Beautiful place to relax near Moscow, a photo shoot or a walk

believed that in order to have a good rest, you need to travel outside the city.But this view is fundamentally mistaken.To admire the beauty of nature and the works of architectural art does not need to buy tickets to distant islands or to another city.Suffice it to sit in a private car or train to plunge into another world, to see a lot and have a good rest.Moscow - a great place for walks and photo shoots.


Perfect beautiful places near Moscow for the rest.One of the places that must visit history buffs, is the Archangel.Once this land belonged to the aristocracy.Within the walls of the manor was visited by many famous people, because it was the closest to Moscow.But the golden age ended when the power in their hands took the Communists.

Like many estates, this was converted to the needs of people.Here was located the hospital.Many years passed before Arkhangelsk was again attracting smart and beautiful people.Who is in the territory of the museum, which will appeal to all those who

are interested in the history of his native country.And after a walk and excursions sure to visit the restaurant, which is located near the museum.

It was at this restaurant will enable visitors to feel like aristocrats.Hall looks exactly as the dining rooms looked in tsarist times.In addition, visitors are invited to a fitting menu.Here you can taste that was served to kings and nobles.These weekend will be remembered for a lifetime.Beautiful places near Moscow will enable to know the pleasure.

Sergiev Posad

believed that this place is capable only of interest to the Orthodox people.But this is a mistake.A stay here is for everyone.Beautiful places near Moscow - is not just a chance to relax, and enjoy nature.And here it is just beautiful.

It should seize as much as possible and take a walk on the territory of Sergiev Posad.Lists, which describe the beautiful places near Moscow for a walk, can not do without this place.Here you can stay in silence, to enjoy the birds singing, escape from everyday hustle and think about the sublime.Such mood overtakes even those who do not consider themselves Christian.

especially a place like creative individuals.This is where you can find inspiration, new images.And the silence, which is a pleasure to work.


suburbs Beautiful places associated with the history of Russia.Walking, you can learn a lot.And also do a lot of great photos to remember this day, and then years later.Of course, the most important photo shoot - this is what happens on the wedding day.And the bride and groom want their pictures were taken in the most beautiful and scenic location.To realize this dream, it is enough to go to Melikhovo.

Once home, located here, belonged to the famous Russian classic Anton Chekhov.His love story with the actress Olga Knipper many remember from school.And in Melikhovo can feel like the heroes of this story.

Perfect beautiful places near Moscow for a wedding.It Melikhovo can make beautiful and romantic photo against the backdrop of the old manor, drenched in history, as well as on the background of beautiful nature.Enough to come here just once to fall in love with this place forever.


located in Moscow and another mansion, which also was once owned by Russian classics.In Shakhmatovo I was born and raised a wonderful poet Alexander Blok.By visiting this site, you can learn many interesting facts about this person, to become better acquainted with the work, and also to know what impact the character of the poet and make it the way we know today.

Walk through Manor Shakhmatovo ideal for family holidays.Parents who are wondering where they can bring their children to introduce them to the history of the country, must pay attention to this attraction.Not only are organized excursions, but also a variety of events, to participate in which will be interesting for both children and adults.

Ivankovskoe reservoir

most beautiful natural places of Moscow region ideal for walking as a family or with friends.No need to travel far to relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the city.One need only pay attention to the Ivankovo ​​Reservoir.

This place has become popular in the Soviet times.Arriving here, for starters, you can enjoy the beauty of the water surface, which reflects the sky.On the beach, you can not just relax, but also to be inspired to create something beautiful.For those who want to breathe deeply the fresh air, it is a special offer.You can ride on the boat, to visit the islands, which are scattered around the reservoir.The names of the islands certainly cheer up the tourists who come here for the first time.


Many people wonder what the place has beautiful abandoned suburbs.Nikitskoe is not, but the risks will soon enter this number.This place is considered one of the most anomalous throughout the suburbs.About him tell scary stories.Locals happy to share the legends who walk around their native land.

visit here resolved only daredevils.And the most desperate stroll through the woods, with whom he is associated most of the legends.This place is ideal for young people who want to test themselves.

Pavlovsky Posad

This place is known, of course, scarves.It is here that are great accessories that are known worldwide.Locals can not be proud of what they do.And so to all travelers who decide to spend the time, the opportunity to learn more about the history of scarves, their creation.And you can participate in various activities and, of course, buy a wonderful souvenir for yourself or your family.Products Pavlovsky Posad - a true work of art that will satisfy even the most fastidious people.

Bird Park

most beautiful places of Moscow region and is ideal for the whole family to get out and to walk with friends.The number of such places include the unique bird park, located in the Kaluga region.

This park was created by husband and wife Bielawski.They are so fond of birds, which do not spare them their own funds.Even as a poor student, they cherished the dream of one day create a paradise in which everyone will feel as if in a fairy tale.

saved enough money, the couple bought a former farm, which was no use to anyone, and put his dream into reality.Now everyone can come alone or in the company to enjoy a wide variety of bird species.Especially this trip will be of interest to children.Living in the city, they had no idea how many beautiful creatures made in the light of the nature.

Another advantage of the park is that some species of birds are allowed to stroke.They are trusting of people and can fly up very close.Guests of the park and did not notice how time flies.There are so many interesting things that day will not be enough for all to see and admire all.


When people choose a beautiful place near Moscow for photo shoots, they will turn their attention to Abramtsevo.Coming here, it seems that he was in a fairy tale.This is where you can create beautiful pictures on the background of nature or of art, created by well-known artists.

Abramtzevo - it is a beautiful place, which has been recognized by many artists.It is here that worked Mukhina, one of the most famous Soviet sculptors.Walking along the paths of this unique place, admiring nature, she was inspired to create works of art that immortalized her name through the ages.It was here that she began work on the famous sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl".

with this place name associated with another well-known in the Russian history of man.This manor house belonged to the writer Aksakov, one of the few who knew how to see and appreciate the beauty of nature.But Abramtzevo fond and other Russian writers.Because they are often visited by Aksakov.Here rested Turgenev, Tiutchev, Shchepkin, Pogodin, and many others.But the most frequent visitor here was Gogol.He not only rested, but also worked in the estate.Here he wrote a chapter for a novel "Dead Souls".And the family of the writer Aksakov was honored to hear it in the reading of the writer.

Abramtzevo walked on, and you can catch a wave to inspiration, relax and learn a lot.And you can make stunning images that will remind of a beautiful walk.