Resorts of Urals: "Karagayskiy Forest".

«Karagayskiy Forest" - one of the largest resorts of the Southern Urals.Here come the people who want to improve their health, and those who just want to enjoy the beauty of uncontaminated nature steppe.


Location The resort is located on the border of the Chelyabinsk region and the mountainous part of Bashkiria on the river Kidysh.Major industrial centers are very far from this place, and so the air is extremely clean and fresh.It surrounds pension large pine forest, which is very pleasant to stroll.The total capacity of the resort - more than 800 people.

With what diseases pension takes care

«Karagayskiy Forest" - a multi-resort and takes care of not only adults but also children.To come here is for people with diseases:

  1. respiratory system.
  2. Cardiovascular.
  3. digestion.

addition, motels treat gynecological and urological diseases and disorders of blood circulation and the nervous system.


experienced medical staff of sanatorium "Karagayskiy Bor" offers the following


  1. soil and galvanogryazelechenie.
  2. mineral water.On the territory has its source.
  3. Healing showers (circular, Charcot, ascending).
  4. UHF, EHF.
  5. UST.Held laser and magnetic therapy, pneumomassage hands and feet.
  6. Phytotherapy - treatment of herbs.
  7. Hardware (light and heat therapy, using wax, microwave resonance therapy).
  8. Oxygen therapy - using oxygen.
  9. Halotherapy.Treatment is carried out in a healthy microclimate of caves, mines, salt mines.
  10. Terrenkuroterapiya.Hiking climbing mountain slope at a certain distance prescribed by the doctor.
  11. Massage.
  12. Oxygen.For health promotion can drink a special mixture of fortified juices (fruit, with the addition of rose hips), enriched with oxygen.
  13. therapeutic swimming.
  14. Fitness.
  15. Urological and gynecological procedures.

Medical base

The resort has:

  1. Department of laboratory diagnostics.
  2. Biochemical Laboratory.It hosts blood sugar, liver function tests, semen analysis is performed, and so. D.
  3. General clinical laboratory.It held a general analysis of urine and blood.
  4. Branch of functional diagnostics.
  5. diagnosis of bronchopulmonary system.
  6. diagnosis of the heart muscle.
  7. ultrasound of the heart, thyroid, blood vessels, prostate and mammary glands, liver and female reproductive organs, gall bladder.

If necessary, you can visit a therapist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, a dentist, and so on. D. Work in health centers and pediatricians.

Activities in summer and winter

At the sanatorium "Karagayskiy Bor" has an artificial lake, where you can swim in the summer.For the convenience of visitors equipped with comfortable beach.In winter you can make fascinating skiing on snow-covered forest.The resort is equipped for this easy trail.You can ride with their children.In addition, currently held in the resort construction of another ski-run.It will be equipped with the lift.If desired, in winter you can also skate on the rink.


«Karagayskiy Bor" - guest house, offers visitors comfortable luxury class.All of them are equipped with modern appliances and comfortable furniture.There are also less expensive single and double standard rooms.Rest in them will also be the most enjoyable.


for cooking in the dining room resort uses only environmentally friendly products.Power chetyrehrazovoe.Besides the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner, the dining room staff to offer guests a specially developed five kinds of dietary rations, as well as a table vegetable.Meals are served in the spacious dining room.In addition, the pension has a cozy modern bar where you can order a cup of coffee or sit down for a beer with friends.If desired indoor bar can organize any celebration.Experienced cooks working in a boarding house, cook for you and your guests with delicious food and served the tables.

Family Holidays

Like many motels Urals, "Karagayskiy Forest" - a great place for a family holiday.For children there are treated with special care and attention.In the pension operates a games room.You can leave the children and go, say, to the procedure.Kids will spend nice time under the supervision of experienced caring teachers.The resort also has a playground, where children can take a ride on the swings, roundabouts or just have fun in the outdoors.If desired, along with the children can explore the area attractions.The resort organizes regular tours.So families with children should definitely visit the pension "Karagayskiy forest."Sanatorium for children - a really good place.Here, they not only have a good rest and podlechat but pluck new experiences.Pension takes children from one and a half years.

