Kuchugury (Krasnodar region): rest, photo, reviews

After a long and hard working, all are looking forward to leave to go to the sea and a good rest.For some it has become a tradition.The best place many call the village Kuchugury (Krasnodar region).

Pacific paradise

The village itself is situated on the territory of the Taman Peninsula.It was founded about a century ago, about 20 years of the last century.The population of the village is a little more than two thousand people.Kuchugury (Krasnodar region) will be perfect for relaxation for those who do not like too crowded places, but at the same time prefer to enjoy all the benefits of civilization.

What attracted Kuchugury?

main advantage of rest is the opportunity to visit a lot of interesting excursions and enjoy the beauty of the warm climate and the sea.Kuchugury (Krasnodar region) differ from those places of the Black Sea coast of the lack of cold currents.Whenever tourists come here either, they will enjoy the gentle waters of the coast.That is why many people choose Kuchugury (Krasnod

ar region).The water temperature is affectionate and warm sea, welcomes guests, throughout the holiday season does not fall below 20 ° C.

The exception may be the rainy season in June, but even after the sun has time to warm up the shower the sand and water near the shore, so the opportunity to sunbathe and swim is always there.Do not forget about the healing properties of relaxing in Kuchugury.In this village there is a unique mud volcano.

Let us recall the historical value of this beautiful place.In the Middle Ages on the Taman Peninsula set of trade routes intersect.Historians admit that the first settlements on the peninsula appeared before our era.At the time, Homer wrote about the territory of the Taman Peninsula, stressing that there were Scythian way and the road "from the Vikings to the Greeks."Rest in the village Kuchugury (Krasnodar region) - it is not only comfortable, but also affordable.Prices are not "bite".


Kuchugury - a great choice for families with children.Favorite place for children is considered rope park "Madagascar."There are several trails.The easiest - is a green trail, where accompanied by their parents passed six years even kids, but with one condition: their growth to exceed 1 m 20 cm. The yellow trail is slightly heavier, designed for teenagers from ten years (preferably accompanied by an adult).Individual passage permitted only adult, and only in the presence of a companion.

Kuchugury Village will satisfy all your desires.For lovers of adrenaline and thrill here is equipped amusement park "Emelya" and karting.For fans of fishing is open opportunity to visit the hatchery, which is located approximately eight kilometers from the village.For those who prefer to travel on foot, offered to walk to the magnificent garden of peach, broken at the entrance to the village.It is unlikely that you will find the flavor is better than the divine smell of freshly picked peaches.These fruits can be purchased at very reasonable prices - from 70 to 90 rubles per 1 kg.For selected juicy peaches just plucked from the tree, it's a low price.The more that you can see for yourself as a product and see the garden, where it was grown.

Rest and treatment at the same time relax in

Kuchugury Krasnodar region encourages people who suffer from skin diseases: psoriasis, eczema, rashes, and various diseases of the joints.To facilitate the state will visit the mud volcano.By the way, the procedure here can be taken entirely for free, while the spa similar service will cost a couple of thousand.

Something special

Kuchugury attract and young people as active here, too, in high esteem.Cafes and bars in the village offer a very wide variety of dishes and cocktails.These institutions are very comfortable and have fun.Incendiary foam parties are very popular with tourists, so that your vacation will be a memorable one in a place with an interesting name Kuchugury (Krasnodar region).Reviews of the people who have visited here, filled with gratitude and vivid memories.

village is like a paradise: great weather, sea, sun, beach, developed tourist infrastructure and friendly staff that will fulfill all your requests.What else you need for a happy holiday?

Kuchugury will be an unforgettable place for wine gourmets: there is a great chance to visit the winery "Millstream."After an interesting tour escort guests to a tasting of five sparkling wines, the secret of which is still kept secret.

Kuchugury give a pleasant, interesting and unforgettable experience for people of all ages and taste preferences.Rest is best in the summer, although there is beautiful at any time of the year.Anyone who has visited this charming village, will always remember the atmosphere of celebration and family comfort.

tours and travel

Kuchugury in a wide range of tours.The first trip is "Secrets of the Black Sea" for diving.On the way to the Black Sea coast, you can watch the huge reefs that reach eight meters, mysterious grottoes and niches with a high concentration of rays, mussels, crabs and other marine inhabitants.

For fans of extreme car trips offered tour "Shapsugs."Traveling with a breeze off-road through mountainous terrain will take a lot of ambiguous impressions!


Not to worry on account of housing in the village Kuchugury (Krasnodar region).Guest houses there for every taste and budget.They are like a mini-hotel with comfortable rooms and spectacular views from the windows.Previously came here to relax lovers of "savages."But over time, the hotel infrastructure is so expanded that come with tents is no longer necessary.Guesthouse attracted by the fact that, unlike the big hotels, there reigns peace and comfort.This atmosphere is reinforced by the presence of equipped a lovely patio where you can relax in peace after walks or excursions.Often in these courtyards there is a small clean swimming pools, so that the adoption of water treatments do not have to go to the sea.All these benefits attract tourists, so better think reservations in advance.

For those who prefer to rest in the town Kuchugury (Krasnodar region), the private sector offers great options that are perfectly suited as a shelter.There are a variety of proposals from single rooms to comfortable houses with all amenities.

How to get there?

And you have chosen holiday destination Kuchugury (Krasnodar region)."How do I get there?" - You ask.It's very simple: there are two ways.

First, the train connections to Anapa and Novorossiysk, and from there a taxi to get to Kuchugury.

Second to Port Caucasus reached by bus, which passes near the village.You must get off at "Fontalovskaya."There's always waiting for "private entrepreneurs" - they take you to the village.The distance is only five kilometers away.And here you are in paradise!