Lefortovo Manor: The Story of origin, the description

Manor Lefortovo in Moscow is one of the oldest districts.The area changed beyond recognition for many centuries by the vagaries of its different owners, each time demonstrating their unique character and flavor.


past is intertwined with the history of Lefortovo Yauza.This river flows into the German settlement.The first actual mention of the various settlements of foreigners in Moscow can be found in the writings of the XVI - XVII centuries.The Livonian War was the cause of the foreigners in the capital of the set.It is believed that the city's first German settlement, located between brook and Yauzoy Kukui, was formed poselёnnyh apart from Ivan the Terrible captured enemies.


reign of Peter 1 turned German settlement and the neighboring village of Transfiguration in the noble suburb of Moscow.These lands have also become the core of Russia's political life.There was an acquaintance of Peter and Franz Lefort.In the future, they will become the best of friends.Peter often spent t

ime on the river Yauza, in a modest house of his friend.King visited Lefort always with a crowd of gay friends.Great Hall, built to shelter each other and designed for 1,500 guests, was paid for Peter.But this was not enough for the king.In 1697-1698 gg.on the site of a modest house were built stone mansions, paid entirely state-owned money.When it started in the late XVII century.under the direction of Peter's military restructuring the entire left bank was transferred to the military settlements Preobrazhensky Lefortovo Semenovski and regiments.In 1692, in September, the construction of 500 soldiers' barracks.They stood in the direct right order, and could be in this situation had to distinguish the direction of the streets and alleys.Across the river there are new bridges, called the Soldiers' and the Hospital, and in 1711 began construction of the stone church, named after the Saints Peter and Paul.Since the beginning of its existence manor Lefortovo.Built almost become a representative palace of Peter the Great.Settlement in the new wards celebrated in February 1699 In March the same year, one of Peter died.But the building is developed further.In 1706-1707 gg.Peter was made an order, and for the wounded officers erected a "military goshpital."Left bank of the Yauza in the XVIII century.It served as a place for walking and living, metropolitan residence of the emperor.He began to build up his Golovin - approximation of the king.Theodore A. in 1701 acquired from the ex-wife of the late merchant's house next to the Lefortovo palace and built a homestead on European traditions.Later it became the seat of the king.Later the manor was bought Lefortovo Peter's successor Theodore Alexeyevich.In its place Bidloo began building on behalf of the Emperor, and added a new palace during its construction water sources.


For Yauzoy and were building palaces;Finca Lefortovo expanded.During the reign of Peter II, the Chamber is in the palace, who have a great story.Here Peter II and Catherine Dolgoruky became the wife of the Supreme Privy Council decided to sit on the throne of Courland Anna Ivanovna, who was the niece of Peter I, here and celebrate its victory.Ruler has commissioned Rastrelli on the construction of the new royal chambers.During the reign of Paul I, starting from 1796 to 1801, the estate became the Lefortovo look military-style parade.Catherine Palace turned into a barracks Arharovskogo police regiment.Suburban Chamber, which was the king's representative, the new ruler placed on the right bank of the Yauza, near the palace Lefort.Buildings are located on different sides of the river, was the connecting stone bridge.He has changed a bit, and now preserved.Today it is the oldest bridge in Moscow.Though Paul I was the last person to live here, there are sometimes marked celebrations such as the ascent to the throne of Alexander II in 1856. Since 1830, these lands become Blagushe-Lefortovo District of the capital.

current time

In 2005, was created by Moscow State Museum-Reserve.It includes Golovinskiy park, which will be reconstructed and open for tours.On the territory on which the manor Lefortovo rave reviews.Tourists who come to see this place affects the scope of construction, decoration of palaces.Invariably each year attracts lovers of the history of the manor Lefortovo.How to get to this place?Walking distance from metro. "Bauman" can be reached in 20 minutes.From the square of three stations to the estate goes to the tram number 50, and from m. "Kursk" - № 24. At the 24th trolley can be reached from metro. "Aviamotornaja" and m. "Red Gate".