Prague Restaurants: menus, reviews and prices.

Going on a trip to such a beautiful city like Prague, we will, of course, not only want to enjoy the sights of Prague, but also indulge in delicious cuisine and world-famous local beer.This can be done in numerous restaurants and pubs, which are available in abundance.Most of the known institutions are concentrated in the central part of the city, which is often visited by tourists.Today, the subject of our story will become the best restaurants in Prague.We'll find out what places are recommended to visit and find out how much it will cost an average dinner in the Czech capital.

Tavern "The King of Brabant»

It should be noted that almost all the restaurants of Prague offers excellent cuisine, and a delicious beer.However, a number of them is not only an exquisite menu, and an original interior, fascinating show program and a rich history.One such institution is the tavern "The King of Brabant."This institution is one of the oldest restaurants not only in Prague, but the whole of the Czech Republi

c.It was founded back in 1375.The long history of this place is shrouded in a number of mysteries and legends.Thus, at various times here liked to drop in the world-famous composer Mozart, unforgettable Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek, became notorious executioner Mydlarzh.In addition, among the guests of the inn it can be seen urban alchemists and other interesting personalities.

Today, this restaurant, as well as other restaurants in Prague, offers visitors a taste perfectly cooked dishes of national cuisine of the Czech Republic, as well as delicious local beer.However, the highlight of the institution is a medieval show, which runs from 7 to 10 pm every day from Tuesday to Saturday.Visiting at this time tavern, you are transported back to a few centuries ago, watching the duels pirates movements of charming dancers and fakirs presentation.All this action takes place under the old musical motifs.I must say that, according to numerous reviews of tourists, this is a truly magnificent spectacle.Once in Prague, be sure to look at the light in a medieval tavern.

Tavern "praveka»

Some restaurants in Prague can be compared to the time machine, offering us travel back to several centuries or even millennia ago.One of them is a place called "praveka".Thanks to his entourage in the form of stone chairs, tables and downed coarse decoration of cave paintings, ancient tusks of mammoths and saber-toothed tigers skins, you are transported back to prehistoric times.Finally plunge into an era Flintstones help clad in loincloths actors and waiters moving funny gait, whooped, and talked inarticulate phrases.If you want unforgettable experiences, be sure to check out the pre-historic restaurant "praveka."

«The monastery tavern»

should be noted that Prague restaurants offering national dishes at prices higher than the average, are usually not very popular among the locals.After all, the same food, and they can prepare at home.However, the exception to this rule is a restaurant called "The monastery tavern."It is always possible to meet many locals and find a free table without a reservation is almost unreal.This establishment located on the territory of the country's oldest active monastery.An interesting fact is that in a few years after the founding of the monastery, but it happened back in the year 993, there began to brew beer.Foamy drink duly appreciated at all times.And today you have the opportunity to try it by ordering one of the types of beer "Benedict."It deserves special attention, and local cuisine.So, particularly "The monastery tavern" is famous roasted pork knee, is considered the best in town, and bread made by the monks.


If you are interested in really original restaurant in Prague, which is filled with reviews of excitement, be sure to pay attention to this institution."Roundhouse" is sure to delight both adults and children.So, the waiters are not engaged in serving drinks to guests.Instead, this responsibility of the train.Each table is connected to the bar rails on which a locomotive pulling trailers with mugs and glasses.After the arrival of the train must be collected and brought drinks to put in their place the empty container.At the same time working in a restaurant fifteen locomotives belonging to different epochs.Attention should be paid, and power trains: since each of them is able to drive trailers with twelve circles amber drink.

«Easy head»

As a rule, almost all the restaurants of Prague specializes in meat dishes.However, vegetarians and despair in the Czech capital is not necessary.The real outlet for them is a restaurant called "light head".Besides the fact that you can enjoy vegetarian meals, unforgettable impression has a special intimate atmosphere, which creates a picturesque interior, subdued and melodic music with a cozy fireplace crackling firewood.


Prague, this restaurant is not for nothing that name.It is located inside the Žižkov TV tower at a height of 66 meters.As in the daytime, and at night it offers a magnificent view of the Czech capital.The restaurant's interior, designed in a modern style, perfectly combined with the futuristic look of the TV tower, which looks more like an alien spacecraft.So if you want to admire the beauty of Prague from the bird's-eye view while enjoying delicious meals in a warm and original setting, be sure to visit restaurant "Clouds".

Beer restaurant Prague

Since the Czech Republic in the world is famous for its amber drink, beer pubs in the capital (the locals call them pivnitsami) has innumerable.However, among this large number there are several pivnits which are particularly popular among tourists.About them talk on.

Pub "U Fleku»

This institution is one of the oldest in the whole of Prague.It was founded in the XV century.This can be treated with pivnitse original frothy drink with caramel, which is brewed by a secret recipe, so try it anywhere else fail.Attention should be paid not only to the local amber drink, but also a special atmosphere.Here you will surely hear folk songs not only in Czech but also in German, English, Italian, Russian and other languages.Talented musicians pivnitsy "U Fleků" is easy to identify by ear the language you speak, and coming up to your table, offer to perform any folk song.The only drawback of this place are quite high prices, due to the huge popularity among tourists.

Pivnitsa The Pub

This place can be called a paradise for lovers of beer.For each table in the bar is equipped with an autonomous system with four bottling beer tap.Therefore, there is no need to wait for visitors to the waiter, but you can pour yourself and drink.Such a system bar has become so popular that places opened branches in many other cities of the Czech Republic, and even in other countries.Interestingly, the data on drunk beer at each table are broadcast on the big screen.And if you come here a cheerful company, then we can compete in the "litrbole" with participants from Romania, Germany or Austria.

Restaurants Prague: prices

course, the cost of food and beverage establishments in the Czech capital is a very important factor.In general, prices in restaurants in Prague depends on how places are designed for tourists.So, if the main customers are local, and the cost of meals will be lower.

As for the average values, the busy dinner with beer per person in Prague will cost you 350-550 rubles.Mug amber beverage costs from 50 to 90 rubles.You can save a little, dine at one of inexpensive cafes.In this case, the meal will cost you 180-210 rubles per person.Seasoned travelers are advised to wanting to save on food in Prague to visit the places where the main customers are local residents.