Infrastructure resort

In addition, for the convenience of visitors to the pension open:

  1. Barber.
  2. shop where you can buy everything you need.
  3. Parking.
  4. Cinema.The resort offers to the visitors the most interesting movies.Including the new movies.
  5. library with a comfortable reading room.Here are collected the best works of both foreign and domestic authors.
  6. Post Office.
  7. Playground.Here you can support the body in good shape after the treatment.You can play football, volleyball or basketball.Not spared the attention of administrations and prefer more relaxed activities.The resort can also play chess, table tennis or checkers.
  8. Long-distance telephone.
  9. Bus with a large waiting room.
  10. restaurant.
  11. Gym.
  12. Bikes, skates and skis.

young people in the evening can go to a disco.Ballroom can be visited daily.

Corporate leisure

equipped conference rooms in the sanatorium "Karagayskiy Bor" (reviews all vacationers which only positive) are not available.However, the services business - quite spacious concert hall.There is also a lecture hall, where you can spend all sorts of workshops and talks.After the end of a business event is a Turkish bath and Finnish sauna.

Prices and reviews

Standard room in the sanatorium "Karagayskiy Bor" is from 2100 to 2500 rubles per day, improved - 3100 rubles.Superior Room will cost 3500 rubles.Without treatment - 1700-2100, respectively, in 2700 and 3100 rubles (prices for summer 2014).

reviews sanatorium "Karagayskiy Bor" sometimes is not just positive and enthusiastic.People who have visited this pension, say, above all, a high level of service, courtesy of staff, convenience and cleanliness of rooms.In addition, many people like the presence of a large area for walking in the pine forest.The resort is recommended, especially those seeking a relaxing holiday, for pensioners and families with children.

Stock surcharges

administration dispensary "Karagayskiy Forest" takes utmost care of their customers.For their convenience, a flexible system of a variety of discounts.In addition, regularly hosts a variety of stocks.So, for the disabled and senior citizens a discount of 10% of the tour price.Children under three years can stay in the resort at a discounted price - 150 rubles per day.Discounts are available for students and state employees.Their size also makes 10% of the tour price.To get the discount, you must present a student card or a certificate of employment.

living in a double room and one can.However, it will have to pay for the second place in the amount of 50% of the tour price.For accommodation on extra bed in the room will have to pay 30%.In that case, if the client refuses services in less than two weeks before the date of arrival, it shall pay a penalty equal to the cost of one day stay.And set a minimum stay - three days.If the client wishes to stay in the resort for one or two days, he will have to pay 10% of the tour price for the day.


can be reached by plane or train ride from Chelyabinsk.In the city to find the bus station "North".Buy a bus ticket on the route Chelyabinsk - Verhneuralsk to stop "Karagayskiy forest."From the railway station bus leaves at 9.00 and 16.25.From Karagai boron it departs at 9:00.To get to the resort can also be from Yekaterinburg.With the "South" and "North" bus station departs bus number 928, the next in the direction of Ekaterinburg - Magnitogorsk.

In that case, if you want to get to the boarding house in his car, you need to move on the highway Ekaterinburg - Chelyabinsk.After passing the center of Chelyabinsk, you need to roll in the direction of Ufa and go to Chebarcul rotation (about 100 km).It should turn left (via Larino on Uiskoe) to Karagai boron.Magnitogorsk need to move towards Verhneuralsk further - to Urlyadinskogo and Karagai.Behind the gas station should turn left and continue for four kilometers.During the stop will be a right turn.Having passed 300 meters, you turn left and go to the boarding house.

Sanatorium "Karagayskiy Forest" (Chelyabinsk region) - clean place, which is worth a visit as a family.Ionized pine air, healthy steppe climate, useful mineral water - these are the main healing factors of this institution.