Rules of entry into Turkey for Russians.

new rules of entry to Turkey for the Russians, published by the Turkish side in April 2014 almost caused the collapse of the May holiday to many of our fellow citizens.The fact that the Turkish authorities have adopted a law that enter the territory of the country may be only the Russians, whose passport will be valid for a further four months from the date of entry.Previously, it allowed to stay in Turkey, if before the end of the period of validity of the passport was three months.In practice, at all these rules turned a blind eye.Many Russians bought travel packages long before the announcement of the new law, and their vacation turned out to be in jeopardy.In this regard, the PCT made an official appeal to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Culture of Turkey and Ambassador of the State in the Russian Federation.Appeal reviewed and postponed the entry into force of the new law at the end of 2014.So now the rules of entry to Turkey are the same.Read more about them read the article.

I need a visa?

to stay in the country for up to sixty days (inclusive) of Russian citizens do not require a visa.This is true since May 2013.Re-crossing the border, you can extend your stay in the Turkish state for another sixty days, because when re-entering the new term opens.The number of such crossings are not limited, but the rules of entry to Turkey states that the amount can not be in the country for more than 90 days during the 180-day period.Only this time, the visa-free entry, which means that on arrival in Turkey at any border control point (at the airport or other place of crossing the border) to affix a passport stamp on the entry / exit.

Rules of entry of minors to Turkey

In accordance with Russian legislation, when leaving a child under eighteen years abroad, accompanied by one of the parents must also have permission to travel from the second parent.If the child is traveling with guide, you must have permission from both parents.Where to get this document?His draw up a notary, while in the permit must contain the following information: passport data allowing the person details of the person who accompanies the child, the degree of kinship, as well as the name of the country and the length of stay in it.Rules of entry into Turkey for children in organized groups are similar.If you plan to stay for more than three months in the country, agreed to leave, given their parents, must be certified by the place of residence of the minor guardianship authorities in due course.

Do I need a separate passport for children?

avoid hassles at the border, be sure to check the rules of entry to Turkey with a child before you go there.If your daze already fourteen years old, he must have their own passport.A child between the ages of six to fourteen years of age may be entered into the document of his legal representative, if he does not have a separate passport.At the same time there also needs to be glued a photo of the child, certified by a special stamp for foreign documents.Children up to six years in the absence of passports and personal documents fit into the legal representatives.The pasting of photographs is not required, and made a record seal of documents for overseas body that it has carried out.

If you take out the child in Turkey, inscribed in your passport, you are required to leave the country only with him.If the passport control the child with you will not, you will not be allowed to cross the border.If children are left without parents on vacation in the Turkish state, they need to have a separate passport.

What to expect at the border control point?

some special rules for entry to Turkey without visas for Russian tourists missing.But in certain situations, such as when entering cause employees police any suspicion, it is possible that will have to undergo an additional inspection, during which Turkish officials more closely study the route, the purpose of visiting the country, length of stay, as well as sourcesrunning costs in Turkey.To avoid trouble, we recommend that you should have a return ticket, reservation confirmation from the hotel, or address coordinates inviting people (if your trip is private) health insurance.

Violation of

Persons who have violated the rules of entry to Turkey, attracted by the authorities of this country to pay a fine, or limited to the right to enter the territory of the State for some time.So, for example, if you exceed the permitted period of stay in Turkey without a visa for 15 days, you will have to pay a fine amounting to 250 liras, and the event of failure to pay the fine, you will be limited to the right to enter incountry up to 5 years.

Welcome to Turkey!

It should be noted that the visa-free entry into the territory of the State in question is not available to citizens of all countries of the former Soviet Union.Besides the Russians, to come to Turkey without a visa can also be residents of Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Estonia.Poles and Hungarians will have to arrive at the airport to issue a visa stamp in the presence of a tourist voucher or to obtain a visa before traveling.Similar rules have acted earlier to the citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, but thanks to agreements concluded with the Turkish side, you can now easily travel around the country with only one passport.Turkey - is a beautiful country with a long history and rich in traditions, which is certainly worth visiting.Have a nice rest!