Shopping in Antalya: reviews and prices.

Turkey attracts tourists not only gentle sea and beautiful beaches.For example, shopping in Antalya, can bring a great pleasure.Quality of goods worthy, but the prices are very reasonable.It draws in the resort capital of Turkey, a lot of travelers.

shopping centers in Antalya

TC "Depot" is famous for being the season of discounts and sales it lasts throughout the year.And this is not clever marketing ploy - really quality stuff you can buy at prices lower than in Europe.Besides the fact that Deepo Outlet ATM - is a stock market, there is the additional shares are held periodically.For example, every Tuesday at many things you can get additional discounts.Another attractive tourist point: the administration of the shopping center often holds action on the distribution of lottery tickets.The greater the amount of purchases, the more cherished coupons issued.If you compare prices with Russia in Antalya, in Turkey things will cost you half and sometimes two times cheaper.Experienced buyers called "Depo

t" site with the lowest prices.It is noteworthy that the quality of products at the same time is at a decent level.In addition to attractive cost of locals and tourists are attracted by a huge variety of products to suit every taste.Brands so that they can simply get lost.


TC "Depot" is built on the outskirts of the city along the highway leading from Antalya to Alanya.To it runs a special bus service.In addition, you can get the interdistrict shuttle transport passing by.

should not be surprised that in this shopping center has an electronic scoreboard that displays information on the next flight.The fact that the "Depot" is close to the local "air gates", and often the travelers waiting for his plane, prefer not to sit around and make purchases.It is for them, and was organized by the rapid provision of information on flights.

shopping center "Migros»

Whoever set for serious shopping in Antalya, simply can not visit the mall.It was opened in 2001 and has since enjoyed great popularity.On its territory operates a children's park and a movie theater into eight halls.Huge parking in front of convenience store designed for a thousand three hundred cars, but in the day to find there space unreal."Migros", as well as the "Depot", launched a free shuttle bus.It can be reached from the city center to this paradise shopaholics.

Features local trade

Prices in all outlets indicated in Antalya lira.However, many sellers are happy to accept dollars and euros, and in special cases even Russian rubles.If the money in one currency is not enough, you can agree to pay the other.Shopping centers are open from ten in the morning until ten at night.

Clothing market

Shopping in Antalya is not limited to a visit to trendy shopping centers.One of the features of the city - "wandering the markets."Every day, they are moved to a new area, so the locals are trying to be procured everything necessary for the week ahead.In such markets a wide range of not only clothes, but also products.

Shopping in Antalya (ratings seasoned travelers confirm this) often goes with ease.Most local merchants know a few words in Russian and speak good in English.No transaction is not complete without bargaining.This process is entertaining a pleasure not only the buyer but also the seller.The price of the thing with the successful outcome of the case can be reduced even by half.

Network "Waikiki»

buy quality and inexpensive children's clothes can be in stores Waikiki.They attract the parents not only conventional seasonal sales, but shares with big discounts (held every few weeks).The largest store of this network in Antalya located on the street Gulluk.It is possible to get not only the child and adolescent, and adult clothing brand Waikiki, as well as jewelry, handbags and shoes.

What to buy in Antalya?

Many travel to this city with the aim to buy fur or leather.The latter are not very popular with locals, so outlets such things are aimed primarily at visitors.Despite this fact, prices are still much lower than Russian.However, be prepared for the fact that the sheepskin coats and the like do not produce in Turkey and in China, Greece or Italy.Goods simply brought to local markets.

Lovers of antiques is not sidestep flea markets.There you will find some very interesting things for next to nothing.

In stores you can buy products from gold and silver.If it is not a street shop, and a decent outlet with a state license, which is in a large store or shopping center, in high quality jewelry can be no doubt.

Note that the old Turkish carpets and tapestries forbidden to export from the country.The same applies to any thing, whose age - more than a hundred years.

Sweet Tooth sure to please a large selection of delicacies.In urban markets, you can buy amazing baklava, Turkish delight, honey, halva and more.

Duty Free Shops

Duty Free in Antalya is located in the city airport.Most tourists are attracted by the cheap alcohol and perfumes.According to experienced travelers, the best shopping in the outlet area just before boarding the flight, as the prices are even lower.But watch the time, because in this part of the airport you can no longer stand for hours at the window, because very soon crash.Take into account the fact that the pay cards "Visa" and "MasterCard" more profitable because the exchange rate in the "air gate" is not always beneficial to the tourists.


note that customs officers check the volume and the number of goods exported from Turkey.Thus allowed to carry up to three liters of alcohol strength of greater than 22 degrees and twice alcohol if its strength below.With regard to cigarettes, they can not take out more than nine blocks.Cigar lovers to carry up to 150 pieces.In addition, permitted to take home no more than 750 grams of tobacco.

Travel Tips

- Do not put off shopping trip on the last day of vacation.

- Carefully inspect the leather.Currently it produced a lot of high-quality counterfeits.The same goes for watches and perfumes.

- Want to return tax from the purchase?Look at the store icon «Global Refund Tax Free» and be sure to take a check.


Shopping in Antalya - is not just a process of acquiring things.It is a real adventure that will let you feel the local flavor and great savings.