Attractions Sverdlovsk region.

In the Sverdlovsk region, near the village of Didino, there is an old tunnel.Once upon a time there were trains.Its name - Didinsky - he got from the name of a settlement of the railway station.Fans urbantripa - fashioned youth stalker course, the purpose of which is to visit the abandoned objects - has long chosen this place.

Didinsky tunnel.History

In the old, tsarist era railway runs through this move, connecting the two large cities - Kazan and Yekaterinburg.Later, under the Soviet regime, in this thread, but only in one direction, and I walked part of "Sverdlovsk-Druzhinino."Back train going the other way, minuyuschemu underground corridor.Once Didinsky tunnel photo that is presented in the article, is an important strategic object.Adjacent to the construction area was surrounded by barbed wire, militarized guard day and night guard was carrying.In our time, we have nothing here, just around the complete desolation and faint traces of Soviet troops who carried round the clock watch on the safet

y of railway communication.Stalkers, these places are found numerous echoes of their presence - dilapidated bunkers, remnants of beds and other items.


There were no tragedies this place.According to eyewitnesses, after the tunnel was opened Didinsky, one of the project managers committed suicide.They said that due to incorrect calculation of this man were admitted blunders ... And among men there is a rumor that somewhere in the vicinity of the tunnel in the ground Didinskogo are countless treasures of Admiral Kolchak, who he tried to hide from the Bolsheviks.Its trains during the retreat to Siberia took place just this way.

Tale our time

Everything is literally permeated with mystical mystery.Both the entrance of the tunnel Didinsky covered with sparse vegetation, are very similar to the outlines of an ancient fortress tower.Portals forming entrance, very beautiful.When you look at them you would think that he was in some kind of fairy tale, unreal realm, inhabited by elves.The length of the tunnel is 1123 meters.According to some archival data, he punched both sides at the same time, but due to an error of the designer is not connected to the desired point.For this reason, stone corridor is slightly curved, but through it all the same clearly visible opposite the entrance.

stalker's paradise

movement through the underpass started in 1918 and lasted until December 1995.Once away from the tunnel was built bypass road convoys through it stopped grooming.An object is very complicated system of wastewater.Nowadays it is highly dilapidated and practically ceased to perform their functions.Therefore, within the corridor in the warm season is always a lot of water and smooth like polished ice.The area in front of the tunnel, if you do not go heavy rains, always dry, and under its arches all year reigns icy cold, and even hang from the ceiling of an icicle.Stalkers are strongly recommended to visit this place in good rubber boots, so as not to get his feet wet.In the center of the construction there is a ventilation shaft depth a little more than 50 m. The numerous niches in the walls of the corridor are to the approach of a train could hide and wait.Because of the strong dilapidated and large amounts of water Didinsky tunnel emergency declared dangerous object.Within its territory may result in unpleasant, even tragic consequences for human health and life.There is a danger of falling into a deep, undisguised wells or get hit on top of a stone stingray.To avoid injury and suffering, it is necessary to exercise the utmost caution.For lovers of extreme sports there is the possibility of descent into the wells, which are located nearby, and inspection of drainage branches.At this time, the tunnel Didinsky cleared of all the tracks.The fact that there once lay the sleepers and rails are reminiscent only remnants of the mound.From metal gratings, once covered the entrance to the dungeon, too, there was nothing left.Therefore, the penetration into no problems.

Didinsky tunnel.How to get to this place?

You can get there in two ways: by train and by car.In an electric train, which follows the route of "Yekaterinburg-Druzhinino" need to get to the platform, "1590 km".Then walk to the station, without going to the other side of the paths through the village to the old railway embankment.Now, just about a hundred meters between the houses and to the right, a few hundred meters away seem portal of the tunnel.If you wish to place can be reached by car.For these purposes, it is best to approach the SUV.The move should be on the Moscow highway (Yekaterinburg-Perm), by Revd.After Khomutovka pointer to miss a left turn.