El Gouna: reviews of vacation and hotels

El Gouna - this Egyptian resort on the Red Sea.The city is located about twenty kilometers north of Hurghada airport.Among the tourists it is more known as the "Venice of Egypt."Being relatively young, he swam majestically out of the desert sands, located between the turquoise waters of the sea and the purple peaks ridge Itbay.

Beach Resort El Gouna is located on the islands, between which flow channels with seawater.This explains its unusual second name.Few people, even from those who have been here many times, know that the resort is owned by local tycoon Samih Sawiris, who liked the European Venice.As is characteristic of many Eastern millionaires, he decided to create a similar tale in his homeland.

El Gouna is not only loved by the average tourist.Here rest many celebrities, including many musicians and artists.This is not surprising, because this place is very different from other Egyptian resorts.

For tourists

can get to the resort Hurghada through transit.In the city also has its own a

irport, but it serves only domestic flights.

general, El Gouna is designed on the principle of mini-states, is completely isolated from the outside world.This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of those who come here to relax and forget about everything.The town has two marinas, which are approaching the yacht, the local newspaper and radio, a modern hospital, works trucks, and even a brewery.And all this is conceived so as not to cause harm to the environment.Interestingly, the title of "most friendly to nature" resort received is El Gouna (Egypt).

4 star hotels in El Gouna

resort town built on a single architectural plan.There are no high buildings, most of them are from one to three floors and almost all designed in warm sand tones.

Hotels El Gouna has a variety of categories.Most of them are on the beach.All of them, as a rule, equipped with its own private beach, where sun beds and umbrellas are free of charge.

rating places to relax that offers El Gouna (hotels), based on the reviews.It is their opinion helps make understanding not only of the quality of service, but in general about the services offered.

best hotel category "Four Stars", judging from the reviews, is The Three Corners Rihana Resort 4 *, as well as the Three Corners Ocean View and Club Med.All of them are fully up to its class.Average rating of the hotel - the above four points.These features are convenient beaches, several two- and three-storey buildings, excellent food.

best place to stay

El Gouna hotels which are very diverse, and the prices, and the class receives each year tens of thousands of people with very different incomes.However, those for whom the main thing is the comfort on holiday, choose to stay in a posh Sheraton Miramar Resort.This five-star hotel, part of a network of similar hotels scattered around the world, is the perfect choice for a comfortable stay.Those who conducted it corporate events, were very pleased with its business center with meeting rooms and conference rooms, which have the most modern audio-visual equipment.

The Sheraton Miramar Resort eight restaurants serving an extensive range of delicacies.Its private beach has a very comfortable marina.Here you can enjoy water sports.Especially enthusiastic vacationers remember windsurfing and snorkeling.Without any competition, and a spa with a health club, which features a steam bath, and sauna.

Another equally popular tourist hotel - Stella Makadi Garden Resort - also has five stars.As the reviews, resting there like everything: the rooms and the sea, and animation.Separately mentioned food, there are many meat dishes and vegetables.Six swimming pools completely satisfy even the most demanding tourists.

El Gouna: reviews

territory of the resort - thirty-six thousand square kilometers.El Gouna - a beautiful city, but at the same time expensive.It can be categorized as VIP.Coming from Russia there is little rest, basically you can meet Europeans.As artificial channels float fun boats, everywhere so clean, that sometimes can not believe that you are in Egypt.

Hotels in El Gouna is not very much, but they all have a well-developed infrastructure.Around the shores of the resort built luxury villas are designed in the same architectural style.They say that they have designed and built the best architects from France and England.The villas are rented, but are very expensive, so only available to the rich and famous.

Generally, the amusement in El Gouna are many tennis courts, golf courses, restaurants, discos.For those who are invited scuba diving as well as exciting excursions.

Many people come to El Gouna to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature.Often arrive here from Hurghada to relax in the soothing atmosphere of this wonderful resort.Especially a lot of rave reviews about the colors of the sea.Many say that nowhere else seen such an unnaturally beautiful turquoise water.


Those who travels frequently to the Egyptian resorts in one voice say that once rested in El Gouna, not only regretted it, and come back here at every opportunity.According to them, the best place for a beach holiday there.Especially resort attracts divers.At the coast a lot of wrecks.They say that this place is one of the world's largest water bodies, where you can see a lot of underwater wonder.

However, some complain that the pleasure of immersion in the depths of the sea are expensive, so come here each year can afford not everyone.

Those for whom diving is not an end in itself, can relax, stroll through the city center.There are many large shopping centers, so affordable you can buy souvenirs.In addition, numerous restaurants and bars you can eat, paying for a meal only fifteen dollars.

Especially a lot of negative reviews about the taxi drivers.Experienced travelers warn newcomers that need to be careful not to pay a lot for a little distance in advance is better to agree on the amount of the fare, even in such a small town as El Gouna.

Kaluga, Pskov, Novossibirsk - any Russian travel agencies in the city, you can buy tickets to this holiday paradise.Reservations can be and on the Internet.