Oceanarium Adler Sochi Discovery World - underwater adventure for adults and children

in December 2009 opened the grandest in scale aquarium Russia - Sochi Discovery World.Every day it is visited by thousands of tourists from Russia, CIS and Western Europe.The secret to the popularity of places - a collection of unique marine fish and animals, colorful interior design and entertaining show program for adults and children.

Adler What is interesting

Oceanarium Oceanarium is a two-story complex of 6,200 square meters.m. Due to this size in the aquarium always roomy and comfortable.The volume of water in the aquarium - more than 5 million liters.Sochi Discovery World accommodates 29 exhibition halls, where over 4,000 representatives of marine and freshwater fish, amphibians and marine mammals and hundreds of representatives of the underwater flora.

on the territory of the aquarium collected the most unusual marine life: this shark and fish ball and fish-urchins, and fish, unicorn, and fish-cow scary moray eels, numerous species of stingrays, catfish and evensharks.

Oceanarium Adler is divided into several thematic areas.The interior is decorated in a lush tropical forest with marvelous waterfalls, lakes, lush, rich vegetation and rocky peaks.

main attraction, which is famous Oceanarium Adler - long acrylic tunnel of 44 meters.The thickness of the glass, behind which live sea creatures, is as much as 17 centimeters.Walk through the tunnel is comparable to dive to the seabed: among the bright corals, strange algae and shells floating sea horses, nimble shoals of fish, rays and large predatory sharks.

Excursions and shows Sochi Discovery World

tour in the largest Russian oceanarium leaves vivid memories of all travelers.Oceanarium Adler can be visited independently or with a guide-guide who will reveal the secrets of the mysterious underwater world and get acquainted with the marine life.

addition to standard tours Sochi Discovery World offers a range of other services:

  • Daily Show-feeding predatory sharks, which starts at 14:00.
  • Fabulous show program called "Shark Tale," which involved Mermaid.
  • Professional photographer and instant printing of photos.
  • Separate feeding Japanese carps living in the pond aquarium.
  • corporate parties and organizing children's parties with "mermaids" and professional divers.
  • Memorable congratulations on the anniversary and birthday, wedding day, marriage proposal, dating.

Additional services

Oceanarium Oceanarium Adler fulfills the desires of not only children but also adults.It is necessary to find an opportunity to dive in the marine aquarium pool under the guidance of experienced instructors divers who have extensive experience working with marine predators.Another service provided by the oceanarium - diving training.After passing the course receive a certificate of the relevant association.Remember that immersion is allowed only for persons older than 18 years.

Oceanarium Adler: Address

Oceanarium Sochi Discovery World is located in Adler, who recently, the number of one of the districts of the city of Sochi.It is in this area held Winter Olympic Games in 2014.

If you decide to visit the Oceanarium in Sochi (Adler), the official site of restaurant will tell you how to get there from Sochi and Adler.Sochi Discovery World is located at the following address:

Sochi, Adler, Adler, Lenin Street № 219a / 4.

oceanarium regular bus stop at the stop "Footbridge" AZS Rosneft "" in Sochi and "Izvestia" Adler to take all comers, which is famous Oceanarium Adler (how to get there, it is now clear).


Oceanarium aquarium is open daily, without breaks and weekends from 10.00 to 19.00.

Sochi Discovery World daily basis shows, which will satisfy both young viewers, and serious adult.

show program called "Underwater Mermaids" will be held at 11.00 and 15.00.Duration of the program - half an hour.

program "Feeding sharks" will be held from 14.00 to 15.00.In order not to miss the great entertainment, must be at the appointed time to come to the main viewing window or an acrylic tunnel.

Tickets to visit

  • Adult - 500 rubles.
  • children - 350 rubles.Children ticket is purchased for individuals from 4 to 12 years.
  • Discount ticket - 250 rubles.
  • cost of diving under the supervision of an instructor - 3000 rubles per half hour.
  • The price - 50 rubles for adults and 30 rubles - child.

If you prefer to explore the aquarium at a leisurely pace, the perfect solution would be to purchase the audio guide.Service Cost - 200 rubles.Before you get the equipment you need to leave a deposit size of 1,000 rubles or identity documents.For example, a passport, driver's license and so on.

Customers have the right to purchase a ticket at a reduced price must submit the relevant documents at the checkout.The list of categories of citizens belonging to the group of soft, can be found on the official website of Sochi oceanarium.

worth noting that the photo / video shooting - fun is not free.In order to capture the beautiful flora and fauna of the aquarium, you need to pay 100 rubles.Use flash photography is prohibited, as it not only disturbs other visitors, but also injure eyes of animals.

planning to visit the Oceanarium Adler?Official site sochiaquarium.ru acquaint you with all the necessary information: the actual cost of tickets, the schedule of work of the oceanarium, the rules of visits.

In addition, the site contains an extensive photo gallery and a complete catalog of the inhabitants.The catalog is divided into categories, which is very convenient.There you can see the marine aquarium inhabitants and learn many curious facts.