"Kisegach" - sanatorium in Chelyabinsk

At the beginning of the last century therapeutic areas of the Southern Urals and opportunities is the object of attention of physicians and scientists.It made a lot of relevant studies.According to the results of the data it found that the intermediate area between two lakes, which are located to the east of the Ilmen ridge, has unique natural and climatic conditions.In the future, this area has turned into a resort.


At the beginning of the XX century in the Southern Urals, opened its first hospital.The wellness center and resort area then became known as same - "Kisegach."The resort later became a health resort nationwide scale.To date, this guesthouse is a regional medical center.Its cardiology department is functioning successfully for several decades.More recently discovered a new neurological department.Its purpose is to rehabilitate patients with circulatory disorders of the brain.Site sanatorium "Kisegach" contains information on the conditions of the placement and treatment provided.

Historical information

Gradually sanatorium "Kisegach" (Chelyabinsk) and summarizes the accumulated research knowledge about the unique natural environment of the resort area.It is difficult to overestimate their importance in the prevention and treatment of diseases.After the war the sanatorium "Kisegach" (Chelyabinsk region) was in the process of reconstruction.Actively develop tinning, we built new medical corps.The expansion of health resorts in the postwar period, attended by several large industrial enterprises of the Southern Urals.For example, among them the Ural automobile and Zlatoust Machine Building Plant, Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, as well as many other organizations."Kisegach" - health, regularly taking part in the implementation of public health programs.Today it has developed into an advanced medical rehabilitation institution qualifications.Also sanatorium specializes in the rehabilitation of people who are in unfavorable ecological zones for a long time.

Operation during WWII

war touched many health institutions.I do not stay aside and "Kisegach."The sanatorium was transformed into the Neurosurgical Center.Experience therapeutic activities based on the natural healing factors resort, it was very helpful in the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers of the Soviet Army in the 50s.Most of the fighters were able to fully recover and return to service.

Features of development and expansion

continuing increase in the proportion of the population and increase the number of citizens who take part in social programs and are undergoing rehabilitation in the sanatorium "Kisegach."The resort currently has significantly increased the value of medical services in the resort conditions for all social groups.This is due to the obvious negative changes in health of people in Russia.It therefore deserves the attention reorientation sanatorium for rehabilitation and treatment of patients who suffer from severe disorders of the immune system and the mechanisms of adaptation.In turn, for the local population these diseases can be triggered by ecological trouble area.Balneological studies conducted proved high efficiency therapeutic resources resorts "Kisegach."The resort has a number of characteristics that are the most favorable for the prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases.Natural factors of treatment chosen for each patient individually.

Special Branch

For three decades, the sanatorium has been successfully operating a rehabilitation center that specializes in patients with postinfarction cardiosclerosis, ischemic heart disease and underwent surgery on the great vessels and the heart.Every year in the hospital recovery procedures are more than six thousand people.The practice of selecting patients for rehabilitation is an example of the implementation of the provisions on the provision of affordable health care and health.

modern realities

Recently are joint research projects with the Department of Health Organization and Social Medicine.The purpose of this activity is to find modern ways of development for the greater availability of health services to all segments of the population.Enhance the effectiveness of rehabilitation promotes hygiene education and training.A special seminar, which is held regularly.Its purpose is to develop knowledge among the population that there is a need to maintain the right lifestyle.It is also intended to educate the seminar people responsible for their own health and create representations of him as a supreme value.With the help of social marketing have been carried out related studies.On this basis, a number of decisions to improve the sanatorium care, and made organizational model of the interaction of all areas of the institution with other medical institutions in the area.The dependence of the motor activity of natural and climatic conditions.Planned construction of a sports center, which will give patients the possibility of active rest both in winter and in summer.It is planned to equip the complex in such a way so that you can practice a variety of variations of physical therapy.The initiative team intends to make every effort to improve and expand the capacity of the sanatorium.

Sanatorium "Kisegach."Reviews

Many former patients speak with enthusiasm about the time spent in the sanatorium.Especially the guests celebrate the quality of treatment provided, excellent attitude of the staff.The undoubted advantage of the resort is its location.The resort area is a kind of continuation of the Ilmen ridge, or rather its eastern slope.The local territory is mostly hilly.A temperate continental climate type.The area is removed from the industrial urban areas.For this reason, the local landscape has preserved the purity of the protected nature.The resort is protected from the winds of the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains, and the climatic conditions alleviated by two huge lakes and forests.The territory of the sanatorium is located mainly in coniferous array, and this is one of its main advantages, which attracts thousands of people each year.