Butterfly Museum in St. Petersburg - what is this wonderful place?

live butterflies Garden - a unique place, where every visitor can forget about their problems and relax, enjoying the fluttering "alive" colors.To get to this fabulous place, it is not necessary to go abroad.In St. Petersburg has its own area of ​​the eternal summer, even if the street snow or drizzle of autumn rain.

What is it?

«Mindo" - Garden of live butterflies - the first exhibition, which presents about 50 species of tropical butterflies from all over the world.It's not even exposure, but a real botanical garden where there are the most exotic plants and flowers from the tropics.Among them flit hundreds if not thousands of winged beauties.There are no fences, so the inmates Garden freely contact with visitors and safely withstand numerous photo shoots.

Butterfly Museum in St. Petersburg

Now "Mindo" - a huge complex for the construction of which lasted more than eight months.The project Future Butterfly Garden worked best architects, while expeditions to rainforests America and Asia, held n

umerous consultations with the foreign gardens in England, Switzerland, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Costa Rica.

The result of all these efforts is evident.The complex is fully simulates the rainforest.Temperature here is 30 degrees at 80% relative humidity.There are sea views from living in it water turtles, swamp and all its inhabitants, and the characteristic vegetation, the lagoon with beautiful water lilies, shamanic shack and even Mayan pyramid.For the curious, a special incubator, where they may be present at the birth of the new cruise inmates Garden.This point will not leave anyone indifferent.


Once in the museum of butterflies in St. Petersburg for the first time, many freeze with delight.A huge number of multi-colored butterflies floating in the air.Some of them, stumbling in flocks, arrange air salochki.There are days when at the same time, the light appears as butterflies, they do not even have enough space at the trough of fruit, where they regale juice and nectar.Then there is a real struggle for a place at the table.But the most interesting thing is that here are collected these types of butterflies that would never meet in the wild.Nevertheless, in the Garden, they simply sit "wing to wing" on your favorite plants.

Of particular interest is the world's largest butterfly - Attacus Atlas.In the wild it can be found in Borneo in Southeast Asia.That night beauty, which allocated only five days to please their views.Then she dies.And all because of the fact that it has no proboscis, and she does not eat.

Another inhabitant of this place not less worthy of attention - Blue Morpho.It is considered the most beautiful butterfly in the world.Her wings with a metallic sheen, depending on the angle of incidence of the light can shine with a variety of shades - from pale blue to dark green or blue.It is called the pearl of the Amazon forest.The local tribes of this butterfly is sacred.They believe that Morpho - messenger of the gods and can transmit them to the innermost desires of the people.The wingspan of these butterflies is impressive.It can reach 14 cm. The very same Morfidov considered long-liver in comparison with other butterflies.It can live up to 1.5 months.


is gratifying to note that the Museum of live butterflies in St. Petersburg was the recipient list of unique and rare butterflies - Ptitsekrylok, ornithopter Priam - from the nursery in Australia.He is the only one in the world where the endangered species are bred.In the year of the nursery can give the gardens of butterflies all over the world no more than 100 cocoons.And it needs to earn a reputation among these gardens and the confidence of the workers nursery.And it's pretty hard.

reggae lovers in the Garden of the Butterflies on the street.Ropshchinskaya a surprise.Every Thursday will be devoted to this musical direction.The compositions of artists from Jamaica, Costa Rica, Colombia and other countries will create a cozy atmosphere of the Caribbean islands - home to many tropical butterflies.


exposure butterflies addition, the complex has its own shop.Here you can buy live butterflies for a gift or order them to the wedding.Handmade souvenirs no less popular.It should be noted that the manufacture of frames and panels with dried butterflies is used only high-quality prints.There are handicrafts, in which artisans use these wings.The range is huge, for every taste and budget.None of the visitors to the exhibition will not leave empty-handed.

Butterfly Museum in Saint Petersburg, photos of which you can see in this article, holds charity trips for disabled children and orphans.It's enough to agree to any child care center by phone or contact by e-mail.So kiddies particularly lacking warmth and attention.Sightseeing tours in the warm world of fairy tales make them a little happier.Already, thousands of children were able to visit the Museum of butterflies in St. Petersburg and touch of nature.

Staff at convincing visitors are asked not to touch the beautiful inmates and tropical flowers.Nevertheless, butterflies often hold quite different views and themselves begin to "stick" to the guests.Especially they like bright clothes and perfumes with a delicate floral aroma.Therefore, wishing to communicate more closely with Nature should dress and sprinkled with bright light spirits themselves.The main thing is not to overdo it with the smell.In conditions of high humidity and temperature of the strong smell of perfume can head ache, and then the whole tour will be hopelessly spoiled.

Conclusion Now that you know that there are butterflies Museum in St. Petersburg, we address it now to you list.The large garden is located on the street.Truth, d. 12, and the second is located on the street.Ropshinskoye, d. 17. Knowing this information, you can immediately go on the tour.Just remember that butterflies Museum in St. Petersburg is open from eleven in the morning until eight o'clock in the evening.Last session at 19:30.Those who have been in a place like Butterfly Museum in St. Petersburg, reviews excursion leaves only positive.This is not surprising, because the wonderful creation of fascinating beauty.