A multidisciplinary clinic "Keys" (Health of the Perm region) and accommodation services

Coast icy river.Irginy, at the foot of a mountain ridge Ancient city, in an ecologically clean Suksun town is one of the best resorts of the resort - "Keys".The resort is surrounded by the Perm Territory in the vegetation on all sides it is surrounded by coniferous and deciduous trees, planted in the local area and spectacular agave cactuses, giving the place an exotic look.The resort is known far beyond the region, it is visited by tourists from the European Union.Having been here once, fall in love with this picturesque corner of the world forever.

Famous dispensary silt mud and mineral sulfur springs, which have healing properties.Sanatorium "Keys" in the Perm region is one of the best in our country, it combines the favorable natural conditions, high-quality medical services, and diverse entertainment.Tranquility, peace and quiet contribute to productive leisure.

Therapeutic activities

balneology sanatorium can receive comprehensive treatment, and treatment for a specially designed program

"Health women" Weight Loss "and" Men's Health ".You can be held without the procedures of residence - in the medical building "Irgina."The diagnostic center has a swimming pool and whirlpool five fountains.

In the pension, the following remedies:

1. Sludge mud - are effective in the treatment of endocrine, musculoskeletal and inflammatory diseases.

2. Hydrogen sulfide baths - are used in gynecological diseases, hypertension, and disturbed metabolism.

3. Acceptance of mineral water (has a pleasant taste).Repeatedly proven its benefits for the body as a whole.Assign people with gastrointestinal ulcers, gastritis, liver and kidney diseases.

Classrooms are equipped with modern facilities.Reception are qualified doctor of medical sciences with extensive experience (dentist, gynecologist, orthopedist, cardiologist, urologist, andrologist, a neurologist, a physiotherapist, a gastroenterologist).Powered and pediatrician at the hotel "Keys."Sanatorium of the Perm region specializes in the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, urological, respiratory diseases.

alternate procedures: one day - dirt, - therapeutic baths.In the price included physiotherapy, massage, mineral water drinking and stuff.Therapeutic measures are very much with them you will introduce in detail the official site of the sanatorium "Keys" (Perm region).For regular customers there are good discounts and bonus programs.Terms


on beautiful grounds landscaped built 5 residential buildings that are named after gems: "Emerald", "Sapphire", "amethyst", "Jasper", "Garnet."There is also a small wooden houses.In the presence of two-bedroom apartments.All rooms come with landline phones, compact refrigerators, television.


menu consists of experienced dietitians given disease.Combines three power systems: custom, restaurant and buffet.Laying is carried out in the dining room four times a day.The dishes are varied and high quality.

internal infrastructure

Replete territory flowers, manicured walkways, paths and benches.During the summer it turns into a continuous blooming garden dispensary "Keys."Sanatorium of the Perm region - a place with great delicacy relate to each tourist.That is why it is designed as a versatile partner.

You do not even have to go outside the complex.This is not necessary, since all you need can be found within the guesthouse: cafes, restaurants, souvenir and magazine kiosks.It operates a gym, billiards room and a library.For holidaymakers regularly hosts concerts and interesting film screenings.Among the deposits of striking buildings spread recreational and sports complex with a luxurious heated swimming pool, artificial waterfalls and geysers (visit fee).

Additional services

On the basis of a medical complex is a mini-zoo and an aquarium with trout.A tour desk with a variety of tours: on sacred sites, waterfalls, caves, a natural monument, museum.In addition, organized riding horseback riding and hiking trails.

fans of extreme sports are waiting for an unforgettable rafting on the river.Sylva.In winter you can go skiing, skating and snowboarding.So thrives oldest balneological health resort "Keys."Sanatorium of the Perm region - is a unique resort with a special atmosphere of taiga climate.Rest in boarding house fills optimistic, life-giving energy, and the storm of vivid impressions.

Sanatorium "Keys" (RUS) gets only positive reviews.High quality service, interesting cultural events, friendly attitude - all this sets a favorable mood and relax.