Red Lake (Kemerovo): where and how to get there

Red Lake (Kemerovo) - a favorite vacation spot of locals.The pond has a convenient location and warms up quickly in the summer.To get to the Red Lake is not hard, therefore, to massively summer people come to swim and sunbathe.Why

lake "red"?The name

local pond was not accidental.Red Lake (Kemerovo) has long been considered unfit for swimming.Local residents said, that in his enterprise was poured industrial effluents.Others argued that the reservoir receives sewage water used.However, those guesses were not confirmed.In fact, Red Lake (Kemerovo) - this is the place of an old quarry.That is why the reservoir has a relief bottom.And there live red crabs.For these reasons, the lake was a mystical name.As is known, like cancers of only pure water.Therefore, on water pollution can not worry.This year, experts from Rospotrebnadzor has repeatedly studied the water of the Red Lake, but did not find it harmful to human health of substances and microorganisms.

Danger local pond

Kemerovchane confer Red

Lake (Kemerovo) mystical features.In it several times drowned people.The pond is really a leader in the list of dangerous lakes in Kemerovo.Experts attribute this to the bottom of the pond.It has a complex terrain, because formed on the site of a former quarry.Over two meters of gently sloping bottom of the lake.It then quickly cut off to a depth of 4 to 6 meters.Many people do not know.They swim 2 meters, trying to get on his feet, but do not feel the bottom.Those who can not swim well, start to panic.For this reason, several people were killed.In addition, the hole in the lake formed due to the fact that there has long mined sand for construction purposes.For these reasons, about the lake composed mystical legends and tried to bypass his side.But now everyone knows the true causes of the danger of the reservoir.

Why is not comfortable beach

Where is Red Lake in Kemerovo, knows practically every local resident: Leningradsky Prospekt, 1, k. 1. Although the pond is very popular among kemerovchan, he still is not equipped beach.Municipalities reason is simple: the lake is dangerous for swimming due to unfavorable bottom topography.Despite this, in the summer the coastline of the reservoir is full vacationers.People are not afraid of the warnings about the irregularities of the bottom.The lake water is clean and warm.Therefore, the reservoir is such an attractive area for recreation.

How to get to the Red Lake

Pond is located on Leningradsky Prospekt, 1. Here is recreation of the same name.Therefore, visitors, guests can fully enjoy their stay.Where is Red Lake (Kemerovo), how to get there by public transport, not everyone knows.To get to the pond in three ways:

  1. Buses №№ 19, 19K to stop "Sewing Factory - entertaining center" Winter Cherry "."
  2. route taxis №№ 6t, 19t with a change in the shopping center "Austronik" (only on weekdays).
  3. In summer - taxi number 46 to stop "Red Lake".

swim in the pond can be in designated areas.But travelers should be taken seriously to ads warn against swimming in prohibited places.Penalties for extreme bathing increased substantially.If earlier for a similar offense vacationers pay about 300 rubles, now the amount has increased to 500-1000 rubles.And for the "drunk heats" will have to pay about 3000 rubles.