Good beaches on the mainland Italy and the islands

Leisure at sea in Italy - one of the gifts that we can give to themselves or their children.However, in order to holiday was the most smoothly and be remembered as the best and most fun, it is important to choose a resort that will meet all requirements.Many people know that the good beaches in Italy are usually described in detail on many tourist sites, but in fact the situation is somewhat different.In this wonderful country recreation areas are divided into two categories: children and adults.So now we have a detailed look at each of them, and you will be able to choose the most acceptable option.

Nordic resorts of the country

Every tourist knows that good Italian beaches on the mainland are located on the coast of the Ligurian Sea.The main center of the region is the city of Genoa, which is also an excellent shopping center, as well as a place of concentration of historical monuments.Resort Liguria is characterized by its natural beauty and mild climate.There is a huge amount of greenery that re

aches its thickets of sea strip.Themselves beaches that stretch along the water, covered with golden sands.Some of them are located in the bay, so small, but very comfortable and clean.Similarly, things from the Adriatic Sea.There are good beaches are enclosed in Italy under the name of the resort of Lido di crawl, which is close to the Venice lagoon.

main resorts of the Adriatic domain

Marittima resort on the east coast of Italy - one of the most respected in the country.There is a huge number of water attractions, cafes and bars, upmarket restaurants and nightclubs.The beaches with gray sand and flexibility to relax here with the children.As a rule, the cost of each tour includes chairs, so to find a place in the spacious sandy plains you will not be difficult.However, the best beaches on the mainland of Italy - is a resort with the names of Rimini and Riccione, which are located just south of the Venetian lagoon.There bustling round the clock.Numerous open-air disco, a lot of elite restaurants and boutiques that are open right on the seafront, huge separate complexes - all this brought to the attention of tourists.Themselves sandy beaches, mild and very clean.Depending on the weather then you can either simply swim in the sea or windsurfing.

stunning nature reserves in Sardinia

lovers of white fine sand can safely go to the island of Sardinia.Here is concentrated the maximum amount of natural beauty that has its origins in a luxurious green parks, and ends beyond the horizon of the sea.Despite the fact that most of the resorts in Sardinia - it's fishing villages, a holiday here is incredibly comfortable and fun.It is believed that all the good beaches of Italy, that are related to the island of Sardinia, located in the village of San Teodoro.Here tourists welcomed the mild climate, the lack of wind and numerous coves with warm sea.Well, out of all this, we conclude that this place is ideal for holidays with children.

With chic

But the southern coast of the island of Sardinia - is a series of luxury hotels and villas, expensive restaurants and boutiques.In the evening there begins to boil nightlife that does not stop until the morning.This famous resort for the rich under the name of Cagliari you can find a golf club, a variety of tours highlighting local nature attractions, and more.It is believed that the best beaches in Italy are concentrated here, where flaunt large whitish sandy plains.The temperature of the air and the sea here rises very high in the summer months, allowing you to fully enjoy the easy summer heat and cool, which blows from the sea.Of course, it is at Cagliari you can enjoy the finest Italian wines.

Southern Sorrento as it is beautiful!

natural greenery and beauty of landscapes, history, left by our ancestors in the architecture, and modern service - all this holds up to the Amalfi Coast (the southern coast of the Sorrento peninsula).The town of Amalfi - a major cultural center of the region.Here on a high rock is the church of St. Andrew, and at its foot are wide sand and pebble beaches that are washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea.Nearby is the town of Ravello, lined with beautiful gardens and shrubs.From the rock on which it is located, offering stunning views of the Mediterranean.Good beaches of Italy in the region are located in the towns of Minori and Maiori - here coastal line covered with snow-white sands are lapped by the warm blue sea.

heat, which gives Sicily

About Sicilian beauty and the gifts of nature legends began to walk since ancient times.Today, it is believed that the best beaches in the South of Italy, centered on this peninsula which is washed by several seas.The beauty of relaxation is the capital of the region - Palermo - is in close proximity to the main beach resorts.So, here you can do shopping, visit museums and theaters, and at the same time to feel the sea breeze, which is heard in the city breeze.The closest and very crowded resort - Cefalu.Here life has been simmering ever, even the city's beaches, which are covered by the warm sand, the eyeballs filled.

Holiday province of Sicily

most respectable resort island is Messina.It is located on the Gulf of Patti, why here and organized the largest in the country marina.Beaches in the area are wide, lingering, full sand.Because of the many hotels that operate on an "all inclusive", then you can relax both alone and with children.The region is rich in natural heritage.There is a lot of conifer plantations, which give shade in the hot summer days.Along with them, here the mass of tropical vegetation, among which a lot of fruit trees.The main wealth of the island is considered an active volcano.Due to the fact that the lava heats the local fresh water, they can spend the healing process.


Across Europe, it is the Italian beaches are the most beautiful, comfortable and suitable for every type of holiday.Here you can find both very quiet bays, coves, where you can splash around for days in warm water, and portions of the open sea.Knowing where the good beaches in Italy, in which cities and regions, you will be able to plan your vacation and spend it with the most properly.