Egypt in October: whether to go?

Visit to Egypt - it is always vivid and memorable event, even for avid travelers and tourists.If you want to not only enjoy the wonderful nature, but also to get acquainted with the most famous sights, while not suffering from unbearable heat, it is recommended to go here in the middle of autumn.

Benefits holiday in Egypt, the weather in the middle of autumn

Tour Operators declare that holiday in Egypt in October can be very profitable, and many travelers have already seen it.It is no wonder that people are invited to bring friends, acquaintances, family members and relatives.Service in the country at the highest level, local cuisine like almost everything, and interesting entertainment leave behind a lot of impressions.Perhaps returning home from a trip, everyone wants to go back to Egypt as soon as possible.However, many do just that.Weather in Egypt in October, always happy, so people prefer to go on holiday in the autumn.During the day temperatures range from 28 to 31 degrees, and at night - f

rom +20 to +22.

Guide services

holiday in this wonderful country in October, do not forget that there are guides who are always ready to provide necessary services.It is no secret that tourists often show only the most attractive and interesting sights.Guides distinguished eloquence, their stories really captivate.And for this you need to have talent.Talking to people fascinating history of Egypt, they will certainly mention the mysterious conspiracies, war and victory, leaving the tourists in the old days.At the end of his narrative guide, as if by magic, the audience returns to the present.Many people believe that Egypt in October is especially beautiful at this time of year even trips seem interesting, because the head is not clogged with unnecessary thoughts on how to not get sunstroke - the intense heat in the fall does not happen.

What should consider buying last minute?

Experienced travelers know that last minute tours and trips saves.Thus, people get and save your money and relax.However, please note that check-out in the coming days, and therefore will need to be collected quickly.It should be understood that for such a trip requires a passport.

National cuisine

Talk to staff travel agencies, you can see that for a profitable holiday there are plenty of opportunities.So why not go to Egypt in October?The prices at this time of the year can not be called high, but it does not affect the quality of service, and not to think that the living conditions and nutrition something disappoint.It is not true.Inexpensive vacation in the middle of autumn provides enough comfortable accommodation, educational and recreational activities, delicious food at a good value.Nobody has regretted that he came to Egypt in October.Perhaps this is the most reasonable solution.It should be noted that all the tourists who have visited at least once in Egypt for a long time remember the national cuisine.It differs in that combines the ingredients of their dishes, tastes and smells that can sometimes seem quite incompatible.That is why food becomes so unique and unusual.The least of the fact that today in the preparation of many dishes cook strictly follow the old recipes.In addition, they do not resort to the latest technical aids.

A variety of tours, family holiday

Tours to Egypt in October, are different: it is possible to go there for many days or just for the weekend.Travelers offer and visit the sacred places of worship, to see the most famous and renowned architectural and historical monuments.In addition, the country has the capacity to regenerate.Agency staff really care about their customers, often offer tours designed for children with a visit to Egypt that many enjoy.Such trips require a lot of excursions, entertainment, exhibitions, Dating.Children for life remember those happy moments that are so full of the trip.Every year the number of tourists who flock to Egypt, is increasing.It attracts people from different countries.

Egypt in October: reviews

Egypt - a country of dreams, and many tourists agree.This state is famous for its rich history and great secrets, which have hitherto occupied the imagination of onlookers.That is why the mass of travelers and sent here.Many people choose to travel in October, because this month you can buy tickets at a very reasonable price.When Russia is already beginning to be cold, people are happy to fly to paradise, where at this time is warm and sunny.Some people have some problems at the airport, but even that did not spoil the mood.Although there is something that really disappoints travelers have upon arrival in the country: it is annoying the locals, is constantly asking for money.However, smart people understand that they need to ignore, and then they realized that all their efforts in vain, quickly leave the tourists alone.Going to Egypt in October, you have to be prepared for some unpleasant moments, but it should be understood that this is just a minor detail, unable to overshadow the wonderful holiday.It is better to simply ignore them.In general, the stay in Egypt, gives people a lot of different emotions that I just wanted to share with friends and family after returning home.