Crimean Bridge in Moscow

One of the many attractions of the capital, of course, is the Crimean bridge connecting the two arcs of the Garden Ring in a single transport communication.It is interesting for its architectural design, and a variety of historical circumstances associated with it.Look carefully for this important object of the transport infrastructure of the capital.

History of the Moskva River at that location had little depth, it provides the possibility of its wading.Crimean ford called by name located here representative of the Crimean Khanate in Moscow.This place is the starting point of trade routes linking the capital of the Russian state with the southern territories.Now the existing Crimean bridge - already the fourth in a row.The first bridge across the Moscow River came here in the late eighteenth century.It was made of wood, and, consequently, short-lived.In 1870 it was replaced by a metallic bridge structure, which was destined to stand here for more than half a century.The bridge was reconstructed sev

eral times, but by the beginning of the thirties, it became clear that the upgrade it in accordance with the requirements of the transport movement of the twentieth century is impossible.

important element of the plan for the reconstruction of Moscow

Of course, in the first half of the twentieth century, a radical restructuring required not only one Crimean bridge.Moscow could not continue to live and develop transport infrastructure, which was formed almost in the Middle Ages.It is bringing the capital to meet the requirements of modernity and was devoted to the so-called "Stalin's plan for the reconstruction of Moscow."New Crimean bridge, located almost in the center of the city, was one of the key objects of ensuring the rational organization of the new traffic patterns.It included the creation of a network of main highways to ensure smooth communication with the central part of the capital of its peripheral regions.To implement this project, it was necessary to demolish and reschedule many quarters of the historical center of Moscow.

architectural features of the new Crimean Bridge

main requirement to the bridge project on the Garden Ring is to provide significant bandwidth traffic flows in both directions.In addition, the bridge in the center of the Soviet capital had to match the status of the place in terms of architectural expression.New Crimean bridge, which came into operation May 1, 1938, to fully meet the whole set of requirements.In its engineering solutions that bridge the object for its time it was unique in many respects.By type of its design is the suspension bridge trёhprolёtny total length of 688 meters.It provides the passage of vessels under the main span, and the transport movement under the side spans in the areas on both sides of the embankment.Base support facilities are two separate support pylon height of 28 meters.Special visual expressiveness gives the bridge a complex suspension system consisting of a chain and rope of steel structures.According to his style Crimean bridge is among the most striking works of Constructivism.This architectural trend has been one of the dominant not only in the Soviet Union before the war, but also in many European countries.

Bridge reconstruction

Common problems specific to traffic in Moscow at the beginning of the third millennium, is not passed by the Crimean bridge.On a heavy traffic bridge facility was not designed.All of his designs for several decades operated during heavy load.These circumstances were due to general reconstruction of the Crimean bridge, which was conducted over several months in 2001.During this period was to repave the roadway and sidewalks replaced waterproofing, corrosion stripped and replaced with a number of carriers and auxiliary steel structures.Also promoted to replace the volume of work and the restoration of the granite facing of staircases and architectural elements on the approaches to the bridge.The reconstruction works were carried out in a short time.

Crimean bridge.Wharf in the city center

The tourist infrastructure of the capital city is a place known as the starting point of water routes along the Moscow River.From here, pleasure craft in both directions.Recently, this type of holiday is becoming increasingly popular.In addition to walks and excursions on the open deck of the ship often hosts corporate entertainment events, weddings and anniversaries.The starting point for such travel is ideal for its location in the city center, easy access and parking.Find it simply - dock "Crimean bridge" Address: Frunze Embankment.