"Mirgorod" (spa) - the official site, and reviews.

For a full and healthy life is not enough to eat well and to play sports.For the whole body it is very important to periodically build up strength.In other words, a person needs at least once a year redeveloped.The ideal place for this task can be a sanatorium.It is a unique institution that is usually located away from the noisy and polluted city.Its main aim is to cheer up dear guest and strengthen his immune system.

"Mirgorod" - health spa, which includes a range of modern and comfortable buildings.It was there that can improve your health, save strength for the future of the working year and just relax.And yet - to stock up positive emotions.

Features sanatorium "Mirgorod»

Everyone knows that spas are experienced general practitioners who prescribe preventive treatment and treatments to their patients.Each camper has his own room, his duty is to carry out assignments that he had been discharged."Mirgorod" - health spa, which offers live normally or suite.Note that the seven-storey building ha

s an elevator, and next to it is a two-story house, in which there are appropriate rooms.

«Mirgorod» - sanatorium, which allows you to relax and recover from a variety of diseases, the main ones (which specializes in the institution) is a disease of the intestine and stomach.Furthermore, in the facility can improve respiratory and urogenital system.Rehabilitation department is ideal for people who have suffered a stroke.In the first days of arrival will diagnose patients, and each person will be able to take advantage of modern equipment and latest methods of medicine.In addition to these diseases, the sanatorium engaged in urological and gynecological problems.

Features sanatorium "Mirgorod»

As noted above, sanatorium "Mirgorod" Mirgorod equipped with new equipment, among which the machine "Intromag", "Intrast" Korobov, "Andro-Gin" cystourethroscopy and others.In addition to traditional methods of medicine, visitors can try to be like aromatherapy.

Note that in a sanatorium equipped classrooms hirudotherapy, physical therapy, pneumopressing and so on.Everyone will be able to visit the physiotherapy, enjoy segmental massage, to establish the bowels and bladder.Quite an original way of treatment is the method of healing for those who have suffered a stroke, heart attack, surgery or has a congenital disease.It is oroterapii and is called "the mountain air."

Accommodation in the sanatorium "Mirgorod»

Of course, many people are interested in is the living conditions."Mirgorod" - resort, where you can choose single, double and triple room.In most cases, it offers luxury rooms.The rooms are almost identical and fully ensure a comfortable stay of patients.

resort is located next to the river Khorol.Near it are equipped with medical beaches and boat stations.The facility is located 150 meters from the mineral water pump room.Quite often called the pearl of Mirgorod Ukraine.This is due to the fact that in this city the perfect conditions for the recovery.There is a healing mineral water, mud, and unique, and of course the crystal clear air.

Services "Mirgorod»

variety of different entertainment offers resort "Mirgorod".Official site of the institution expands on each of them.But, summarizing this information, we note that in the sanatorium housed a gym, an excellent tennis court, pool, bar, restaurant, recreation center, playground, beauty salon and more.In addition, patients can visit a discotheque, shops, post office, pharmacy, sauna, museum, cinema, video and library.There is satellite TV.This is not the full list of entertainment and services that can take advantage of each visitor.It is impossible not to mention the tours, which can be ordered directly in the sanatorium.There is always a hair salon.

Start in "paradise»

Sanatorium "Mirgorod" (website - www. Sanmirgorod. Ru) offers more than three hundred kinds of examinations and procedures.Thanks best European equipment will significantly improve the patient's health.The rich cultural program, in turn, will not get bored dear guests.Today, with confidence and pride can be argued that the sanatorium "Myrhorod" in Mirgorod - one of the best on the entire territory of Ukraine.In the year of hospital consisting of four blocks, receives more than 30 thousand guests.

On the territory, visitors have the opportunity to stay active (if health permits), or order a guided tour to visit the Palace of Culture of the resort called "Mirgorod".

Active recreation in Mirgorod

If a tourist decided to stay active, he should visit the enchanting parks, order a horse ride, visit the gym or enjoy a unique flower gardens.In winter, help to diversify leisure skis and snowboards, with which you can go down the low and safe descent.


«Mirgorodkurort" - a complex of resorts, which have their differences, but their main purpose is similar - to treat people and give them pleasure.On average, one institution can stay up to 600 people.Rooms may consist of both one and four rooms.As for food, in some medical institutions exclusively fed a low-calorie diet, that is diet.Visit Mirgorod, "Birch grove" - ​​health spa, which specializes in the treatment of diabetes, as well as the pancreas.This is where the patients receive three meals a day diet food.

But that's not all places, which is famous for the beautiful city of Myrhorod.Gogol Sanatorium, which specializes in the treatment of the digestive system - another pride of the ancient city.It is close to the river and the forest, which guarantees the patient clean and fresh air.Here, too, is fed a diet food, which is prepared the best chefs in the country.A resident of the resort can take the opportunity to order food from the restaurant (if it does not harm the child's health).

Describing Mirgorod, Sanatorium "Khorol" is also not to be missed.Where doctors specialize in problems of the digestive system, treatment of gynecological diseases and rehabilitation.The facility helps pregnant women, and people with abnormal genitalia.In addition, doctors are assisting children who have been improper functioning of the digestive system.

Reviews of Mirgorod sanatoria

Anyone can visit the sanatorium "Mirgorod", the official site is available at any time.On its pages, the visitor will be able to find useful information about the resort, familiarize yourself with the games, as well as the cost of the permit, visit the gallery and carefully examine the range of medical institution.

elaborate on the services that are included in the price in the resort.The first and most important - is, of course, accommodation.Guests praise sanatorium cozy rooms, wonderful views, express their appreciation for food, which is included in the price.It is full board, food is prepared from organic products.These professionals do have delicious dishes.Guests of the resort have the opportunity at any time to attend a working swimming pools, saunas, tennis courts and other entertainment.Finally, the residents of medical institutions can book a tour, relax on the beach or take a walk in a beautiful park.