Meshchersky Pond: rest near the house

Many are eagerly awaiting the onset of warm season.Substitute your face to the soft and gentle rays of sun, enjoy the bright colors of flowering trees and flowers, to eat sweet and juicy fruits - this is the dream of every.However, for all the charms of the summer season is agonizing for many negative - a stunning heat.Especially hard high temperature is transferred to large cities, where roads, clad in armor asphalt, heated several times more than the gravel road.For example, Moscow.Huge skyscrapers and the lack of trees that provide shade and coolness, provoke residents to seek refuge either in the air-conditioned rooms, or else in nature.And if a small category of people get to spend the warmer months outside the city streets, the majority of the population is able to escape in the bosom of nature only on the weekends.Therefore, the ideal option for Muscovites is to visit the nearby theme parks and located near bodies of water.One of these places are Meshchersky ponds.How to get there, and that is p

articularly attractive in these places - for these and some other questions are answered by the article.

Location reservoir

Many people are familiar with this area of ​​Moscow as Solntsevo.Of course, some of this territory have brought glory dashing 90-s.However, at the moment this area is famous for not only the guys in crimson jackets and tracksuits, but also with its beauty.The latter category refers Meschersky pond.In Solntsevo it is the largest of the six reservoirs, bearing the same name.In the mid-nineteenth century the territory of one of the modern villages near Moscow is the name of Prince Meshchersky.It was during his life and began their existence ponds.Without further ado, the local population has assigned the name of the host reservoirs.And so it has gone since then - Meschersky pond.The prince died, the estate became the property of the Bolsheviks, and the beauty of the ponds are now enjoying ordinary people.

natural abundance: water park and

Meschersky Great Pond is the enormous (in terms of titles) in a series of six artificial storage.In addition, he is the most beautiful of all.This reservoir is located in a picturesque location directly in front of the huge park.The latter, like the pond is called Meshchersky.It is worth noting that the public can not only enjoy a refreshing soft water, but also cool, which presented numerous trees planted in the park.On the one hand coastline pond encircled by a flexible willow inclined to ground its thin branches, on the other - bright emerald lawns interspersed with sandy mounds.Here and there, the naked eye can see the path leading into the cool waters.A huge pleasure for a walk on these paths winding among trees presenting a shadow.It is noteworthy that the ponds were originally river.It was called Navershka, or, as it became known later, Natoshenka.Gradually the river jammed, so it was divided into bodies of water.Big Meschersky pond there and still.His younger "brothers" are not so lucky: a few decades ago it was lowered.The area of ​​the lake is available thirteen hectares.

Epiphany bathing and fishing

Meschersky pond attracts fans of outdoor recreation, not only in summer but in winter.In the cold season, many fans of the hole will allow the ice baths to enjoy extreme fun.It is worth noting that on the territory of the pond almost every year organized Epiphany bathing.However, not only lovers to plunge into the warm or cold water attracts Meschersky pond.Fishing is also calling for the waterfront lovers of this pastime.It is worth noting here that the enormous catches can not be expected.However, for many fans to sit with a fishing rod is mostly just a process, not a result.

Lazy vacation or active games?

can sunbathe on the territory of a specially equipped for this purpose the beach.A gentle slope into the water provides a trouble-free and safe bathing even for children.Cabanas, numerous benches and gazebos, children's play area with swings and slides - all this is also located adjacent to the pond area.Swim in the cool water, lie in the sun, play outdoor games, read a book in the shade of trees or just enjoy the beauty of nature - each person can find employment here at its discretion.To get to this reservoir can be by car, as well as the shuttle bus to the stop "Meshchersky Village" or the train station to "Platform Skolkovo".