Tours Weekend in Moscow

How often do you go on a weekend trip?Occasionally?Often?Or almost never?Do you remember your first time?After all, it could be a prerequisite for all future trips.

Of course, many people, so many opinions.Someone said that if to go on a trip, it is a long time to completely escape from everyday life.And there are those who due to certain life circumstances tries at least a weekend excursion to visit periodically.

Each in his own right.And according to psychologists, the reason for the joy you should try to find as much as possible, travel and, of course, give strength, confidence and energy.

This article will tell its readers that can be found in the capital of the Russian Federation, as well as some of the day trips from Moscow would cost to go first.

Urgency question: is it worth it?

Moscow, being the capital of the vast country, is the pride of the citizens of Russia.There is nothing surprising in the fact that from the point of view of Moscow More tourist and rich variety of entertainment

.It really has everything you could wish for the traveler: the trip around the Golden Island for the water and going to the studio Bulgakov, and famous, amazing in its scope, fountains, and excursions to Mosfilm.

And in his spare time you can visit ancient temples, museums, exhibitions of paintings and photographs, and in the cold season is also a skating rink.The most popular has for several years enjoyed teplokhodnye and weekend excursions.

Where to go in the first place, because the choice is really huge?Here are a few, in our opinion, the most successful examples.

most beautiful parks in Moscow

Seasoned travelers say that all the famous destinations in Moscow may be suitable for implementing one or several purposes.Why is that?The fact that Moscow is very diverse, and that is its charm.For example, bus tours of the day is not always suitable for young families with small children, and elderly travelers are not thrilled with the long sitting in an upright position.How to be in this case?Why not go to one of the parks in the capital, because they have long had a reputation as the most beautiful holiday destinations in Moscow.

Some of them have the opportunity to relax and take a break from everyday work, while others may be good to have fun with your friends, and in some cases maybe even go to a concert or take part in sports activities.

On the basis of average data managed to compile a list of parks, the most suitable for weekend excursions.Moscow may actually proud of the following recreation areas:

  1. Sokolniki Park is the largest in the city.He is very fond of both native Muscovites and tourists looked into the capital.This green area is mainly devoted to landscape architecture.There has been over 135 years can be gleaned valuable information about the local flora and fauna of the region.Weekend Excursion (1 day) exactly remember.It should be noted superb infrastructure of natural zones: library, pop, large set of diverse attractions, rosaries, cafes and restaurants, a billiards room - all this brought to the attention of others.The Sokolniki You can also visit the Museum of ice, an exhibition of sand sculptures and calligraphy Museum.
  2. Sparrow Hills - is artificially greened, located on the river banks array impresses with its size.Park on the Sparrow Hills, among other things, is also a sports facility.There is a trampoline and an observation deck.Travel is carried out on the mountain lifts.Panoramic view from Sparrow Hills, impress even seasoned travelers: Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow River, St. Andrew and the Novodevichy Convent, skyscrapers and more can be seen at a glance.
  3. for weekend excursions is the best fit Old Arbat, known and beloved heart of Moscow.One of the oldest streets of the capital appeared in XIV-XV centuries.It was situated between the Arbat and Smolenskaya Square.On this street there are many worthy attractions.Where in the past there was manor AM Golitsyn, it is now at the Vakhtangov Theater.Next to it is a fountain called "Princess Turandot".It was erected in honor of the 850th anniversary of Moscow.

Where summer walk in the fresh air?

summer, when the sun was hot, especially well you can spend time in the cool river.

  1. Patriarch's Ponds, which were mentioned in Bulgakov's novel "Master and Margarita" is the best suited for weekend excursions.Today, here come not only many nature lovers, but also fans of the famous writers and poets, t. To. At various times there have been Pushkin, Karamzin, Gogol, Tsvetaeva.
  2. Catherine pond located in the same park.However, you should pay attention to the fact that swimming and fishing are prohibited.But here even without this have something to do.For example, you can sit back and relax on a bench by the pond, swim or boat on a catamaran, feed the ducks.There is a scene where various dancing evenings.
  3. Big city pond is located in Victory Park in Zelenograd.Its length is one and a half kilometers.There are sports facilities, a cafe, a grassy beach, playground for children and even a medical center.

