Children's camp "Petrel"

course, summer - a time when children just need a rest, new experiences and interesting entertainment.And quite popular today is the camp "Petrel", in which children come every year from all over the country and abroad.Of course, every parent is interested in questions about what accommodation and entertainment of children offered a place.

camp "Petrel": location

In fact, this health center is famous for its favorable location.Pioneer camp "Petrel" is located in the Krasnodar region, very close to the famous tourist city of Anapa.The bay is considered to be a great place for swimming and recreation, and because of the fresh sea breeze summer heat and heat the children did not terrible.

Brief description of the complex for the children

camp "Petrel" is bred on the second line of the beach, and covers an area of ​​5 hectares.It should immediately be noted that the area of ​​the resort town well-decorated, there are four-storey residential buildings, as well as dining, sports grounds and other b

uildings for entertainment.

territory is well appointed, decorated with colorful flower beds, comfortable walking paths and benches.A luxurious green crowns of trees provide shade and pleasant coolness.

way, permits to camp "Petrel" issued to replace a duration of 21 days.The cost of holidays varies depending on the time of rest and residence conditions selected.Three weeks in a camp in the cost 28-35 thousand rubles.

Living conditions in the camp, the description of rooms

«Petrel" - children's camp, which is considered relatively small.At the same time there can live no more than 400 children.The resort has rooms to accommodate just three, four or five children.Naturally, every room is equipped with a full set of furniture: comfortable beds, bedside tables for personal items, as well as wardrobes, shoe racks and mirrors.

Each room includes a private bathroom, which has a shower, sink and toilet.By the way, hot and cold water is fed around the clock.

Wet cleaning is carried out every day, clean rooms provide maids.Bed linen is changed once a week according to the schedule.

Power scheme

course, camp "Petrel" provides children with a full five-time nutrition.The complex has a spacious dining room that can accommodate all guests of the camp immediately, so breakfast, lunch and other meals are held in one shift.By the way, a dining room equipped with the necessary number of air conditioners.The kitchen is run exclusively by experienced chefs who delight children every day with new dishes.The food is not only delicious, but also useful, and the menu includes a sufficient amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.Serving and cleaning tables, as well as maintenance of tourists carried by waiters.

In addition, on each floor there are coolers with clean water for drinking.And if necessary you can go to a nearby store, which is located very close to residential buildings.It sells things essentials, as well as some food.

Beach vacation for children

camp "Petrel" (Anapa) has its own private beach, located 200 meters from the apartment building.For it is a safe walking trail.This section of the coast is fully fenced and is used solely for recreation for children.The beach here is clean, well maintained, sandy and safe descent into the sea.

here for the convenience of children with sun loungers, umbrellas and protective tents.In addition, on the beach on a regular basis has a team of rescuers and nurses who carefully monitor the children.The child can take advantage of swimming instructor.

infrastructure and additional services

Actually camp "Petrel" - a wonderful place that offers its young visitors all the necessary amenities.First, let's mention the security system.The complex is constantly working group of guards.In addition, the entire area of ​​the camp is lit at night.

It operates a medical facility, where day and night duty, two doctors and several nurses.Since the camp provides children's health, then, if necessary, the guys recorded on massages and therapeutic inhalation.In the gym regularly held classes on physical therapy.And used some of the methods of physiotherapy.

On the other hand, the camp provides the children a level of comfort.For example, their belongings they can take the laundry room, which works according to the schedule.There is also a room for drying and ironing of clothes.There is a luggage storage.

Entertainment and Sports at the camp

In fact, in the resort town for children there is always something to do.As already mentioned, there are various sports facilities for football, basketball, badminton, tennis.There are also clubs in the game of checkers and chess.For the rest, even held a special sports of all kinds of sports, including the torch relay and team competitions.

In addition, children are organizing various intellectual quiz.For those guys who are obsessed with creativity, there are circles of dance training and singing.In the last week the children give a concert where they played with their own numbers.

Counselors also help children organize games KVN, which is certainly a lot of fun as the speaker and the audience.There is a large cinema room where children regularly show films and cartoons.Also hosts a variety of artistic events and theatrical productions.

Of course, it's not all it has to offer the camp "Petrel".Anapa - a beautiful city with an interesting history and a lot of sights.And for the children from time to time arrange city tours and hikes in the surrounding area.

And in the evening, of course, all the entertaining disco where kids from different buildings can meet, have fun and dance to your favorite music.And from time to time on the site lit a big fire where the group of children with counselors are divided into different stories and get to know each other.

in the camp also has a well-appointed children's cafe, where sports fans can watch on television sports programs.There is also a library with a large collection of books and a spacious reading room.

camp "Petrel": Reviews of children and parents

course, camp for children - it is not only rest, but also a lot of new friends, a lot of fun and unforgettable impressions.And "Petrel" - children's camp, which can rightly be considered one of the best in the area.In most cases, children leave positive reviews about this place.Praise all: fun beach holiday, comfortable room and, of course, delicious food, which is served daily in the dining room.In addition, all the time the baby is occupied by various entertainers programs, including competitions, sports, educational activities, excursions and discos.And the atmosphere is really nice and friendly.Most of the guys after the first trip are "regulars" and come here every year.