Magnitogorsk Waterpark "Waterfall Wonderland": photos and reviews

Not so long ago this place was the usual average pool, vividly recalls the Soviet past of the country.It was not long since the beginning of repair work, and grew up-the-art water park in Magnitogorsk.Competitors it is not and can not be, because it is the only water-entertainment center throughout the South Urals.

History of

Waterpark was born in Magnitogorsk in the projects of its inventors more than 10 years ago.Its implementation was attended by many foreign experts, who have already had extensive experience in such construction.Russian architects and builders also played in the birth of this giant role.As a result, the light appeared this wonderful complex.Magnitogorsk Water Park is designed specifically to provide affordable health and entertainment services.Moreover, their range is incredibly high, here find their classes, and adults and children.You can visit the complex disabilities.

What opportunities does this entertainment complex

Imagine that you live in the tropics, not the capric

ious climate of the Southern Urals.You can afford to swim in the sea almost every day while enjoying the warm water and gentle sunshine.Great, right?Magnitogorsk Water Park makes this dream a reality.Regardless of the vagaries of nature and the time of year you can enjoy a beach holiday, with no need to spend time and money for the trip out of town.Entertainment complex is significantly different from the dull shore of the river.Here you can experience the excitement and thrill, improve health and to pass useful procedure.Equipped playgrounds and gyms will help to improve their athletic performance.Thus, the water park "Wonderland Waterfall" (Magnitogorsk) - a place where you always waiting for a favorable climate, friendly staff and peace of mind.


them here you will be offered a great variety, so plan immediately hike the whole day.A full Saturday or Sunday rest will give a good mood and give courage to the whole week.Waterpark "Waterfall Wonderland" (Magnitogorsk) meets all the expectations of fans of water.It is located in an area of ​​2.2 hectares and is equipped with the most modern equipment, which monitors the temperature, comfortable climatic conditions and cleanliness of water in pools.If you do not go to the river in the summer because of the composition of the water going through and the health of children, here the problem is absent.

most important thing here - this, of course, a water park.In order to splash in the waves, and people come here.On the vast territory it fits everything you need for a comfortable stay.This seven different pools, five rides and 4 water slides.Thrill seekers can tickle your nerves and fast ride, and adherents relaxing holiday relaxing in the pool with traveling waves.

At any time, tourists find this extraordinarily beautiful water park.Magnitogorsk photos which often show a cold, inhospitable city like no other in need of such centers.The design of the water park has been carefully thought out and proved to be could not be more appropriate.On the territory of planted 30 rose bushes, which give a special charm.But the real gem is the cedars, they planted among the beautiful stacked stone blocks that mimic the natural, natural landscape.Everywhere you look, all well maintained, nice and ennobled.

Waterpark Magnitogorsk has another remarkable decoration.It is an artificial pond with waterfall, lighting and live fish.There are released unpretentious carp, which are very organically here.Tired of entertainment, visitors can sit around this pond, watching the unhurried flow of life in it.

Water Area

"Waterpark Wonderland" in Magnitogorsk - is not just an entertainment center, and a huge water-sports complex, which provides a variety of services.It is the only institution in the South Urals, which corresponds to the European level.Slides water park designed for fans of extreme sports and more.The complex consists of three rides roller coaster, which are named by color.The highest - blue - has a height of about 9 meters and a length of more than 62 meters.High speed and extreme turns are able to provide unforgettable impressions.A little lower and shorter than the green hill and orange suitable even for children, it does not exceed two meters.

extreme here specially for a slide "Kamikaze".It's very high, about 27 meters, and cool.The descent will take place almost vertically, so get ready to experience the most amazing feeling.Another slide is called a "black hole", its length is 62 meters, it passes virtually the entire water park.Its essential difference is the huge number of turns, while the descent takes place in total darkness.In some areas there are phosphorescent figures that suddenly fly out at you from the darkness.


They are indicated on the plate the water park, but we recall again.On the rides are not allowed persons who are intoxicated.Children and pregnant women are to ride only with small, gentle hills.If you have a serious disease of the cardiovascular system, such stress can be harmful.

water park staff is continuously monitored indicators of devices.The optimum temperature is maintained at around 30 degrees, the water in the pools is not less than 28.Humidity is not more than 56%.