Where to go in winter

course, winter entertainment in Moscow a little less than in the summer, but that's no reason to be upset.Even in such cold weather, too, there are exciting activities.

only one set of rollers works: outdoor and indoor, large and small, quiet and noisy.Walk with cheerful company or you can assign a romantic date on a skating rink.There will be experienced skaters show off their skills and beginners paired with a teacher.Bored in such places just do not have."Telltales", "tag", "trickle", "train" - just some of the entertainment group at the rink.

But that's not all.In the garden "Hermitage" has two rollers, one of which with natural grass, the other - with an artificial one.The first is located on 7000 square meters, so that will be dispersed where even the most desperate fans of speed.The ice lies along the paths and lanes.For those who overcome the fatigue, there are also antique shops for cozy streetlights.

But at the rink with artificial turf can be rolled even when the thermometer rises above zero.Besides skating rinks in the garden "Hermitage" cafés, and field hockey.

famous skating rink on Red Square, which is known, is in the heart of Moscow, opened a year with the beginning of the winter season.The area of ​​the rink is 3000 square meters.It holds for a session of about 500 people.

And if we do not go to the Bolshoi Theater?

Regardless of whether tourists come in summer or winter, each of them can go on a tour of the Bolshoi Theatre, which, incidentally, has finally reopened after a long restoration.Excursions weekend day or calculated for a few days, it's hard to imagine without this amazing place.

Not everyone knows that the Theatre Square was founded in 1812.At one time, the area was closed for pedestrians, it is often flooded underground Neglinka.

By the way, since that time has remained "watering" fountain, admire the beauty and elegance which can be infinite.

at Theater Square are located several theaters at once.To learn more about their history and fate can be, having been on the tour, which will also provide an opportunity to assess the result of the reconstruction of the Bolshoi Theatre, which lasted 6 years.

Golden Island - an amazing adventure

on a day in summer you can go on a little trip along the embankments of Moscow.Tour route passes through the central part of the city, around about.Baltschug.Boasting the most incredible views of the Novospassky Monastery, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Monument to Peter the Great, and of course, the Kremlin.This gives the opportunity to fully experience all the romance of the summer capital.

During the tour you can get an answer to the question of what the "Baltschug" and why this word is in the title of the oldest streets in Moscow, learn the whole story of the merchant and suburban lifestyle, and where the name of embankments Vodootvodny channel.

this wonderful world of cinema

Tours Weekend in Moscow is difficult to imagine without a visit to the film studio "Mosfilm", which organizes a fascinating insight for travelers who dream to visit the other side of the blue screen.It should be noted that the Mosfilm - the largest film studio in Europe, no wonder it is called the Russian Hollywood.

halls of the studio have seen many Russian actors and directors.Visiting the Museum "Mosfilm", you can get the pleasure of viewing how the interiors and costumes from favorite movies.

way, not everyone knows that only here you can see a unique collection of vintage cars.It is hard to imagine that any single instance has no flaws and is still in use when shooting the next film masterpieces.

Assumption Vrazhek

here, walking through the alleys between Tverskaya and Nikitskaya can afford to feel the real creative atmosphere.

All these places are still loved by composers and poets, directors and actors, artists and musicians, and some even chose this place for their homes.Today, plaques on buildings great set.

During the three-hour tour, the tourists will see where their books sold at a loss Esenin and where are successfully reaping the fruits of their creativity extravagant Nikas Safronov.And that's just a few examples.

Weekend Excursions from Moscow factory pastes

trip to the factory - the sweet for both children and adults.You can not only look at the process of making a favorite delicacy, but also to take an active part in the creation of their own pastes using technology of the XIX century.

addition, the factory has its own farm, garden, yard, barn and loft-room.

a visit to the mini-horse

miniature horse - this is not a pony, as many believe, a specially bred species of ornamental horses, which can be kept in the home or at the cottage with a small plot.During the tour there is a possibility to get acquainted with these lovely horses - a ride on them, and at the end of the trip and even a cup of tea with donuts and cookies.