Palace Museum Kuskovo.

Muscovites and visitors are in awe Kuskovskaya forested area, which has kept the spirit of mystery and grandeur to our time.Over the long history of the park has not lost the original beauty and has become even more attractive.Russia is a natural treasure in the south-east of Moscow, near the Ryazan Avenue.

on its territory can pass freely at any time of the year to quietly wander through the wooded trails and enjoy the blooming garden, watch the yellowing foliage of tree crowns, breathe clean air and to protect itself from the bustling metropolis.Kuskovsky Park - is one of the best creations of humanity on Earth.Let's feasible on a small tour of his surroundings.


Parks officially belongs to the architectural landscape of the city and park facilities since 1979. Its area is more than 300 hectares.It is divided into several sections: Kuskovo estate of the 18th century and the actual park, where grow tropical plants.

pride while attraction is the residence of the family Sheremetyev

o (Kuskovo estate).Count received this land from his father, and so talked about him - "piece", hence the name of the estate.From that era is well preserved architectural complex with numerous sculptures, stone statues of lions, the Roman gods and heroes, as well as the well-kept lawns and wonderful pond.

the manor operates temple Merciful Saviour.Near the bell tower erected spiky building, reminiscent of Peter and Paul Fortress with an angel on the roof.It attracts the viewer's attention baroque palace, decorated with intriguing monogram.Next to him was erected a small Dutch house, admired interiors.

Cognitive information

Kuskovsky Park is a flat plain area.His lively nature reserve pond adds that separates the green areas and the residence of Count Sheremetyev.Ennobled territory benches, paved paths, well-groomed alleys with flowering shrubs.

is diverse and rich fauna of the park.It is mostly found mixed with maple and birch, pine, linden, aspen, larch and cherry Maak.Also grow on this earth linden and oak rocks with different herbs.Dominated on countryside dandelion, pickerel, avens urban Ajuga reptans and the buttercup gold.

Because native plants can be found hazel, viburnum, raspberry bushes and small trees rowan.Because atypical for this region flora can be noted brambles, yarrow, cotoneaster brilliant, snowberry white, Berberis thunbergii and hawthorn.Also Kuskovsky park abounds with pine trees such as Thuja occidentalis, Siberian larch and spruce barbed.

addition to unique flora, fauna of the area is occupied by: squirrels, ducks, frogs, small birds, owls and woodpeckers.People flock here to ride horses and ponies (on weekends for a fee), and there are many bicycle paths.Bicycle rental in the park Kuskovskaya and anyone can rent a vehicle and to carry out a walk in the natural garden plot.In winter you can ski and sled, build snowmen and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Palace Kuskovo Estate (Kuskovsky Park): how to get to the destination?

your own car you need to move on the Moscow Ring Road, the street Youth, park the car near the entrance of the Palace.

public transportation: we reach the metro station "Ryazan ave.," Take a bus - №№ 133, 208. Get off at the "Museum of Kuskovo."All drivers know this place.

Hours and Admission Fees

During the summer (April-October), the residence welcomes guests from 10 am to 18 pm.In winter - from 10 to 16. Weekend - Monday, Tuesday.Free Kuskovsky park is open once a month - the third Sunday of (the decree of the Department of Culture).On other days, an integrated ticket costs at least 300 rubles.