Where to buy travel on the train and how to save money by buying travel

The train has long been an ideal transport for those living in the suburbs of the metropolis and has its own vehicle for constant movement.But be that as it may seem, the daily trip to work or school and back are not cheap.And then we have to look for the opportunity to purchase travel on the train to save money earned.

Types of tickets on the train

There are several types of tickets for the train.They are made for a certain number of days, and they can be made as one or a few months.

  • travel card "working day".What is the essence of this proposal?The card is issued on the train a certain number of days (10 to 25 days) and for a period of one month to one year.Valid ticket only on weekdays, and at a time when there come the weekend, but during which people work.
  • pass for the weekend.According to this subscription you can travel only on weekends and holidays, and it is issued only for one month, no more.
  • Subscription for every day.They make out for a period of 5 to 25 days and one month to one y
    ear.In such a travel certificates can ride every day.
  • Subscription, issued on the number of trips.Such citizens acquire a ticket for a certain number of trips (10 to 90).Moreover, they must be used within a certain time, which is necessary to specify either in the office where you get reusable card, or the Internet.
  • travel card, issued on the days that are convenient to the buyer.If you want to go somewhere at a certain time, it is convenient to purchase this particular subscription.But we should remember that these days you need to choose only one month.

Making travel for beneficiaries

Some passengers are accustomed all his life to come to the box office and buy a ticket on the train, so the idea to buy their travel a little scary.Some people believe that if a one-time ticket reliable - if you lose it, it's worth it is much cheaper than a subscription for one year, for example.You do not know how to make travel on the train?Previously you need to check the price on the box office in the suburban routes.Also sure to ask for the benefits, if you belong to the representatives of this category.World War II veterans, participants in similar events as referred to in the regulations, children under five years old, the disabled and people accompanying them, as well as citizens who were in Chernobyl in April 1986, relying on the discount fare.And in some cases, free trips.

If you are benefit recipients, then you have to have a special document.Most often it is a certificate that you are together with your passport must submit to a suburban cashier.

How to subscribe student and pensioner

order to obtain secondary education, some students have to commute by train to another city.And such travel can be very expensive for parents to hit the student.At school and university students should be a document that proves that he is trained in a particular institution.In this case, a child or teenager gets a discount of 50% in the size of the cost of a ticket on the train.But keep in mind that these benefits are only valid from 1 September to 15 June, that is, until the end of exams at school and summer session students.Please note that the summer vacation discount on the subscription does not apply.

And what about pensioners?It is necessary to find in a suburban hand, put any representatives of this category discounts on travel.In most regions of the Russian Federation citizens of retirement age receive discounts on travel in the train.Also, senior citizens are entitled to free travel on shuttle buses.So now the question is how to buy a train pass for pensioners and student, is quite understandable.

for workers - special conditions

Unfortunately, working people who have to constantly get to the big city, discounts on travel is not allowed.But in this case there is an exit.Again, it comes down to travel on the train.With it you can save a lot of money.In this case, you can buy a monthly pass for the train by a fixed number of trips.This is advantageous because if a one-time ticket costs 200 rubles, travel, which includes 60 such trips, cost is not as expensive as the same number of ordinary tickets.This is because the greater the number of trips to the subscription reusable, the cheaper one is moving to the customer.

People who work in another city, may acquire any convenient subscription - for each day or only on week.But there are people who work six days a week.Therefore, the best option would be to a certain travel and convenient for the customer number of trips.In this case, you can go to and from work several times a day if suddenly you forget some important documents at home.

And yet - what is better?

controversial point - which is better?Buy travel on the train for a year or one month?Wishes to save money, buy a reusable tickets once a year and do not consider the amount of its movement.No need to worry about what it must renew every month, or to replenish the number of trips over a period.And not only this question becomes the people.Many important to know information about how to save on the travel?On the train to Moscow, for example, many people commute to and from work this kind of transport, purchase reusable tickets.This is not surprising.Moscow - the largest metropolis in Russia, and it is quite natural that every day there goes a huge number of people to work and study.For this you need to save only know the direction of trains.Then feel free to purchase travel.Then it is possible to achieve significant savings, because the work in Moscow, and even paid higher than in other cities, but it requires substantial funds for travel.


We talked about what are the tickets as they are available, discounts for privileged categories of citizens, school children and students, as well as for people of retirement age.It also became clear that to buy a subscription for a month and a year is not so difficult if you have half an hour of time and a little desire.And then you will save time and own funds.And the way to work will be much easier than it was before that.