Oceanarium in Krasnodar - a successful incarnation of the amazing beauty of the underwater world

donning scuba gear and flippers, you can take a fascinating journey into the world of the deep sea and river inhabitants, visiting the aquarium in Krasnodar."Galaxy" - is the city shopping center, where you can make a wonderful shopping, to see and to take part in a variety of fairs, exhibitions, festivals and charity events.And wander through the spectacular exposures of the largest aquarium in the south of Russia.


Grand Aquarium in Krasnodar, capacity of water basins which exceeds 850 tons, is equipped with the latest generation of a variety of filters for continuous purification of water, similar in composition to the ocean.With the help of modern air conditioning system maintains a comfortable temperature.Several tens of thousands of visitors mesmerizing aquarium of marine and freshwater fauna.

Shark tunnel

particular interest is the glass tunnel with its fearsome inhabitant - sharks.The thrill of the visitors there when directly overhead or at arm's length headlong rush blac

ktip sharks.Slowly drifting Whitetip predators fascinate his menacing grace.It was their relatives in the recent past have attacked Egyptian tourists.Their feeding once in three days, around 17:30 local time, the diver made the oceanarium.However, sometimes being of marine life make adjustments in diet.A lot of emotions is this action of the visitors, especially children, who with their eyes wide open to absorb the magic of sea elements.

Excursion possibilities

Oceanarium in Krasnodar called "Ocean Park" consists of several levels.Therefore, the most remote of aquariums can be reached, only a little wandering on the stairs.On the monitors located above some great aquariums, constantly updated information is available on the local inhabitants.In addition, the territory of the kingdom of water works experienced guide.He said a huge number of interesting facts from the life of the underwater world.In order to listen to his story entertaining, it should just find a crowd of curious visitors and join the tour.

Water creative

very interesting and fascinating spectacle for the visitors was the observation of a fish-parrot, which does not reproduce on their own in vitro.The local ichthyologists have found a fairly simple and creative solution: using a non-standard jaws, exotic color and other creative refinements they create the conditions for its fertilization, which is extremely amuses others.

water is water, and lunch schedule

Oceanarium in Krasnodar (address: Uralskaya str., 98) was one of the fun and educational attractions.Every day you can see how eating piranhas and pacu Natterer.

As an added bonus for tourists - the organization of self-feeding of some residents.Red-eared sliders and Japanese koi with some lazy, but still willing to absorb a treat.By listening carefully to announcements broadcast in the hall, you can find out what the inhabitants of the aquarium will soon be fed, and, therefore, to observe the process.Lunch dangerous morays and voracious piranhas is particularly keen interest in adult lovers of ichthyology.

tactile contact

In addition, very popular aquariums in which the inhabitants live, you can touch it.Of course, it's fun safe, since they are only toothless carp, not menacing predators that inhabit the aquarium Krasnodar.

Official Website (ocean-park.ru) provides a variety of information about the network aquariums located in Krasnodar, Gelendzhik and Anapa, as well as a grand building in Dubai.

Entertainment diversity

Many marine and freshwater fish as well as crustaceans and newts, are located on the background of waterfalls and lagoons cozy, conveniently lit and elegantly decorated by designers.

Oceanarium in Krasnodar offers visitors not only the inspection of tanks, but also a café with an impressively bright photos inhabitants of the deep sea in the most favorable angles.In the "Children's hut" young artists can show their talent by drawing one of the local representatives of the underwater world.Under the attentive supervision of reliable animation children's dreams come true, and the final chord becomes a sweet prize.Exposure mechanical sharks, meet visitors at the entrance, some young visitors makes an indelible impression.Jaws its ominous move, and fire burning with artificial eyes can briefly cause consternation among minors naturalists.As a final chord aquarium Krasnodar proposed acquisition of commemorative gifts to souvenir shop.

Another zoological world

The city has another aquarium, open much earlier, in 1996.His exposure over 3 floors.Oceanarium in Krasnodar (Gardening, 6) can demonstrate and dozens of species of fish, and a dozen mammals and reptiles.

The pool first floor feel at ease, Japanese carp, sturgeon great neighbors, whose leisurely float past black and white swans.Martens and porcupines, mongooses and raccoons, feral cats Far East can be observed in cages, and for viewing the exhibits with exotic reptiles and aquarium inhabitants should rise on the floor above.

unique and memorable spectacle delivers the emotional pleasure of the visual extravaganza and made new tactile sensations when immersed in such a realistic simulation of a mysterious underwater world.