The resort "Forest Rhapsody": photos and reviews

That's how people that the relaxation they need to be in harmony with nature - or rather, to be near her.Stay at the gray stone walls of the big cities and industrial towns does not mind the necessary charge of natural energy, so the people are so eager to concrete buildings where fresh air and lots of greenery.Find the coveted peace residents of St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas may be in a heavenly place - the resort "Forest Rhapsody»

Lake yes woods - nook

To find this complex very easily - enough to find on a map of the Leningrad Region settlement called Ilichevothat in the Vyborg district, and trace the line of the southern shore of Lake Bol'shoye Simaginskoye.It is here that luxury apartments are located and entertainment and recreational facilities of the resort "Forest Rhapsody".It is surrounded by a magnificent park, where for many years are growing tall trees and live a variety of fauna.This atmosphere creates a sense of primitive, harmoniously connected to the benefits of civiliz

ation.Hidden from prying eyes, the nature of this site is not burdened with the close proximity of the airport, railways or highways.To get to this recreation can be a car, as well as by public transport: in this direction daily walk trains and buses.

Rooms complex

By the nature of the buildings, "Forest Rhapsody" - a gated development, which occupies a total area of ​​about 25 hectares.Here, there are 17 houses, and each in its own way is original with regard to layout and type of windows.For example, in the cottage "Forest" offers visitors a cozy and not too expensive rooms, which are in great demand among the citizens of average means.Rooms of various levels of comfort a hotel is famous for its "Forest Rhapsody", here represented the standard rooms, suites and junior suites. Especially popular among young couples and honeymooners are houses "Lakers", which offer amazing views of the surrounding countryside and the pond.Relax in the rustic-chic hotel suggests conditions in a luxury apartment "Rhapsody", located in a private area, and designed for more affluent customers.

entertain and relax on the stunning resort

Vacationers seeking to remove the rest of the town as much as possible use, including the miraculous effect of nature.On the territory of the famous recreation center "Forest Rhapsody" you can find any activity.It offers in the summer - boats, fishing gear, beach chairs, hammocks, sports equipment for outdoor activities, bicycles, roller skates, and an indoor pool in case of bad weather.In winter, when snow and frost burns, refuse to visit a favorite place is not worth it - there are sleds, skis, skates, snowboards and snowmobiles.Wonderful sauna attracts tourists all year round, because after it's so cool dip in the cool water of the lake clean.

resort "Forest Rhapsody" - for the whole family

Increasingly, this place is visited not just a group of friends or a significant other, but come even with small children.For each child is provided a lot of different activities - from cycling and trampoline to playgrounds and entertainment programs with the participation of well-known people.While parents get a well-deserved share of fun and relaxation, their child can safely play with their peers under the supervision of the staff of the complex.

Good Food, sweet sleep - a pledge of good mood

Going on nature, should take into account that the feeling of hunger in the fresh air increases markedly.It is therefore important to take care of your diet - to study a menu, an assortment of dishes, which treats its guests Base "Forest Rhapsody".It is worth mentioning that in the institution there are restaurants, a banquet hall and a grocery mini-market.In any of these places, you can find exactly the foods that taste you and your company.

very carefully selected menu is for children, so the worry that they will starve, do not.A wide range of dishes of Russian cuisine, a classic restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner - this is only a small fraction of the capacity of local chefs.Optionally, you can boldly ask for special meals ordered banquets or romantic dinners.

resort - a place for celebrations

For residents of Leningrad region a place near the lake has long been a favorite.Here, people spend not only free from work and worries minutes, heals and fun.At the base decided to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties conduct, themed evenings, weddings and even balls.Specially equipped concert hall here allows you to invite popular musicians and singers, live entertainment for children and adults.

premises may already be decorated for a particular event, and with the placement of the invited guests and problems certainly arise.Thanks to the incredible beauty of the surrounding nature photos of these places are bright, so beckons in the "Forest Rhapsody" photographers and artists.Country Complex is a perfect place for get-togethers for modest barbecue by the fire, and for a magnificent celebration of any festivities.

Reviews vacationers

Before the first time to go on vacation to the lake, you must know which portrayed resort "Forest Rhapsody" reviews.After examining the opinions of different people can make up their own preliminary impression of the place and prepare yourself in advance for possible problems and disappointments.Of course, most of the tourists marvel at the beauty of the local nature and comfortable accommodation, but there are different opinions regarding the level of services provided, local cuisine or price.

It all depends on what exactly you expect and what to aspire to rest.If a person is looking for a relaxed atmosphere, fresh air and total relaxation, it is satisfied are carried out or a weekend vacation, his responses often full of admiration, he advises friends and family, too, to visit this place.Tourists who go in search of fun, entertainment and superior rooms, divided into a few other impressions about the resort.But even these people at the recreation center "Forest Rhapsody" will still find something interesting for themselves.Whatever it was - the choice is yours, but his own opinion was formed only after each stay directly at the suburban complex.