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Kaliningrad region, separated from the country - a very strange place.For residents of large Russian coming to this earth is ambivalent: on the one hand, you're at home, and on the other - abroad.For trips in the most western Russian region there are many reasons, one of them - the rest.After all, from the Kaliningrad region has direct access to the Baltic Sea.However, modern man to just relax on the coast a little, would be nice to also improve health.This opportunity provides the military sanatorium "Svetlogorsk" Kaliningrad region.


Today sanatorium "Svetlogorsk" - is one of the most famous resorts of the country.It annually attracts thousands of people not only improve their health, but also to relax in natural surroundings.The Kaliningrad region is famous for its landscapes, flora and fauna.Svetlogorsk military sanatorium can rest people of different incomes.The health resort is quite popular among couples.His fame it acquired thanks to the quality of services provided.The facility offer

s a very impressive list of medical procedures, including mud therapy, physical therapy, massage of different types.Wide development and entertainment area - each guest will find something for everyone here.Later in the article more closely acquainted with the history of the institution, as well as learn about the services offered there.

Two centuries on guard health

military sanatorium "Svetlogorsk" has about two centuries of history.Vacationers have chosen this place in the early 19th century., When the nearest town called Rauschen and even into Russia was not included, it was Germany.Officially, the first tourists arrived on the coast of the Baltic Sea June 20, 1820, when it opened its first season hotels located here.However, the actual count is the story of the resort from the moment when Raushen - immediately after the coronation - visited Frederick William IV (this happened in 20 years).Visit Crowned person has made it a popular place, and he began to actively grow.Thus began the history of hotel "Svetlogorsk".Central military sanatorium is today considered one of the largest in Russia.

Life postwar

Svetlogorsk military sanatorium site contains more information about the establishment.This article will focus on it briefly.Main Medical Department of the Red Army decided that based on the resort to create not just a holiday home, a hospital - sanatorium.This solution is supported by the General Staff and the government of the Soviet Union.November 10 institution began operating under the name of District Military Sanatorium "Rauschen".In subsequent years, not just a health resort, and not even two changed its official name.Vacationers also called Sanatorium "Northern Sochi", this has contributed to the reconstruction and construction of new buildings of the resort.The confusion with the names ended in the late Union.In 1987, the health resort was renamed Svetlogorsk Central Military Sanatorium.Under this title pension it exists today.

Features resorts

unique climate, healthy sea air, mineral water, peat mud - is that many resorts have to offer both the Baltic and other seas.The main feature, which has Svetlogorskij Military Health (customer reviews vouchers for health resort prove it) - is a high level of qualification of personnel.In the state of the health resort employs five candidates of Medical Sciences, 11 doctors of the highest category and their 12 colleagues of the first category, nursing staff consists of 66 people.

treatment without proper nutrition - Myth

Correcting health, have a good rest and eat right.With this in Svetlogorsk Central Military Sanatorium okay.To date in the files of the local dining is 820 dishes, designed according to medical recommendations, according to traditional recipes and diet.Moreover, the menu is constantly growing.Every year, it added about 12 dishes developed by employees STSVS.

military sanatorium "Svetlogorsk".Guest reviews about the cultural programs

In 1985, the territory of the sanatorium opened club.Cultural institutions immediately began to work, and not just for STSVS, but also of the entire city.Its activities have as an entertainment area - held musical evenings, concerts and all-union local stars, and intellectual - to organize meetings with interesting people, playing a series of "What? Where? When?", A lecture on the political, medical and historical topics.There have been and international events, one of which is a film festival "Baltic Debuts".Today, the club continues to operate to the delight of holidaymakers and locals.Many guests enthusiastically recall the hours spent in it.By the way, is in Svetlogorsk and its attractions.During his stay in the sanatorium visitors can book excursions to interesting places.


First of all history lovers should pay attention to the symbol STSVS - water tower.Built it in the early 20th century, its height is 25 meters, it can be easy to see, but can also improve the health - that there is mud baths.Also of interest is the local mill.It was with her, oddly enough, and began military sanatorium "Svetlogorsk".Initially vacation spot located on the shore of a local lake near the Baltic Sea hotels are not built because of the sand dunes, complicating supply of products and the arrival of tourists.But soon the business noticed on the road to the mill.There it is a long time, and her great move cartage.Built the first hotel, after a while grew close second, and formed resort.The road to the mill soon lost its importance as the number of tourists was such that it was possible to build and own driveways.Not far from the mill is the beach.In addition, in the resort and the Svetlogorsk there are "witch tower", a sundial, and a number of sculptures, which are of historical importance.

In conclusion

Today military sanatorium "Svetlogorsk" - a modern high-tech health center.By the way, STSVS prepared its own cultural and medical program for children.Prices in Svetlogorsk military sanatorium quite small.At the same time in the price included food, lodging, and an extensive list of medical services.