Health & Fitness

The composition of the water park has seven pools.One of them - sports, it is divided into tracks and in length up to 25 meters.It often hosts national teams training and preliminary competition.There is a swimming pool for relaxation, it is equipped with a submarine and surface massage, which is very good effect on blood circulation.Spa pool is equipped with a heating system and closed-loop water treatment.For the rest there are 6 sunbeds and 24 aero-massage whirlpool jets.The area of ​​this miracle - 72 m2.Entertainment pool is used for the descent from the hills.Relax and unwind will Jacuzzi, two are equipped with warm baths with the effect of a traveling wave.Massage pool with the effect of the sea is equipped with waterfalls and aero-massage plateau.

around the pool broken recreation areas.You will be able to rest to the new forces to go towards the next adventure.

here expanse for sauna lovers.At any time, you can visit the set of the Finnish pair, which is supported by dry steam at a temperature of 90 degrees.After such bliss can cool off in a flow pool, hot tub, or font of ice water.It should be noted that the complex was originally designed as a water park available.City Magnitogorsk to create equal conditions for all segments of the population, the pricing policy is designed so that afford to rest and recuperate everyone can.

Children's Town Water Park

pool "Dolphin" consists of three bathrooms and can simultaneously accommodate up to 60 children.There are excellent conditions for kids: underfloor heating, the temperature is not lower than 32 degrees and lots of inflatable toys.This facilitates the rapid development of swimming skills.On the basis of this complex work of the "Mother and Child" for babies from 4 months.Instructors spend quenching and learn to swim.Of particular importance are those classes for children with disabilities or young patients with impaired posture.There also have slides and rides, which are much smaller than adults, but still very interesting.

Children's area is often the venue for fun water discos and noisy competitions, where you can celebrate the birthday of the child, he will remember for a long time such a celebration.Sports section work here under a separate schedule, and just relax with your baby, you can at any time.

Cafes and restaurants

Water Activities promote rapid burning of calories, which means you will soon want to have.There is not a problem, because in the water park operates three restaurants at once.Japanese restaurant "Kyoto" and the Italian "Laguna" will offer you delicious meals colorful cuisine.If you want a light snack in the spirit of Russian cuisine, then welcome to the cozy eatery "Pancake."It offers dozens of pancakes with various fillings, as well as a variety of drinks.You just do not want to go if you visit this wonderful water park (Magnitogorsk).Comments about it are very good, all the tourists were a bit surprised by the low prices and the highest level of service.


If you are in town for a few days, then welcome to the hotel "Laguna".It is located in the water park.You can stay in one of 57 comfortable rooms.It is noteworthy that the use of the gym and a water park, you can absolutely free.A very good reason to choose this hotel, because once you're done business in the city, you can relax.

cost of holidays

have already mentioned about the availability of local prices, now it's time to talk about this in more detail.In the water park there are different rates, each of which has certain advantages.

  • Tariff "Good morning" is valid from 6 am to 10 am, one hour costs 250 rubles.
  • «Akvaden 2" - two hours any time for 400 rubles.
  • «Akvaden 3" - a 3 hour stay + meals at any time, the cost of 450 rubles.
  • «All Inclusive" - ​​550 rubles without time limit.
  • are a variety of children's rates (under 12 years).For two hours - 300 rubles for three - 350, without limitation - 450.

addition, there are group rates, discounts for disabled, coupons and promotions.Conditions change periodically, so you need to call beforehand and learn.


In general, all the reviews are positive.People like comfort holiday, courtesy of staff, a large selection of entertainment for a reasonable fee.Overshadow them a few tragedies have occurred here.Two children were killed with a small gap of time.The boy drowned inadvertently instructors, and the girl received a head injury when she fell off a grown man.Is there a fault of the center, find out the special services, and many wondered "whether the water park in Magnitogorsk."After the serious tests it open again and I am glad to new guests.Now more attention is paid to the safety of children.

Contact Information

Magnitogorsk Water Park Address: Str.Naberezhnaya, d. 9. You are waiting for Monday to Friday from 6 am to 23 pm.On weekends, working day begins at 12:00.Waterpark is located in the central part of the city, which greatly facilitates its visit.You can reach it by bus, traveling on Lenin Avenue.The road does not take more than 15 minutes.