Camp "Zubrenok" in Belarus: reviews

Camp "Zubrenok" is one of the most popular and well-known places children's activities on the territory of Belarus.Active pastime, training sessions, wellness facilities, festivals and concerts - that's what awaits kids at the resort.

Camp "Zubrenok": location

This complex is located in one of the most colorful parts of Belarus - very close to the lake Naroch.It should be noted that the resort town occupies a rather large area of ​​the National Park called "Naroch".The distance to the city of Minsk is 160 km.

Brief description and history of the camp

In fact, children's camp "Zubrenok" - a place with a rich history.For the first time the resort town opened its doors to children August 17, 1969.In those days a trip to summer camp for the children was the real reward.Although at that time the complex was quite small (no more than 160 seats), it is fast becoming a popular holiday destination.Over the past forty years, the camp is constantly evolved and expanded.Today, it can take as many as 950

people, and its area is 76 hectares.

It should be noted that the camp "Zubrenok" consists of two structural units: a set of "Star", which includes housing, "Sun City", "Star World" and "green fields" and "Azure", in thewhich includes "Lake jetty", "French Island" and "Forest House".

Children's living in the resort town

Immediately after the arrival of the children are divided into groups by age and populated in a particular residential complex.The situation may be slightly different rooms in different buildings.However, the living conditions are decent.For a start it should be noted that in the hall there is a dressing room with lockers.Here, children are left outer clothing and shoes.As the body can only move in a replacement, "home".By the way, there is a shoe Electric driers.

Rooms may be different roominess: it occupy 2, 3, 4, 6 people.Of course, every child is assumed a comfortable bed and a bedside table to store personal belongings.There are also coffee (or written) tables, large closets.

In each case arranged so-called domestic premises.There are coolers with water and irons, ironing boards, refrigerators and microwaves.In addition, there is a lounge with sofas and a TV, decorative plants, - here, children can spend time watching informative programs, movies and cartoons.

Power scheme for holidaymakers

Each complex has its own dining area with plenty of places to seat all guests.Camp "Zubrenok" provides children complete five meals.The menu is varied and includes healthy dishes, fresh fruit and vegetables, milk products and, of course, delicious desserts.

medical care in the camp

Children's Health Camp "Zubrenok" has a private therapy center, which offers a lot of treatments aimed at improving the health of children.For a start it should be noted that this building undeveloped clinic with necessary medical facilities.There is also an inpatient unit, designed for 20 seats.

The camp offers a variety of health treatments including therapeutic massages, underwater showers, hardware physiotherapy (UHF, electric, magnetic therapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound irradiation), as well as aromatherapy, aeroionotherapy, therapeutic inhalation.In addition, the camp is equipped special gym with all necessary equipment, which is designed for practicing physical therapy.There is even a dental office where various procedures for oral care.

Sports Activities

in the camp are paying attention primarily to the physical development of children.Moreover, the child can choose his favorite sports section.The resort has plenty of sites where you can play volleyball, football and basketball.In addition, there is everything you need for a game of chess and checkers.

During the summer months children regularly spend time on the lake.Here they can not only swim and sunbathe, but also boating, jet skiing and boating.In the camp there are even a few private boats for boat trips.In addition, regularly holds fun water relay for holidaymakers.

Entertainment in winter no less fun.On the slopes form the track for sledges and skis.There is also a large private rink for hockey competitions and ice skating.

In addition, in the camp there are two trampolines that are very delight children.For younger campers have a big inflatable attraction called "Clown".There are also table tennis tables, outdoor fitness equipment, complete sets of darts and badminton, as well as well-equipped interactive shooting gallery.

On the other hand, for the children regularly organizes hiking and cycling trip.

Fun and educational activities

National Camp "Zubrenok" offers children a lot of fun and a wide variety of opportunities to gain new knowledge.For a start it is worth noting that there are various regular training program.For example, for the development of leadership and creativity as a child, the establishment of international relations (the children come here often from other countries).There are also special areas for supporting children in difficult life circumstances (for example, there are special programs for orphans, inmates of children's homes, and so on. D.).

There is also a large school, capable to accept 700 students from 6th to 11th grade.With the guys here work extremely professional and talented teachers.Naturally, all the rooms in the school are equipped with all necessary equipment and materials.Children in the classroom is always interesting, but no homework.

Of course, there are all conditions for creative development of children.Children can join at will to any mug.Classes are held in the Palace of children's creativity.There are workshops of drawing, papier-mache, origami.There are also clubs for the production of stained glass, weaving straw, knitting, creating soft toys, and so on. D.

should also be noted that the camp "Zubrenok" often becomes a venue for various international gatherings, scientific conferences, exhibitions, competitions, concerts, performances, festivals and so on. d. Therefore, children are unlikely to be bored, because every minute they will be busy with some interesting and useful.

Camp "Zubrenok" in Belarus: reviews of tourists

resort complex all year.And in the summer it accepts children aged from 6 to 17 years.And during the school year the boys 11-17 years of age can be held here training.Thousands of children visit the camp "Zubrenok."Reviews in the majority of cases are positive.Of course, first of all children celebrate a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.Also praised the kitchen, because the food is always fresh, tasty and varied.And, of course, indescribable atmosphere of warmth and fun and friendly attitude of counselors, educators and teachers create the perfect conditions for an unforgettable vacation.