and river 32 seats on its territory British Columbia - a fairytale land of water.Almost all the rivers and lakes are found salmon and trout.Home gidroarteriya province - Fraser.This deep river begins in the Rocky Mountains and flowing through the plateau and the canyon of the same name, takes in many tributaries, while increasing the shores slopes up to a height of 100 m and greatly accelerated.It empties into the Pacific Ocean, where the delta's largest city built by the county and the largest port in the west coast of North America - Vancouver.

in the Rocky Mountains in the Valley is the source of thousands of peaks of the mountain river called Columbia.40% of the proceeds on the territory of Canada.Powerful currents and a large slope of the river have their specificity:

  • Pool Columbia subjected to constant flooding and flooding.
  • To protect against these natural disasters on the river built several dams.
  • "temper" the river using hydropower.
  • This is a major shipping canal.

Near Pacific

In the West Province ends on the coast and further north on the border with the US state of Alaska.All Pomerania comfortable indented bays and fjords, leaving tens of kilometers inland.There are scattered thousands of islands.The largest of these are Vancouver and gray ridge of the Queen Charlotte Islands.Many tourists gather to admire one of the most exciting places in the world - the Coastal Range of British Columbia coast district.Picture the most picturesque corners of the Riviera dazzling.

weather on coastal areas affected by the warm Kuroshio Current, making it soft and rainy.The favorable climate grow wild taiga forests, covering the coast.

Mainland District

the north and east of the province adjacent to the Canadian District (Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alberta), and in the southern part of the borders with the United States.

Massif Coast Ranges covers admission to the mainland coast of moist air masses from the Pacific Ocean.Therefore, further from the sea in the central part of the county are the arid plateaus and desert.

pleasant, mild and warm climate was formed in the valleys of the Fraser and Okanagan, which produces fine Canadian wine and cider.

in northern British Columbia is dominated by cold and poorly populated mountain areas.And only in the northeastern part of going down into the valley below, pleasing to the eye prairie.

miraculous jewel of Canada

priceless feature of the province is the fact that 95% of its land - natural landscapes, and only 5% - croplands.Three-quarters of the region is covered by mountains and hills over 1000 meters, and 60% - forests.There remained pristine and unique natural environment with the natural habitats of rare animals, birds and fish.That is why the eighth of the entire territory occupied by the British Columbia - this reserves and protected natural areas.They include 14 national parks (including Yoho, Mount Revelstoke, Glacier, Kootenay, and others) and about 430 provincial and regional.

Here you will find unique places and landscapes:

  • Sandy Desert.
  • steep canyons.
  • Misty waterfalls.
  • Severe volcanoes.
  • Hot healing springs.
  • Fairy Caves.
  • glittering glaciers.
  • Stunning rivers and lakes.
  • incredible northern and southern islands bright.
  • picturesque bays and coves.

special place

fans of unusual holiday and vivid impressions in the province of British Columbia can visit:

  • Bear Ranch.
  • Museum of salmon.
  • Reservation indigenous peoples.
  • Botanical Garden, Glendale, Butterfly Garden, and exotic animals in Victoria.
  • Park birds of prey.
  • cathedral grove of ancient fir (aged up to 800 years, up to 75 m with a trunk diameter up to 9 m).
  • diving, ski resorts, travel and canoeing, fishing, and so on. D.
  • in March off the coast of Vancouver Island, you can see schools of whales.
  • can visit on the farm breeding caribou (reindeer).
  • Helicopter and ferry rides.
  • Vintage railways.
  • Travel times "gold rush."
  • Ghost Town Three Valley Gap.
  • Powerful Dam and lighthouses.
  • Historical preserves.

So if you ever want to see almost everything that is rich in nature, and feel the flavor of North America visit such a wonderful place as the British Columbia (Canada).