Nugush Reservoir recreation and reviews

Nugush Reservoir and the nearby National Park - a favorite vacation spot in Bashkiria.Waters, often referred to as "the sea" or "lake", is surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges.In the vicinity of the mountains, surrounded by forests, amazing natural monuments of the Southern Urals have recreation, camping, camps, and space for individual tourists who prefer to come to Nugush "savages."

Main hydrographic features of the river and reservoir Nugush

Nugush - right tributary of the river.White, a tributary of the Kama River.Translated from the Turkish name of the river means "net flow".The origins are in the territory of the ridge Yurmatau Beloretsk district.The length of the channel to the confluence of the White River is 235 km.Inflows Nugush providing its deepness - Small river Nugush, apricot, and others.

surprising that in an environment of industrial regions to keep this area of ​​untouched nature.Nugush reservoir belongs to the National Natural Park "Bashkiria", limited to 80 km of its terr

itory from the northwest.Upper White are located to the east of the South Ural Reserve, and the average for Nugush falls on the reserve "Shulgan-Tash."

appearance of the reservoir in the area due to the construction of the dam in 1965 and starting in 1967 hydroelectric power.For a dam length of 2.5 km is stored 400 million cubic meters of the purest water.Man-made lake stretches from north-east to south-west, its length - 20 km, width - 5 km.The average depth of the lake is 15.8 m, the maximum reach of 30 m. Nugush HPP regulates the level of the river during the flood, the reservoir is used to supply the population and enterprises of the city Salavat, Ishimbai, Sterlitamak, Meleuz.

Nugush Reservoir: how to get there by car

Nugush path to the reservoir for many travelers begins with a trip to Ufa.Arriving in the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan from European or from the east - from the Chelyabinsk and Magnitogorsk, you need to drive about 250 km to the south - to the side of Sterlitamak and Salavat.These cities better to pass on the bypass road, to quickly get to the Meleuz - the administrative center of the eponymous district.From him will go about 35 km to the northeast to the village Nugush.Those travelers that travel from Orenburg, arrive in Meleuz and from there it is sent to the reservoir.

Nature in the vicinity of the reservoir

National Park "Bashkiria" is located on the territory of three districts of Bashkortostan (Meleuzovsky, Kugarchinskogo and Burzyansky).The area is 823 km2, of which 25 km2 accounts for Nugush reservoir.In this region down the western slopes of the Southern Urals, there is a picturesque area between the river and the White Nugush, towering ridges Bash-Alatau Yamantau and others.

Mountain forests and ponds of the South Urals - important components of the unique natural complex.All its territory is a region of ancient folded with amazing geological history.About 400 million years ago, there stretched a vast paleoocean, which rose volcanic island arcs resembling modern Kuriles.The remains of these islands have been preserved in the area of ​​Magnitogorsk, and the effects of more recent geological processes - sinkholes, caves, rock - can be seen in the vicinity of the reservoir.The mountain ranges and forests provide a reliable natural protection from the cold air masses and winds.

Camping Nugush

reservoir bottom and sometimes the coast of artificial lake dotted with rounded waves of rock dust in different shapes and sizes.In many parts of the coast are built tourist centers, there is a holiday home Fitted with sandy beaches, campsites.Fans of water sports are offered:

  • windsurfing - entertainment, a "hybrid" between sailing and the subjugation of waves on a surfboard;
  • try their hand at kiting - flying on the "kite";
  • shoot the breeze behind a boat on the board for wakeboarding;
  • ride jet skis and boats.

If you're lucky, in the summer on the water surface of the reservoir Nugush you can watch as the participants competing for the championship of Bashkortostan sailing.Various types of entertainment and rental of the necessary equipment to offer recreation Nugush reservoir.Popular with tourists walking along the rivers and man-made lake by boat, rafting, horseback riding and hiking trips on the mountain trails of the Southern Urals and surrounded by wildlife.

Recreation on the shore of the reservoir and in the settlements Meleuzovsky district

good location - one of the main conditions for good rest.On the banks of the reservoir Nugush are about 30 tourist facilities designed for travelers with different incomes.Well-groomed territory of the complex is surrounded by forest and mountains, bordering on all sides Nugush reservoir.

Recreation "Nugush" attracted by the fact that is part of the National Park "Bashkiria".Good conditions for tourist accommodation designed in a cozy building, visitors can stay in a residential trailers "Quadro", designed for two people.Recreation center "Forest Fairy Tale" offers accommodation in a two-story house, "Sun" provides autotourists camp, "Birch" - spacious cottages and wooden houses.Most of the beaches, belongs bases of rest and sanatoria, where there is dining, water sports, sports facilities, rental of boats and catamarans.Chalet "Sail" offers not only the summer, but also winter activities: snowmobile, snowkiting, toboggan, skis and skates.

Reserved places around Nugush

In tourist brochures Nugush reservoir called "Mountain fairy tale", "pearl of Bashkortostan."In these places it is possible to combine a beach holiday with eco-tourism, sports, meet with national cuisine.Many include a program of his visit to the rest of the Bashkir National Park, located almost on the border of South Ural mountain-complexes, and the steppe zone.In the east, adjacent to the park reserve "Shulgan-Tash."Creation of the national park "Bashkiria" in 1986 had several objectives.One of them was the streamlining of the recreational use of the beautiful mountain landscape of the Southern Urals.Fugitive parking tourist routes amateur causes great harm to the vulnerable nature of the Urals.When organized visits easier to provide quality recreation and protection of unique natural monuments.

Tract Kutukov - Landmark Nugush

reservoir in the national park "Bashkiria" Nature has created quite a few places that are visited by tourists.Tract Kutukov bounded by mountain ranges, rivers and Nugush White, located at a distance of 20 km to the east of the village Nuguz.It is the longest cave of the Urals - Kutukov-Sumgait, there are other interesting buildings by the main architect - Nature (karst tunnel, disappearing rivers, karst lake).As a result of karst processes appeared miraculous "bridge Kuperlya."The name of the monument of nature given by the name of the river that disappears into an underground channel.The narrow limestone "bridge" a 30 m long - the rest of it struck the arch eroded cave.Behind him the river forms the waterfalls height of 3 m and 15 m.

Reviews of holiday

Visit Nugush reservoir and the National Park "Bashkiria" - it is a good form of relaxation, surrounded by mountains and forests.Organized water activities, interesting excursions and overland travel by boat, boat.Tourists are particularly attracted by its ecological and aesthetic value Nugush reservoir.Reviews by travelers who have visited the left bank of the tourist bases and right, where the rest "savages", mainly differ in the description of methods of accommodation.The tent can be put in the woods, bring a boat or a boat, leave the car in the parking lot.Many tourists say the large size of the reservoir, appreciate its purity, delighted to be able to fish, ride a boat, jet ski.One of the main boards of those people that have had a rest on the shore of Lake Nugush concerns especially the beaches and seabed.Better to worry about special shoes with a backdrop in which you can go and swim in the reservoir.